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Skoda roomster

Skoda roomster 1

Skoda roomster

Skoda roomster 2

The machine, which is a symbiosis of a specialist in the transportation of both goods and passengers, has the very home name – SKODA Roomster (room). Perhaps this is a hint of difficult times ahead and it is worth changing the apartment for a motor home, but time will put everything in its place. The car can be divided into three rooms, this is the first row of seats for the driver and passenger, the second row for passengers and the cargo compartment. In the first compartment there are wide glasses, and the line of windows on different “compartments” of the car is different – the beauty issue of this design is quite controversial, but as for visibility, the second row of seats is higher than the first, and here is the compensation for the small side windows. A high roof allows you to comfortably accommodate both tall passengers and bulky goods. In the car there are a lot of options for transforming the seats, and this directly serves for a wide variety of cargo volume, and hence capacity. It is this ability that makes many competitors simply “toothless” old people against their background.

The latest car update was in 2014, what we have today?

The machine has a common platform with the machines of the German concern VW. Cars on this platform are very similar powertrains, and with regard to appearance, the Roomster will not be confused with SKODA Fabia for long. There are several options for the car, but the most exotic for our country is Roomster Scout. The car has only front-wheel drive and low clearance at the level of 14 cm.

An important achievement of the car bodywork is that it is little susceptible to corrosion. For all SKODA lovers, it is not difficult to find out the dashboard of a car. The interior is finished with high-quality materials, although the plastic is tough in some places, and sound insulation could be better taken care of. As for the stock of legroom, there is a complete order even for people with high stature, but the average of the three passengers in the second compartment will not be comfortable because of the wide floor tunnel.

The most popular version of Roomster in our country on a gasoline engine, although there is a version with a turbocharged diesel engine, but there is a three-cylinder engine, in turn a gasoline engine with 4. The most problematic part of the car is its electronics, not only can the wiring in the engine compartment burn out, but just hang the system. But if this does not happen in the car, it is quite comfortable and easy to drive.

Although we would advise you to think carefully before buying this car.


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