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Renault: with or without a gun?

Renault: with or without a gun? 1

Renault: with or without a gun?

Renault: with or without a gun?

Renault: with a gun or not? The manufacturer offers everyone to install a box automatic. “Operation” costs only 20,000 rubles.

It is clear that the lower the cost of the car, the more important each option is. Therefore, even 10, 20, 30 000 rubles are important. A car that is more expensive by this amount, customers may not buy. Therefore, the issue with the machine is acute.

Previously, in Renault, the machine was attached only to models with 16 valve engines. At the same time, a car with 2 pedals instead of three immediately went up by 100,000 rubles.

The difference in cost, as you know, is obvious. Not surprisingly, Renault sales with a gun went at a negligible pace. Only one buyer out of three chose a car model with an automatic transmission.

But today Renault offers the installation of a machine for only 20,000 rubles. This is a great opportunity for those drivers who want to buy a car, but at the same time save as much as possible. And, of course, for those who prefer to drive a machine, rather than mechanics.

Of course, the proposed machine is not a completely automatic transmission, but the so-called “robot”. It has its own characteristics. For example, when switching to reverse gear, the car will first drive forward a little, and only then back. These are not trifles to which a driver of a car with a “robot” must get used to..

In general, cars with a robot are ideal for those who like to drive a car calmly without driving. In urban traffic, he shows himself perfectly. However, manufacturers warn that it is better that drivers drive outside the city on the free highway for the first few trips. This is necessary in order to get used to the “robot”.

The ideal speed with which you can drive a car with a robot is 50/60 km per hour. However, on the highway it is quite possible to accelerate to 100 km per hour. Only driving in this case is better in the right lane, without making sharp overtaking.

Some more features of driving a car with a robot:

• At short stops, it is not necessary to put the car in neutral;

• When you need to move, just remove your foot from the brake – the car will go forward a little.

It is important that manufacturers assure that problems with the robot should not arise. From a technical point of view, everything is fine here. This is confirmed by numerous tests and tests. Yes, and Moscow taxi drivers who have already tested a car with a robot confirm that there are no problems with it.


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