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Safe purchase of a new car

Safe purchase of a new car 1

Safe purchase of a new car

Safe purchase of a new car 2

The current opinion that buying a new car is not fraught with anything for its future owner is wrong. Indeed, it would seem that the car is new, a guarantee and all that, but even here there can be pitfalls. Firstly, the buyer of a new car can be misled by exaggerating the technical characteristics and capabilities of the model in question. Secondly, sellers may hide from the buyer some of the nuances of the guarantee. Thirdly, you can, in general, buy a defective car. All the above examples and more can lie in wait for a potential buyer of a new car. In order, as they say, not to get into trouble, you need to follow some general recommendations.

Recommendations for safe buying a new car

1. It is necessary to verify the worthy activities of a car dealership, organization or person selling a car. To do this, do not be shy to ask for constituent documents, sales licenses and other documents. Information about the duration of the dealership and reviews about it will not hurt. Usually a normal car dealership provides all the documentation for the car with the full content of its characteristics, and sellers do not interfere with a full inspection of the car.

2. Always independently check a complete set of a car. There are often cases, even in recommended salons, when they forget to put an instrument included in the price of a car. They may also forget to put a rug, a spare wheel or put the wrong model of radio.

3. After making a car purchase, take a few minutes to verify the correctness of the documents for it. It happens that the year of manufacture is incorrectly entered, the wrong color is indicated, or the model is completely confused. It will be useful to learn about the conditions of the guarantee.

4. If the car is purchased on credit, then you should carefully consider the contract, and not listen to intrusive sellers. The contract may be in the form of a footnote or in small print conditions that do not meet your requirements. Inattention when concluding a credit transaction may result in additional fees and commissions..

5. Carefully inspect the car on the spot, as even new copies can have a bunch of defects: scratches, chips, increased gaps, dents and other irregularities. Found problems later will be difficult to present to the salon.

Here are five key tips for buying a new car. Adhering to them, the long-awaited acquisition will never be overshadowed by unpleasant incidents..


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