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SKGT06 update – Miscellaneuos modules

Available:In stock

Price:636.00 430.00


Quick Overview:

SKGT06 update – Miscellaneous modules:

27 05, 27 11 – Reprogramming,

27 01,27 09, 27 11, 27 0B – Coding


Seed Key Generator SKGT06 license – Miscellaneous modules:

In this function are added Seed -> Key generation for different modules. 27 05, 27 11 – Reprogramming, 27 01,27 09, 27 11, 27 0B – Coding

CEPC Central Powertrain Controller W217/222 pre facelift and facelift
W205/253/293 pre facelift
W166/292 pre facelift and facelift
CPCNG Central Powertrain Controller W118/177/247/167
New Generation W205/253/293 facelift
CRCM217 Convertible Roof Controller W222/217 facelift
DispRL/RR 5 Rearseat Entertainment Displays – R/L W205/253/293/217/222 pre facelift
All vehicles with Command NTG5
DSM Direct Shift Module W166/463 pre facelift and facelift
EGS53 Electronic Gearbox Controller W204 prefacelift
1 generation before VGSNAG W211/219/221/216/164/463 facelift
EPS218 Electronic Power Steering W212/207/218/166
ESP9CEI/LEI ElectronicStability Control W204/212/207/218/176/117/156/242/246/231
Bosch generation 9 Vito and Viano W639 and sprinter W906
FSCM Gen 4 Fuel Tank Controller W205/253/293/222/217 pre facelift and facelift
W463 facelift year 2018
IBSM 3G Intelligent Blind Spot Monitoring W207/212/218
W205/253/293 pre facelift
W172/166/292 pre facelift and facelift
INV20 DCDC Inverter – generation 2 W166/292 pre facelift and facelift
W222/217 pre facelift
LE TUBE Power Electronics Of Electric Engine W166/292/217/222 pre facelift and facelift
( E-Motor )
LRR3 Long Range Radar W166/292/117/156/176/242/246
MMS Multimode Sensor – near range radar 166/292 pre facelift and facelift
W204/212/207/218 and W217/222 pre facelift
OBF2G 2nd Generation Of Upper Control Panel W463/164 and W203/211 facelift
PARK117 Parktronic W166/292 pre facelift and facelift
W204/207/212/218 facelift
PTS639M Parktronic Sprinter W906 and Vito/Viano W639
SCRCM Elective Catalytic Reduction Controller W166/292 pre facelift and ffacelift
SND5 Premium Sound for Command NTG5 W205/253/293/217/222
TB5_DAB DAB TV Tuner Box For Command NTG5 W205/253/293/217/222
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System All vehicles which use pressure monitoring by
physical sensors
VGS4NAG2 Electronic Auto Transmission – 7 gear All models with autotransmission 722.9
VGSNAG2 Electronic Auto Transmission – 7 gear All models with autotransmission 722.9
First Generation
VGSNAG3 Electronic Auto Transmission Controller All vehicles with 9 speed autotransmission
9 Gear
VTA14V1 Theft Protection System W166/292/117/156/176/22/246
Vito/Viano W639

How it working:

For use this Seed key license you need have Seed key generator base



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