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SEAT Toledo

SEAT Toledo 1

SEAT Toledo

SEAT Toledo 2

This relatively small sized family car was first introduced to the general public in 1991..

The basis for the Seat Toledo was the chassis base borrowed from the Volkswagen Golf Mk II, as a result, the wheelbase of the model was about 2m 48cm, with a total length of 4m 32 cm. The cost of the first models that came off the assembly line delighted buyers of the car and became one of the most expensive company models for all its existence. As standard, a 1.6-liter gasoline unit with 75 horsepower was installed under the hood of the car. In addition to this, another version of the power unit was also developed and released with a volume of 2.0 liters and a capacity of 114 horsepower. A little later, another version of this model was released, equipped with two engines even more powerful than previously released models, one of which was a diesel engine: 1.9 liter and 109 strong, while the gasoline version had a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 149 horses.

The year 1999 was marked for the manufacturer’s company by the publication of the second generation of this model. Having gone through a number of improvements and changes, the car received more streamlined forms, in contrast to the previously released version, the concept of the design of the exterior of the car began to differ. The appearance of the car literally shouted about its dynamism, the transparent headlights that were found at that time were extremely rare to complement the appearance of this version.

The platform has also changed, now the Volkswagen Golf IV platform has become the basis. As a result, the car became a 4-door family sedan. The release of the updated version (first samples) took place at one of the auto plants in Belgium.

Significantly increased and the line of powertrains. Now, three more gasoline units have become available for the model, the main of which was a 1.6 liter 87 strong version, while the 2.3 liter 148 powerful engine became the top version. Next was another 1.8 liter unit capable of delivering power equal to 123 horsepower.

In addition to these two versions, in 2004 another generation of this model was released – the third. The show which took place in Paris. The design of the car itself and its interior, technical specifications, as well as equipment, were completely and completely different from the previously presented versions. Now a modern updated model has come out over the creation of a design which is worth noting very well the famous maestro Walter de Silve worked hard.


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