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Seat Alhambra – at the forefront of competitiveness

Seat Alhambra - at the forefront of competitiveness 1

Seat Alhambra – at the forefront of competitiveness

Seat Alhambra - at the forefront of competitiveness 2

Seat continues to attack the car market, this time with the help of a new generation of Alhambra. A smart and versatile model is 15% more efficient thanks to new engines and more dynamic due to an increase in their power. Seat Alhambra remains at the forefront of competitiveness in terms of comfort, innovation and infotainment.

The range of gasoline and diesel engines has been completely redesigned by the manufacturer. All modern options comply with the Euro-6 standard, and models equipped with turbo-direct injection units are also 15% more efficient. For example, Alhambra TDI 85 or 110 kW are leading in its segment, consuming 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers and throwing 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer. With the exception of the entry-level diesel option, all engines can work in combination with the DSG version of the gearbox (standard for gasoline top engines). The new DSG generation provides low fuel consumption: as soon as the driver releases the accelerator pedal, Alhambra rides with the engine off.

The new Alhambra comes with the next generation Seat Easy Connect. It includes a high-resolution touchscreen display, the most modern processors for route calculation, as well as a series of innovations in the field of communications. Multi-Collision Brake is a standard feature on the new Seat: in case the driver cannot drive after an accident, it activates the brakes to avoid new collisions. Another interesting innovation is the Blind Spot sensor, which warns of the presence of interference in the dead visual zone when changing lanes. New in Alhambra is the DCC system, which quickly adjusts the shock absorber valves, thereby perfectly adapting the vehicle’s characteristics to road conditions. New massage chairs, which are an absolute novelty in this range of cars, offer an exceptional level of comfort on long journeys..

The design of the Seat Alhambra has been subtly refined. New LED technologies have spoken their way in decorating the interior, and innovative drivers will definitely like the innovative car entry and key entry systems. The new car of the Spanish manufacturers will be offered in 3 compositional versions: Reference, Style, Style Advanced. It will be available in showrooms this summer, and pre-orders can already be made from May.


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