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Skoda SuperB GreenLine: taking care of nature

Skoda SuperB GreenLine: taking care of nature 1

Skoda SuperB GreenLine: taking care of nature

Skoda SuperB GreenLine: taking care of nature 2

Improving the efficiency and environmental friendliness of cars is one of the priorities in the global automotive industry. SKODA has made its mark on this issue by releasing a GreenLine version based on its flagship SKODA SuperB.

The car consumes only 3.7 liters of fuel per 100 km in the combined cycle of movement and is able to cover a distance of more than 1700 km at one gas station. Largely due to this, as well as the installed exhaust gas aftertreatment system, it was possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances.

The cost-effectiveness of the 1.6-liter GreenLine turbodiesel engine is ensured by the use of the modern Start / Stop system in combination with the recovery of braking energy, as well as through improved body streamlining and the use of tires with low rolling resistance. In this case, the engine power is 120 hp.

The Start / Stop system is very effective in urban conditions, when in a traffic jam or at a traffic light the engine is turned off, and when it starts to move, it starts automatically. This gives a significant reduction in fuel consumption..

The braking energy recovery system has long been successfully used in BMW and Audi vehicles. Its main meaning is that when the car is accelerating, the generator turns off, making it easier for the engine to work and reducing fuel consumption. The generator starts at the time of braking, when the battery is charging.

Skoda SuperB GreenLine is available in two bodies – sedan and station wagon.


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