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Russian-made cars 2015-2016

Russian-made cars 2015-2016 1

Russian-made cars 2015-2016

Russian-made cars 2015-2016 2

Recently, the Russian automobile industry practically did not present new cars to the public masses. The novelties were mainly various types of modifications of previous models. Activity in recent years by Russian car manufacturers has increased markedly, and perhaps in the future new models will be able to prove themselves competitive with foreign car models.

Characterized by one of the most anticipated and intriguing new products in the world of Russian cars. The main feature of this unusual model is the new corporate design of the Lada, the main features of which will be applied in subsequent manufactured cars. The business card of the design is the front design in the style of X, as well as zigzag elements on the back of the car. The technical characteristics of the Lada XRay is similar to a Renault Sandero car. The car has a 16-valve engine with 1.6 liter capacity and a capacity of 106 liters. with., an engine type Nissan with the same volume and power of 114 liters. with., as well as the new brand AvtoVAZ engine with a volume of up to 1.8 liters. The release of the car is scheduled for March 2016, the price of which will be half a million rubles.

The design of the car has the same proprietary elements as the design of the Lada XRay. At the heart of the car is a new platform that was developed by Russian experts and employees of the Renault-Nissan alliance. Thanks to the alliance’s engineers, there will be other elements of the global automotive industry brands in the new Russian car. This applies primarily to the radiator and brake system. The heart of Vesta will consist of three engines: the base 8-valve, with a power of 87 hp, and two additional 16-valve with 106 and 114 hp respectively. Elements must work smoothly with an automated gearbox having 5 steps. The start of production will begin at the end of 2015. In car dealerships, the car will appear at the beginning of 2016. Auto production will last about three years. It is believed that Lada Vesta should be sold not only in the CIS, but also in other European and Asian countries. The price of a car is still not clearly established. According to various experts, it will fluctuate in the region of half a million rubles. For this money, the developers promise a world-class car, which has its own characteristics and advantages. For this model, a number of modifications have been developed, as well as 3 types of configuration, such as Lux, Comfort and Classic, which will clearly affect the price fluctuation when buying a car.


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