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15 tips for someone who sells a car – Selling a car

15 tips for someone who sells a car - Selling a car 1

Almost every car owner at least once in his life bought and sold a car. But something is changing, something is being forgotten. Perhaps these tips will be useful to someone. You can agree or not. But this is my personal experience..

1. In order to prevent buyers who are late after selling the car, you can get a separate SIM card (and, accordingly, a mobile phone).

2. Advertisements for the sale of a car must be given both to sites, the main of which is, and necessarily to print media such as the Chance and Hand-to-Hand newspapers. There are many people who do not use a computer at all and are looking for cars through the print media. Most newspapers offer free online ads..

3. Compare the condition of your car and its characteristics with cars, ads for which are posted on specialized sites. Ask to see friends who are versed in cars. Do not spare money, contact a car service center for a professional assessment. This will protect you from attempts by buyers to find non-existent problems in your car..

4. Determine for yourself the minimum price for which you can give the car. But in the ad, put the price, naturally, higher.

5. If you didn’t like the person who called you for some reason in a preliminary phone conversation, you were alerted, or you think that this person is unlikely to buy your car, assign an inconvenient time and place. For example, 7 a.m. The probability of viewing the car by such a client is sharply reduced, verified.

6. A person who begins to bargain while still on the phone without seeing a car is unlikely to be your buyer.

7. It is better to meet with a potential car buyer where it is convenient for you. And when it’s convenient for you.

8. You should also not go to the other end of the city to the “familiar service” of the buyer. There are many buyers, and if you travel with each of them to remote car services, you can go broke on fuel and have nothing more to do in this life. If the client wants specialists to diagnose the car, let them pay for the inspection at the nearest car repair station..

9. Often, when viewing a potential buyer begins to look for a bunch of flaws in your car and focuses only on them. And then it offers some awkwardly low price. Such comrades should immediately say something like this: “Yes, the car is not new, yes, I know very well that there is a scratch … But the price is also appropriate. If you want to buy a car without any flaws at all, go to a car dealership, there you will be immensely pleased ”.

10. If your car does not have leaks of technical fluids, then do not wash the engine compartment. This may alert the potential buyer..

11. I don’t think it’s necessary to say that selling a car to a stranger by proxy is the last thing.

12. If there is a client, and he says: “remove the car from the register and I am taking it away”, I recommend either to immediately go through the procedure for removing the car from the register in MREO, or to take a deposit. There are times when a buyer seems to take a car 100%, and then changes his mind. But the car has already been deregistered, and the validity of transit numbers is limited to 20 days. After which you will again need to go to the MREO and renew the transit numbers. Pledge Disciplines.

13. You need to know in advance where the body and engine numbers are, clean them and make sure they are well read. This will avoid unnecessary problems when removing a car from the register in the MREO traffic police.

14. You must remove the car from the register, register the buyer, and at the expense of the certificate pay equally.

15. When registering a sale and issuing a reference account, do not sign anything until you receive money on hand.


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