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Skoda octavia

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How the work of a diagnostician differs from the work of a mechanic?
I’m not talking about quality, quality in both cases should be on top. To make money, a mechanic must perform car maintenance as quickly as possible..
Speed ​​gained through repeated repetition and ingenuity.
As a result, an experienced mechanic is like a person on a conveyor belt.
He knows how to do everything as quickly as possible..
They say about this – “golden hands”.
I have never heard that they say about the diagnostician – the “golden brain”.
There is a feature in our work – non-standard faults.
That’s the beauty of it.
When you check for a long time, calculate, find a jamb – this is interesting.
The second time the same thing – just looking for a way to quickly confirm the already understandable.
The third time is completely boring – you record a malfunction in the “sore” section of the car.
It’s even not interesting to write about them.

But there is a holiday on our street – an “unknown jamb”. Here about the next non-standard case I want to tell.

The first time this car arrived not by appointment and everyone was busy. But the owner asked to urgently check the engine, because in the traffic jam, according to him, the car stalls and, until it is a little standstill, will not start. There was no reason to disbelieve him – a clear error on the low pressure in the fuel rail hung in the engine block.

Motor apparently 1.8 TFSI.

Sporadically. Ah this is a wonderful mistake – passively sporadic! Of course, at the time of diagnosis, the pressure in the ramp is ideal! Yes, and the engine runs smoothly.

The error has been erased. You won’t repair the car here in five minutes. I wrote to the poor fellow for the next free day. Although nothing prevents to sentence all the elements responsible for the high fuel pressure, namely, the pump in the tank (15 000 r), the high pressure pump (17 000 r) and the sensor of the same pressure (by the way, it changes with the ramp – 22 000 r). But the client for some reason does not agree … Strange. What did you want in 5 minutes of diagnosis?

As a result, two days later the car is back in the repair zone, now for an unlimited time until the victory …

The main task is to separate the flies from cutlets. That is, find out the culprit of the pressure drop in the ramp. It can be either a high-pressure fuel pump or a booster pump in the tank, which may simply not give out the minimum necessary pressure for the high-pressure pump to work. The first option is doubtful, because High Pressure Pumps die suddenly and do not come back to life, that is, I would not see a pressure of 40 bar. But you need to check, not to guess in the thick.

So let’s go. To begin with, we create traffic conditions – the air conditioner works for the whole thing, the car is standing. For credibility, I completely stalled the car and turned on the “Drive” on the automatic transmission. Oh yes, the most important thing – we check the pressure before and after the high pressure fuel pump.

Skoda octavia 3

By a mechanical pressure gauge and according to indications from the sensor in the ramp, respectively. At first everything seems to be good, the readings correspond to the face value. More interesting. The needle of the mechanical pressure gauge is tired of standing still, and it jumps on a scale of 4 to 6 bar.

Skoda octavia 4

This already leads to the thought of problems with the booster pump. But one circumstance confuses – if you shut off the supply behind the manometer, then the low pressure is equalized and takes an adequate value of 6 bar. Well, let’s wait …

After three and a half hours, she still died out! In the ramp – 4 bars – not at all good. Up to fuel injection pump and even less – 3. Preventive tapping on the fuel tank does not help. But after five minutes it starts up as good as new. The pressure is normal, everything is fine. But now not for long. Half an hour of torment and again the booster pump does not give out even three bars. Diagnosed.

When the car cooled down again and started up, for the sake of interest I got to the place where the pump was installed in the tank. It turns out that he made such interesting sounds! Like a wounded moose. Sometimes it happens. Only 15 000r and will fly again.


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