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Sale of Lada Priora – features of preparing a Lada Priora with mileage for sale

Sale of Lada Priora - features of preparing a Lada Priora with mileage for sale 1

Sale Lada Priora – tips and tricks for a quick and profitable sale of a hatchback and sedan Lada Priora

Sale of Lada Priora - features of preparing a Lada Priora with mileage for sale 2

What determines the successful sale of Lada Priora?

Since few car lovers buy Lada forever, many have to think about how to make selling Lada Priora cars as profitable as possible, trouble-free and fast. Let’s try to figure it out.

At the very beginning, it should be noted that a profitable sale of a Lada Priora with a mileage is most likely when the car is serviceable, without an accident past and with an attractive exterior. Although, of course, for each individual car there will be its own specific nuances.

So that the sale of Lada Priora was the most profitable, the car will have to be carefully prepared for it. First of all, we determine all external flaws in the body and defects of the paintwork. If there is no big trouble, but only small scratches and chips, you can eliminate them with a special pencil. After the problems are fixed, the body needs to be polished..

The successful sale of the Lada Priora hatchback is also interconnected with putting the engine in order, namely washing the engine compartment and eliminating all leaks. Of course, the sale of the new Lada Priora with low mileage, as a rule, does not have such problems, but if the car has traveled thousands of kilometers, such pre-sale preparation will most likely have to be carried out. The fact is that today a large selection of cars is offered on the market, so it will be almost impossible to sell a Lada Priora with a problem motor. And even if you are lucky to find a buyer, then the money offered by him for a car with a “snotty” engine is unlikely to please you. Such troubles as, for example, leaks from highways can be completely eliminated on their own by tightening the clamps or replacing the pipeline. But with the leakage of the seals, the situation is more complicated, they will have to be changed only at the car service, as this may require disassembling the motor or other unit, so this pleasure is far from the cheapest.

Just keep in mind, if you want to sell the new Lada Priora for your own benefit, do not get too carried away with replacing components and parts without any special need. This applies to the aimless installation of hoses, covers, bolts, Chinese shiny clamps, etc. These circumstances will certainly alert the experienced car enthusiast and make him think about why there are so many new parts under the hood? Do not forget the main rule – the more used spare parts, the more profitable will be the sale of Priora cars.

In addition to the engine, air conditioning and cooling radiators require attention to themselves, they will also have to be cleaned, because experienced motorists love to look there.

To quickly and profitably sell the Lada Priora sedan, you also need to dry clean the cabin, if this is not possible, then at least vacuum the interior. Be sure to clean the rear shelf and clean all inaccessible areas..

Now pay attention to the steering wheel – a profitable sale of the Lada Priora sedan does not allow any pollution, so wash the steering wheel well and clean it. As a rule, dirt is collected on all irregularities, technological influxes and seams. Dark streaks of dirt on a light steering wheel look especially ugly. To the “handbrake” all this also applies.

Be sure to check the ashtray. To successfully sell Lada Priora with mileage, you need to quit smoking in the car some time before the sale and clean the ashtrays. It is advisable to tolerate the sale until the entire smell of tobacco disappears in the cabin. This is especially important if you plan to sell a Lada Priora sedan car that will be used by the new owner as a family car, because he would hardly want his car to be an ashtray on wheels.

Will have to clean the door handles, just before that check their performance. Salon light should also work. Inspect the visors (sunscreens) separately, they should work well, be intact and clean..

Having set a goal to quickly and profitably sell the Lada Priora hatchback, you will have to achieve the operability of all sensors without exception. Therefore, turn on the ignition and, starting the engine, check what works and what doesn’t. Please note that if something does not work, for the buyer this will be a good reason to bring down the price, which means that selling the Priora car with maximum profit will fail.


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