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Skoda Fabia Mk3 2015

Skoda Fabia Mk3 2015 1

Skoda Fabia Mk3 2015

Skoda Fabia Mk3 2015 2

The first model SKODA Fabia left the assembly line back in 2000. Then, she replaced the SKODA Felicia, which was one of the first foreign cars available that appeared in Ukraine and Russia. SKODA Fabia has established itself as a reliable and cheap urban hatchback in operation. Since the end of 2014, its new model has entered the East European market, which will be discussed in this article..

The car is presented in an updated style of the company Skoda. This strong and emotional design adds a sporty character to the third generation Fabia. Exterior began to have more sharp edges. The front and rear optics changed radically and the dimensions of the body underwent changes – the car became lower and wider and slightly shorter than its predecessor, but this did not affect the interior space. There is more usable space for the rear passengers. Now the trunk has a volume of 330 liters, and in the station wagon as much as 530 liters! The buyer will choose the main body color himself, there are a lot of color combinations.

In the cabin of the new Fabia, you can immediately highlight the updated steering wheel – functional and looks sporty. The changes also affected the front console of the dashboard, which are made of fairly high-quality plastic with an insert. Interior color can now also be chosen to taste. The convenient inertial armrest located between the driver and the passenger makes the ride even more comfortable. Now the car has a start-stop button, and is also equipped with the new MirroLink system, which allows you to connect your smartphone with the car multimedia system. This makes it easy and convenient to use your applications, navigation and music from your smartphone in the car. The seats in the car are comfortable and soft, but are relatively close to each other..

As for engines, the new model comes on the market with four gasoline and three diesel engines. Gasoline engines have three- and four-cylinder in-line engines under the hood.

Three-cylinder engines with a volume of 1 liter. and with a power of 60 and 75 hp, they have a system that changes the valve timing of the intake valves and the distributed fuel injection;

Four-cylinder capacity of 1.2 liters. with a turbine and power of 90 and 110 hp, they have a system for changing the phase of gas distribution of the intake valves and are also equipped with a TSI system, which is also equipped with two 1.4 liter diesel engines. with a power of 90 and 105 hp respectively;

Transmission of the new Fabia to choose from:

Automatic 7-speed DSG;

Mechanical 5 or 6 speed, depending on configuration.

Unlike the previous generation, the insulation has become a little better, and the steering is more responsive thanks to the electric power. Also in the new model, the suspension became softer. The management was affected by weight reduction thanks to a modular platform.

Despite this fun youthful design, Skoda Fabia’s trump card is value for money. The main target audience of this car is residents of large cities and young families.


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