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Renault Symbol 1

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This car has arrived for repair with malfunctions:
1. When you press the brake – the car stalls
2. When turning on the left or right turn – the car stalls
3. When you turn on the heated rear window – the car stalls.

Long gone are the days when only one such malfunction could faint, experience is a good thing, experience immediately turned its head in the right direction: “Look at the electrician”.

Why exactly the “electrician”? I don’t know. I can not explain. This is now like a kind of “hunch”, some kind of inexplicable message to the desired movement. Well, something like this: you hit the brake and … what happened next? Could the brake pedal have any mechanical effect on the engine of the car? Not. Why then did the car die out? Unclear? What helped the motor stall? Inexplicably? So, if the action happened, the motor stalled, then there was “something” that got into events after pressing the brake pedal. And what could it be? Of course, the “electrical signal.” Strictly speaking, after depressing the brake pedal, this signal should come to the rear brake lights and light them. Instead, he somehow acted on the engine control system and turned off the engine.

So we most likely have a problem in the wiring harness. In the rear wiring harness. There is a serious pile of consumers: stoppers, turn signals, gasoline pump, glass heater and other, other …

By the way, one of the malfunctions indicates that the problem may be hiding in the trunk area: “When the rear window heating is turned on, the car stalls.” You ask, why did you decide so? All answers have long been written. Who wants to re-read them and understand why, in automotive diagnostics, one closes to the other and vice versa, you can plunge into the articles on the Legion-Avtodat portal: iz_praktiki_raboty / poterya_moshchnosti_plokhaya_dinamika / greyutsya_i_goryat_katushki_zazhiganiya / gw_hover /

There are other articles on the subject under discussion, which can be found by a regular search, they are here:

What is next for repair – “is everything simple?”. This is usually written in articles. In principle, yes, but not quite. In auto-diagnostics it is always like this: “It was smooth on paper, but forgot about the ravines.” You always have to wait for some kind of trick from the car.

Renault Symbol 2

Further, the car is disassembled to a comfortable state – this is when you can do something in good, working comfort (all the necessary panels have been removed, the clips have been flipped open and folded, the portable light for highlighting dark angles is ready to work; otherwise, as it happens, it started working, or the carrying stopped working, or some panel wasn’t removed, or something even the little things seriously spoil the mood).

Renault Symbol 3

Now a couple binding words about fastenings of electric plaits, casing and other “little things.” Take a look at one of the types of fasteners, this is the so-called “clips”:

Renault Symbol 4

And below are the options for the tool with which these clips are removed and installed back:

Renault Symbol 5

Or here’s a set of tools that I’m hanging on the wall and waiting for another use:

Renault Symbol 6

And now I’ll say this: “For some reason I’m sure that these words about the fastening of the harnesses, clips and so on – these words will be surely missed by those artisans who are looking for in the articles not the“ essence ”and not the“ core of the issue ”- are looking for money for your earnings “.

It is such artisans who mockingly spit on all such words-descriptions – they do not need this.
It is these artisans who crush unrealistic prices for their “hard work”, justifying themselves by the “complexity of repair”.
And precisely such artisans are for our car service
valuable source of additional income.
Thank you, our unknown,
disinterested friends with nameless car services!

You will ask why?”. And instead of an answer, I will show you the last photo of this wonderful repair. Pay attention to the circle in the photo:

Renault Symbol 7

This is the section of the electric harness in the luggage compartment of the car under repair. Checked first all the “masses” – they were clean, but as soon as they pulled one of the wires – he climbed out of the bundle. And even without a magnifying glass, it became clear: “The wire seems to be cut by something sharp”.

Now let’s combine these words and others that were said a little earlier about “clips, fasteners”, etc. .. To whom I show?

That’s it. I’m pointing to those nameless specialists who once visited here in the luggage compartment of this car..

Modern cars – a reliable thing.
The manufacturer lays a lot of technological innovations in the car, determines the life of this or that unit, unit, conducts a constant study of operational characteristics and, on their basis, makes recommendations in the form of service bulletins, etc..
The only thing that the Manufacturer cannot take into account is the “human factor”.
Well, the Manufacturer simply can’t determine when and at what point someone will climb to do something and will do wrong …
And the Manufacturer cannot give recommendations in case scheduled maintenance and other planned technical measures are not carried out in time.
A lot of malfunctions that are addressed at service stations are connected precisely with the “human factor”.

There are a lot of similar articles on the link “car – malfunction – human factor” on the Legion-Avtodata portal. Special I recommend reading these articles to car owners – you will learn a lot of surprising and interesting things about how a car can be repaired (that is, “as they should – and how they can”).

He brought the photo of clips and the tool with which these clips (fasteners) are removed and installed back in vain. It is precisely because of the lack of the necessary tool that the clips (fasteners) for panels, bundles, etc. are removed using the barbaric method – with a screwdriver, pliers and almost a hammer! And then, after the work done, the clips (fasteners) are either not installed or placed as decor, because after removing the clips with a screwdriver, they are suitable only for decoration. Next talk? Please. If some kind of tourniquet, some panel is not fixed, not installed in the same way as it was when the car left the conveyor, then this position is called “not regular”, that is, “not calculated”. And since the development of the car as a whole takes into account hundreds and hundreds of parameters, the displacement of the harness (panel, etc.) will lead to unpredictable consequences. In our case, to our amazing malfunctions:
1. When you press the brake – the car stalls
2. When turning on the left or right turn – the car stalls
3. When you turn on the heated rear window – the car stalls.


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