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Secrets of seasoned “: choose winter tires” wisely “

Secrets of seasoned ": choose winter tires" wisely " 1

“Secrets of seasoned”: choose winter tires “wisely”

Experienced motorists say that driving summer tires in October is a crime.

Although in fact, the issue of re-shoes is purely individual. And, you see, if warm days are held in the second half of October (this also happens), then there is no special reason to set the “winter”. But since the weather is really cool, and less than a week is left until November, it is clearly not worth pulling with a change of rubber. Especially if you have not just a trip to the tire, but the choice of new wheels and their purchase. There is very, very little time for this. After all, winter is already on the nose. So, in matters of preparing the car for winter, we smoothly approached the “shoe”.

Not a matter of price

There are a great many models and varieties of automobile rubber, as well as its manufacturers. Cost also varies widely. You can find wheels both at a price of 500-600 UAH / piece, and for 5000 UAH / piece and above. Therefore, giving advice on the choice of rubber is a thankless task. But if you follow certain established rules among motorists, the purchase should not disappoint the owner. Firstly, do not chase the price. Both too low and excessively high. Cost is far from an indicator. And, in fact, the best option is somewhere in between. Secondly, it’s better to choose the brand’s rubber, which is more or less heard, and has been producing similar products for several years. This gives at least some hope that the manufacturing company controls the quality and does not stamp illiquid assets. Thirdly, it is desirable that the manufacturer in Ukraine has an official representative office. The importer can obtain comprehensive information about the product of interest. In addition, there will be where to turn if there are problems with the operation of rubber.

Size matters

Many motorists are wondering what size rubber to choose. After all, summer is one thing when you can put beautiful alloy wheels with a low profile tread to the envy of other road users. But in winter, completely different driving conditions. Therefore, it is better not to experiment and install the wheels of those parameters that are clearly recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, the dimension of the wheel is as follows: 165 / 60R14. The first number indicates the width of the tread, the second – the side height as a percentage of the width, the number next to the letter “R” is the landing diameter. Of course, the recommended sizes can be neglected. But this directly affects the safety of the ride, as well as the wear of rubber and the service life of the suspension, which is already killed on the “wonderful” Ukrainian roads.

“Defenseless spikes …”

Many motorists cannot imagine winter driving without studded tires. We will not argue, in some cases such tires are really indispensable. For example, on a very snowy road, on ice or on rough terrain. But if the car is used mainly in a megalopolis (all the more so since in large cities snow is fortunately regularly cleaned on the roads), then the need for spikes is doubtful. And the winters in Ukraine over the past 5 years are quite mild. In addition, if studded rubber is effective enough on ice, the braking distance is significantly increased on bare asphalt. It is also likely that in the near future this type of rubber in our country will simply be banned. The corresponding bill No. 468 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada in May. And although the deputies have not yet considered it, given that in most countries of Western Europe studded tires are illegal, sooner or later, such a restriction will definitely appear in Ukraine.

The case of the master is afraid

The very process of re-shoes should also not be taken after the sleeves. The professionalism of tire workers directly determines how the car will behave on the road, and how quickly tires will wear out. Therefore, it is better to choose a service station for changing tires, in consultation with friends who have positive experience. One more advice – after driving on winter tires 1-2 thousand km after their installation, again drop in for tire balancing. This is due to the fact that the rubber “shrinks” onto the disc and this can affect the comfort of driving and its behavior on the road. By the way, it is generally desirable to have not only different tires for each season, but also a set of discs. Then the re-boot process will be much easier. Yes, and tires, dressed on wheels, are better preserved without deforming.


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