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Skoda Rapid Spaceback – Infinite Space

Skoda Rapid Spaceback - Infinite Space 1

Skoda Rapid Spaceback – Infinite Space

Skoda Rapid Spaceback - Infinite Space 2

Recently, consumers in emerging automotive markets have shown an active interest in compact sedans, primarily because of their practicality. This is a good trend, but Europeans who have seen the views cannot be surprised by this. They prefer sedans, less often hatchbacks or in general, hybrid bodywork.

SKODA developers recently decided to please the automotive community by launching an interesting 5-door car on the market, built on the platform of the rather popular SKODA Rapid. The start is not bad, but it’s very difficult to keep up with your older brother, the VW concern, which uninterruptedly delivers new brands of cars built on the same Volkswagen Polo base, for example, to the public. In addition, the prices offered by Volkswagen for their cars are definitely higher than the cost of Skoda cars, and one wonders where the fairness is.?

This time, the calculation of Skoda marketers, with the release of a compact hatchback on the European market, turned out to be correct. In the developing B + segment, to which Spaceback belongs, there are still unfilled “niches”, which cannot be said of other classes with the highest level of internal competition. In general, car sales began to intensify, and quite dynamically, which allows the company’s marketers to plan their increase by 2 mln by 2018. units.

The plans of the technical department of the company, tracking the demand on the market, carry out regular restyling of the hatchback. The car is ideal for city driving, compact (20 cm shorter than similar siedans), practical, and economical, with a spacious luggage compartment, which is larger in volume than the Fabia, but slightly inferior to Rapid.

The hatchback has a very interesting body geometry solution. The roof is made of tinted fiberglass, which is why the interior of the car, visually, looks more spacious. There is no reliable information on the line of power units yet. It is known that in the initial generation the car will work with the power plants that are used today in the Skoda liftback, with a capacity of up to 122 l, s, but this is for Europe. True, another diesel ICE is known, TDI 1.6 cc, which was noticed in the “light” of practicality. The unit consumes per 100 km. no more than 4 liters of fuel, but time will tell how it will behave during the long-term operation in Spaceback.


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