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Shine and poverty of car services

Shine and poverty of car services 1

Without keyword

The client arrives, or rather, the client comes back, all so angry, displeased, and declares from the threshold:
– You sold me fake parts! – and shows a pack of friction discs with the color “discoloration”.

ATG receivers were surprised. But not the person’s claims were surprised, but his dissatisfaction. And kept silent.

And for example, they brought from the warehouse exactly the same set of friction discs:
– You took the same?
The customer nodded. And again the question for him:
– And what do you think, for what reason does this color appear on disks?
The client got angry:
– You do not think me riddles, but urgently change your linden discs to new ones!
– This is not “fake”, as you put it, but the original from the Manufacturer.
– Yes, I do not care from whom! I got a cloud of time and money spent on replacement and reverse disassembly, who compensates me?
– And how many kilometers traveled on the newly installed clutches?
– Little! A couple of hundred kilometers! Well, will you change or will we meet in court?

I will stop. I will continue this story later, and now I will tell you about a similar case, which will be the answer to this question of the angry client, and to all similar questions of our readers. There are many similar questions, right? And the answer from the car owners is right away: “The one who sold me low-quality fake spare parts is to blame”.

To begin with, a few words about the color of “runaway” and what it arises from. If you don’t bury the reader’s head with clever words and chemical formulas, then it’s simpler like this: “The color of the discolouration arises from the surface overheating”. For example, you can take an unnecessary metal object (a metal spoon, knife, etc.) at home, and heat the object over an open fire: after a short time, you can personally see this color on the surface of the heated object.

Here is a picture from Wikipedia:

Shine and poverty of car services 2

Twenty years ago it was impossible to even imagine the following picture: “The case of the Car Owner’s claim to the Car Service is being investigated in a civil court.” Then, such questions were resolved at a different level with causing minor bodily harm – do not even argue here, the participant himself and the witness. Now there is a Law on Consumer Protection.

We will leave aside the options when the consumer is “unscrupulous”, and sometimes it happens, consider the standard situation:
– Car owner turned to a car service for automatic transmission repair.
– Car service work performed, gave the car to the client.
– After a couple of hundred kilometers, the gearbox again failed.
This is a STANDARD situation in the case when arrogant but illiterate repairmen work in the service center, and now, according to my personal estimate of such service stations, more than 90%. But it’s a word and a thought.

What do they do then? Naturally, at first the owner of the car turns to this car service and makes his claims. Most often it happens like this: arrogance and self-righteousness of car service workers do not allow a dialogue to take place, which in the judicial language is called “pre-trial settlement of disputes”.

Further, the car owner, in full accordance with the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, goes to court. Yes, it’s a long and nervous business, but it’s worth it – in most cases, the car owner wins the court for the reason mentioned above: “More than 90% of car services in Russia are illiteracy multiplied by arrogance.” And now you will understand why so, and as far as I’m right.

The civil court and the judge himself, in accordance with Federal Law No. 73-FZ “On the State Forensic Expertise in the Russian Federation,” are required to involve outsiders to conduct a technical examination, and this specialist must be certified as an “expert” and really have the necessary knowledge finding out the cause of a malfunction in the car.

In our case, the expert was the CEO of ATG Drozdovsky Vladimir Borisovich.

I already talked about him and his enterprise in previous articles, all articles were marked with a plus sign, since it could not be otherwise – Vladimir Borisovich began working and studying automatic transmissions thirty years ago in a country called the USSR. And if someone does not know, then I can say (confirm) that then the students were given such extensive and deep knowledge that they are not studying now – the vast majority of current students are committed to the work of managers, and the concept, for example, “what is a pair of friction and what friction is “is unnecessary, it is an extra clutter of the brain. Better manager.

The essence of the car owner’s appeal to the court was simple: “I repaired the automatic transmission in this car service. After the repair, I drove a couple of hundred kilometers and the automatic transmission broke again. Please refund the cost of the repair”.
As already mentioned, the car service did not plead guilty, and the court had to appoint a technical expert to conduct a special examination. And in Moscow, one of the best experts on the subject of automatic transmission is Vladimir Borisovich Drozdovsky.

And so that the reader has an idea of ​​what the conversation is about, I’ll give you a picture from open access on the Internet: “What does an automatic transmission consist of” (this is Toyota automatic transmission, five-speed, is given only as an example to show the complexity and responsibility of the repair.):

Shine and poverty of car services 3

It turned out to be surprisingly simple and once again confirms my personal conclusions about the fact that “more than 90% of car services in Russia are illiteracy multiplied by arrogance”.

The client’s car was dragged to the car service where this automatic transmission was repaired. Drozdovsky suggested:
– Disassemble and show what you did.
Specialists dismantled and showed on friction discs:
– Here they are replaced.

What are “friction discs” (for understanding).

The photo shows an example, this is a 9-speed gearbox.

Friction discs transmit torque.
They work from oil pressure, the photo below shows a general view of the oil pump:

Shine and poverty of car services 4

This photo is also an option for the general concept, in the photo an oil pump of a 9-speed automatic transmission .

The pump spins, develops pressure, ATF fluid, which is also called “oil” (but this is an incorrect definition), is fed through special channels to friction disks, and compresses or unloads the desired packet with disks – the machine begins to move.
Now that I have explained the principle of operation “on fingers”, we will return to our expertise.

