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Seat mii

Seat mii 1

Seat mii

Seat mii 2

This car company Seat has become a kind of copy of VW up, in addition, the model has one more twin brother in the Czech Republic is SKODA Citigo. But despite such a large number of relatives, the Spanish model turned out, unlike the others, more dynamic, with bright and even aggressive features of the exterior. In addition, if we compare not only the technical characteristics of these two models, but also the appearance, then the Seat Mii is the model of all three brothers that received the greatest external changes and improvements, so unlike the SKODA Citigo, the Seat Mii became the owner of not only the Seat branded radiator grille, but also the original rear and front dimensions, as well as the shape of the bumper and hood.

Regarding the dimensions of this model, it is worth noting that they are simply ideal for the streets of a metropolis. So the length of the car is 3m 56cm, width 1m65cm, height 1m 48cm, with a fully equipped vehicle weight of 854 kg. The luggage compartment of a very modest size is only 250 liters, which can be increased to 951 liters due to the folded backs of the rear seats. Among other things, the buyer was offered a choice between five or three door versions of this model.

Unlike the appearance of the car, the interior decoration of the model remained without any obvious changes, completely copying the interior of the German model. The main change was the steering wheel. The cabin is very spacious, designed to carry four passengers, including the driver. Such a spaciousness in the model was achieved thanks to shortened overhangs and a wheelbase extended to the maximum.

Basic equipment includes side and front airbags, Isofix type seat belts with Top Tether, climate control system naturally branded communication system with 2 displays. On which information about the state of the machine is displayed and, in addition, having the function of a multimedia system, communicator and navigator.

In addition, at the request of the owner, one of the packages can be installed on the model with various options and additions included in it (leather trim of the steering wheel and interior, alloy wheels, full or partial tinting, a suspension with a lower and stiffer ride more reminiscent of sports car pendants The life of the model is given by a 3-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 60 horsepower Transmission 5-speed manual or robotic version of the DSG Maximum speed that this model is able to develop etsya from 150 to 175 km / h, the fuel consumption is very economical about 4.5-5 liters, depending on traffic conditions.

Economical, manoeuvrable compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, this car is designed for the streets of a metropolis.


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