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Road safety – Car driving

Road safety - Car driving 1

Road safety

The many years that connect me with aviation often allow me to look at automobile problems and road safety in a slightly different way than is common among motorists. In aviation, safety issues were considered by scientific organizations as a priority, and the training of relevant personnel was several orders of magnitude superior to what was happening in land transport.

It is difficult to imagine that a pilot would be allowed to fly in a state of nervous tension or, God forbid, psychological imbalance. Why? The fact is that in flight you need to make the right decision in a split second and have time to implement it in the form of appropriate control commands. If a person is in a cocked state, then in a place of a split second for the development of a solution, seconds will go that may be the last in your life.

Now that the speed of the cars and the flow density have become what we see them every day, the time of the necessary reaction to the driver of the car is often also allocated no more than a split second. But pilots are selected one of thousands, and they sit behind the wheel, whoever gets and all the solid Schumacher. That is, they think so, and if you check their reactions, then nothing but self-conceit will be revealed. But these guys, who turn on the headlights and begin to “stand out” in front of the girls sitting next to them, forgetting about road safety.

And here we are faced with a purely national problem, which is based on genetic rudeness and not respect for others. The charter of the French army says that if two officers meet in the same rank, the one who is better educated is the first to salute. The same atmosphere prevails in the west and on the roads. If a woman maneuvers maneuvering in the parking lot for a long time and blocking everything, then everyone with a smile will wait or give way to her. And if suddenly the sound of a horn is heard, then everyone will know that an Arab is sitting in this car.

In Germany, in which there are practically no speed limits on the tracks, it never ceases to overtake anyone from the right. If you want and can go faster, change to the left lane and, in front of the car, in the case when it has lower speed, will give you the way. As a result, everyone is traveling with a normal level of psychological stress, and accordingly with constant readiness for a quick and optimal reaction to changing traffic conditions.

What is the danger of psychological stress. The fact that the time required to develop the optimal solution increases sharply. Simply put, the people we wrote about in the article “kamikaze”, that is, those who suffer from the complex of a little man in a poor car, want to make themselves louder, and by turning on their headlights they start driving “a snake”. And here again I want to emphasize that experienced cool drivers will not deal with such cheap things. And the punks who recently transferred to a car from a tricycle, most of all, are at risk.

The results of studies carried out at the time showed that an experienced driver – an athlete, like a pilot, spends hours in regular training in specially equipped cars and in appropriate equipment. After several years of training, he maintains a brain reaction at a level of 0.7 – 1.5 s. in stressful situations. And reflex reactions, “recorded” in the subconscious as typical, provide a response of 0.3 s. In this case, the athlete’s pulse and blood pressure fluctuates within normal limits. City daredevils, when they switch to sports, in their understanding, driving style, move in the stream of ordinary drivers.

A significant and unjustified risk and lack of training leads to the fact that even people with great driving experience in the first two to three seconds can still have reactions that are close to 1-1.5 s., After a 30s ride with adrenaline, the psyche is invisible to the person begins to pass, and the reaction time of the brain increases to 2-3s, and after five minutes such a ride reaches 5i or more seconds. But this is not scary. The fact is that the reflexes of the arms and legs in a stressful situation, on the contrary, are aggravated and, in the absence of a timely “command” from the brain, the pedals and steering wheel begin to move, albeit in a timely manner, but randomly in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, there are more and more “goats” on the road, and they regularly “cock” the nervous system of the surrounding drivers. My advice to you is that the “goats” sooner or later find their pillar, but if you feel the adrenaline rush into the blood, don’t start. Better to slow down and calm down. The price of adrenaline may be too cruel.


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