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Skoda Superb 1

Skoda Superb 1 1

Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI

Skoda Superb 1 2

The Czech car manufacturer Skoda has introduced a new generation of the popular Superb. Than this time the Czech liftback is ready to hit competitors?

The new Skoda Superb looks stunning. Interesting front and rear optics look spectacular, and the faceted body has a monumental profile. There is no longer that rustic Skoda, but there are similarities with models from Ingolstadt. And, this is no accident. Even the Czechs themselves announced their plans for the premium segment, and the new Superb will have to compete with the best of the best in this class. By the way, the car lost its chip – a twin-door system, which allowed you to open half of the fifth door. The failure was explained by the high cost of the design and its high weight. Now Superb – liftback, no options.

The interior is like a five-star, but still, a hotel. Even the exquisite materials and the perfect fit of the panels cannot create an atmosphere of coziness: the architecture of the front panel, the instrument panel with cold shades – everything is too formal. Although there is no need to complain about the lack of equipment – dual-zone climate control, a multimedia system with a touch screen, all kinds of audio outputs and a usb port are by default .

As for the back row, passengers will definitely like it – there is a lot of space for both the head and legs. The predecessor was also quite spacious, but the new generation in this discipline overtook him. The luggage compartment has increased, and now its volume is 625 liters, and if you fold the seats, then completely – 1760!

The 1.8-liter engine is turbocharged and produces 180 horsepower. Paired with it is a seven-band DSG robotic transmission.

In motion, one should not expect any miracle from such a tandem. Of course, the car is fast, but not frisky. The engine’s elasticity is good, while at high speeds the car does not “deflate” and pulls confidently until the cut-off.

Manageability, as expected, without surprises, including unpleasant ones. The huge Superb obediently follows the turn of the steering wheel, but does not accept sudden movements. Banks and diagonal buildup also hint that the skate of the car is a leisurely move.

This is facilitated by a suspension with comfortable shock absorber settings. The ride is excellent – the car does not notice small and medium irregularities, and as if hovering over the road.

The new Skoda Superb attracts with its design and practical, beautiful interior. However, in terms of driving performance, it is slightly lower than the new Passat B8. Will he be able to withstand more serious counterparts – time will tell.


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