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Skoda Rapid Liftback Monte Carlo

Skoda Rapid Liftback Monte Carlo 1

Skoda Rapid Liftback – release of the sports version of the Monte Carlo!

Skoda Rapid Liftback Monte Carlo 2

SKODA, in order not to be in the back rows, also decided to show that it knows how to make sports versions of its cars, which can be called “folk”. The Skoda Rapid liftback, although it will not receive any changes in the engines, but in appearance – yes. And the best part is that the update package can be applied to absolutely any vehicle configuration, with any engine. It is worth noting that a lot of parts were replaced here, the interior was redone, and so to speak, they created a more juicy composition that some were waiting for, because the car itself is more than ordinary. So far, the developers have not hurried to indicate the price for their work, but, immediately after the presentation, and it will be held in Frankfurt, brand admirers will be able to find out what they should expect from the new modification.

Be sure to recall the engines that are used in the regular version, and will be used in Monte Carlo. The most simple solution will be a 1.2 liter unit. It is capable of issuing 75 horses, while its maximum reaches only 175 km / h, and the acceleration rate is not impressive at all – 13.9 seconds. The most interesting diesel option will be a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine. It has 105 forces, but the torque is already 250 Nm. With such a charge, the car produces 190 km / h at the limit, and quite vigorously accelerates to hundreds, spending 10.4 seconds on this “trip”. Since we have a sports version of Rapid, it’s better to choose a top-end engine. It will be a 1.4 liter gasoline engine, of course, that with a turbine. It will give out 200 Nm of torque, but of power – 122 horses. At the limit with such a complete set, the novelty will give out 206 km / h, but the acceleration will be more vigorous – 9.5 seconds. Used with this engine is a robot with 7 steps and dual clutch. Well, the consumption of such a unit is funny – 7.5 liters in the city.

To add aggression and seriousness to their project, the company decided to design the grille and mirrors in black. The same solution will be applied on a considerable area of ​​bumpers. A diffuser will appear at the back, and on the racks you can see the engraving, which means that on the road it is a special version, and not the usual, boring Rapid. This time, the headlights will become xenon, foglights will be darkened, as, by the way, are the windows on the rear doors. To emphasize the general viability of the car, aluminum wheels will try. They were made in two sizes and, of course, different in price – 16 and 17 inches. The salon will also be equipped with sports parts, in particular, a steering wheel and seats. A very interesting move was covering the skin of the gear selector and handbrake. Here is such a picture looming.


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