Let me remind you that we stopped at the moment when the car service experts dismantled the automatic transmission and pointed to the friction clutches with the words:
– So we replaced them.
Drozdovsky asked:
– What next?
And then the experts were surprised. Somehow, they looked at the expert with confusion and shrugged:
– And then everything. Replaced, assembled back and sent the client – our version of the reason for the failure of the automatic transmission is the only one: the client “burned” the box. You don’t even have to go to grandmother here – his fault is one hundred percent.
Drozdovsky asked:
– Are you sure that the clutches were the cause, not the consequence of the problem? And why then you did not pay attention to the oil pump? Then why didn’t they take it apart to make sure that the oil pump works reliably? You probably know that if the “pump does not press”, then there may be problems with the clutches? They can, for example, slip and burn?

Car service specialists watched with increasing surprise how Drozdovsky began to disassemble further what they considered “indissoluble”: somewhere he crawled his fingers with some incomprehensible and unknown tool, something was forged, something clicked in the box and.
– But this is called an oil pump, ”said Drozdovsky,“ and let’s all look at it together. ”.

What turned out in the end: the specialists of this car service considered that the cause of the automatic transmission failure is the friction discs and replaced them. They did not even think about the oil pump and believed that in this version of the automatic transmission it is “eternal” and you can’t get to it in any way. The court awarded the car service a fine of 500,000 rubles.

Well, dear readers, you will no longer question my words about the fact that “more than 90% of car services are illiteracy multiplied by arrogance”?
Do not argue.

In January-February 2017, I visited Noginsk, Elektrostal, Podolsk, Lyubertsy, Klin, Ramenskoye, Fryazino – with the aim of “getting to know and getting to know.” I don’t give the whole list, there are many. So, what I saw led me into a big frustration and confirmed: “Conscientious and competent car services are VERY and VERY SMALL”.

And about such a complex concept that first appeared on the Internet in our article in 2017 – “Auto repair technology is a combination of social, technological, financial and economic processes aimed at providing high-quality services to the population in the field of car diagnostics and repair” – the vast majority of car services and servicemen do not think and do not think. The main goal of most car services is the only one – “Cut the headstock from the client” . And I’m sorry that I put it slang, but this is life.

Why this happens, why the vast majority of car services conduct customer service at a low technical level?

More than twenty years ago, when I opened my first car service, our acquisition of excellent tools and information was in the first place. Sometimes, for a few photocopies, we gave a lot of money. And constantly studied, especially at night.

Now, “take it, I don’t want to.” Information sea, EVERYTHING can be bought, any manuals, any dealer information directly from the Manufacturer or from its partner. Learn – do.

Alas, either the brains of people have become different, or. Or the reason is motivation. Now people are imprisoned for receiving money by any means. Including such repairs as described in this article. By the way, do you know that there are “car services just like that” and “car services where people go all the time? And why so?

Technically gifted people – the driver of any car service.

For car owners, all car services are the same – this is at first glance. There is a difference, it is significant: people go to some car services, are recorded in a queue, and in others drop by accident .

Why so and what does it depend on? Car owners go to liked car service. They go there where they are guaranteed the quality and reliability of the self-diagnosis and repair. In one phrase, you can say this: Car owners go and are serviced in the car service where the conditions are fully met auto repair technology. At first glance, the above definition is long and tricky. But if you re-read these words again, repeat slowly, and then compare with that car service where you will go to be repaired – the answer will be drawn by itself: “Is your choice correct or not”.

In the coming years, no improvement is foreseen in the car service market – remember and write down. We still have this market with a face turned away from the car owner. Good, that is, “competent” car services in vain. Therefore, I advised and will advise: “Find your personal” auto-doctor “for your car and be serviced only there – otherwise it will have constant problems with your car”.

By the way: all the car services that are mentioned in the articles on our Internet portal are QUALITY car services, these are people who will be able to UNDERSTAND the problem and solve it in a quality manner. So, if you see in the signature of an article an address from your own or a nearby city, you can safely call up and outline your car problems.

And there will be more and more appeals to the court with the theme “Car Owner versus Car Service”, you can believe me. And my confidence is based on my personal research on car services, and in the study of thematic technical forums. Those car owners who plan to repair automatic transmission on their car, I recommend that you read the articles Drozdovsky Very reasoned and competently.

You can also read our articles, which are written “in the first person”.
Interesting technical nuances can be found on our technical forum. However, the forum is already read: as the admin of this forum, I own statistics and I can say that more than 800,000 readers per month are car owners. Which, of course, is encouraging, since the increase in technical and social literacy among car owners will help earn the “right” car services, and all others that are “technically illiterate” will be visited less and less by car owners.

Car owners will vote for the popularity of car services with their wallets. And we can only wait until the state level finally address the problems of car owners, and car services will be able to work at a good technological level.

But I didn’t say anything about dealers? This will be another separate cycle of my articles. There is enough material, starting from personal impressions, when on my car FIVE times in four months the radio was changed, and ending with the opinion “from the inside”. And you can believe me that dealers also have “not everything is so smooth.” Twenty years ago they were “gods,” now gilding has faded, in the first place is “financial and social optimization,” and the like. But what is positive about them – they ALWAYS strive for “pre-trial settlement of disputes”.

So car owners shouldn’t relax, they should always keep their ears open, remember, if you came to be repaired in an unfamiliar car service, then “everything can be”.
“Personal car doctor” – this is your solution to automotive problems at this stage.


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