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Skoda fabia

Skoda fabia 1

Skoda fabia

Without keyword

If on Fabia the automatic machine twitches the reason, most often, one.
Already wrote that the hydraulic automatic transmission is installed on the Fabia with a 1.6 liter engine. This, in my opinion, is one of the best and most reliable configurations of this car. But there is one serious design flaw. More precisely, it becomes serious over time if the correct measures are not taken on a new car. The fact is that there is a small distance between the case of the automatic gearbox and the cooling radiator. And there are a lot of things stuffed in there: both cooling hoses, and a bracket for connectors and, most sadly, wires. There are a lot of them there. And from the crampedness of such wiring rub against each other, on hoses and corrugation. As a rule, the entire warranty period the car does not cause problems. And after a while, all sorts of errors begin to come out, starting from the malfunction of the lambda probe to the constant burnout of the bulbs. Yes, there was such a case when the wire responsible for loading the generator frayed in a bottleneck, it gave out almost 16 volts to the fullest, and the owner changed the bulbs every month. And this is even in the best case. But one of the worst and I want to describe …

It all started harmlessly – a good Fabia. Complains of blows when turning on the “D” or “R” on the machine. Indeed, the blows are not sour at all, they throw right out of the seat.

And there are no errors in the box control unit at all. Interesting. Usually, when problems arise due to the grinding of wires, an error appears in the box brains on sensors or solenoids, but this time everything is clean.

“Check the oil level in the box” – advises the master. Is logical. But lazy. There is no dipstick to check the level. Some engineer thought of checking the oil from the bottom of the box, through the drain hole. What I thought, I put it there. There, behind the drain plug, there is a tube of a certain height. At a normal level, the oil should be added a little. With the screw off and the engine running. Ingenious! Only for this you need to raise the car, remove the protection, unscrew the cork, smear in oil …

Not particularly pleasant, considering that the owner decided to test the off-road qualities of Fabia and seemed to cut through the fields. All crankcase protection is covered with a thick layer of savory Russian mud. I call the owner, show the situation, ask the most important question – skidded? Because my further actions very much depend on the answer to this question. If you slip on an automatic transmission, it is likely to overheat the clutches. What could be the cause of the blows. Indirectly, the condition of the clutches can be checked by taste, smell and color of box oil. If it smells of burning – and the oil is dark, then everything has departed. It turns out that the car was not skidding, but when these attacks began a week ago, the owner first changed the oil and filter in the machine. Bravo! I love these garage tales – “the box twitches – change the oil in it,” the “check engine” lights up – wash the injector. ” And when the tips of experienced do not help, we are already going to the service to find out the reason.

So, even if it skidded, the oil is fresher and I won’t see anything, and the blows began even before the intervention in the box, therefore, the oil level is no longer important.

Great, let’s leave the hydraulic part alone for now. I return to the disaster wires that rub. Bah! So they do not just rub, but about the plus wire to the starter! So much so that the veins are bare.

It turns out this situation – when a signal is sent to start, the “plus” enters not only the starter’s solenoid relay, but also, through frayed insulation, to one of the wires that goes to the box control unit. It becomes even more strange that there are no errors. What kind of wire is it that does not give an error with a good “plus”? I open the circuit – purple and violet-white go to the oil temperature sensor in the automatic transmission. In the 10 block of measured values ​​of automatic transmission, I check this temperature.

It looks like winter has come in the box. Minus three degrees shows the sensor. Provided that overboard +20 and the car has already traveled a sufficient distance so that the oil warms up. “Three minus” in any case can not be.

But the unit does not give an error, because it considers the sensor to be up to minus fifty degrees.

I connect the wiring, ring from the sensor to the brain – everything is normal. I decided to check the resistance of the sensor itself … wow – 13 kOhm! Too much for a temperature sensor. It’s good that there is a wonderful thing – the original VAG resistance store.

It’s like a variable resistor, only with buttons, you can set any resistance from 100 Ohms to 100 kOhms. Again I tear the wiring, and instead of the temperature sensor I connect a resistance of 1.1 kOhm. Now in the 10th block of values ​​the value is 57 degrees. This is closer to life. I sit behind the wheel, turn on “D”, “R” – everything is fine, there are no jerks, the car starts moving smoothly in both directions.

The adventure is over. The culprit is found. Half-dead oil temperature sensor in the box. Apparently, the plus regularly coming to the starter greatly crippled the sensor’s health. But he did not give up! Didn’t fall to minus fifty. He deceived the box, and almost deceived me. I go to the warehouse, see how much the sensor costs. I am leaving the warehouse with the understanding that today I will not change it for sure. It’s not even that there is no such thing in the warehouse and it never has been, it just does not change separately, it is assembled with a wiring harness for all other sensors. And it costs about eight thousand rubles … 8,000 rubles. For the sensor. For a conventional thermistor.

Moreover, in order to replace the harness, it is necessary to remove the sump and the valve body, and this is another five thousand works. Not bad so the wires rub. Not cheap at all.

And there was another case when the positive starter wire also ground the automatic transmission wiring, but at that time evil rock overtook the wire on one of the control valves. And then got a plus in the brain, i.e. automatic transmission control unit. And he killed the output control transistor there. And I had to change those brains, because a constant error in the open circuit of the valve settled in them.
This is all to ensure that the problem can be solved much earlier. As a preventive measure, it is enough to extend the wiring harnesses and lay them humanly so that they do not fray each other. You just need to know about this design flaw and warn customers. The job is inexpensive, and decently can save money.

Do not save on maintenance. Contact the professionals.


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