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Smart Fortwo Car

Smart Fortwo Car 1

Smart Fortwo – a new generation for lovers of the unique!

Smart Fortwo Car 2

The Frankfurt Motor Show will be notable for the fact that manufacturers will show their creations there, which amaze both with technical potential and developments in the functional sphere. Just last year, everyone was pleased with the rather funny Smart Fortwo convertible, which had a good base for dynamic driving. The new generation will be noticeably even more stock of horses under the hood, and also, everyone will be able to see new colors, which will add features to this decision. The manufacturer claims that this device will not appear on the market earlier than next year, and this is not strange, because the previous generation is still selling well, the idea is very interesting.

At this stage, when there are only a couple of weeks left before the release, the developers are hiding the power of how smart will be in speed terms. However, the two engines that install here are already declassified. The first of them has a very modest volume of 0.9 liters. But this did not stop him from giving out 70 horses. The older installation, at 1.0 liters, will give the owner as many as 90 horses. Given that previously having 84 horses, this little man managed to accelerate to 145 km / h and “make” a hundred in 10.7 seconds, now its dynamics will clearly become better. Of course, the company is in no hurry to talk about what they were able to achieve, but they did not have to wait too long. As for the changes in appearance, the convertible will receive 3 new colors for the roof, well, and its other external details will practically become a copy of the coupe, and there is nothing to modify on such a small territory, everything is quite harmonious. By the way, the aforementioned engines can be assembled with two boxes. They will use either the old one – good mechanics, in which there are five steps, or a good modern robot in 6 gears. In general, if you look at the technical set, a decent device is waiting for buyers.

Regarding the work carried out in the salon – they are no big deal from the previous solution. We can say that in this case, motorists can observe the phenomenon of “Smarta Salon”, but nothing more. An electronic torpedo, a good screen where you can work with multimedia files or start navigation, there is also a holder for a smartphone, which can completely replace the same display. There is still no point in talking about the price issue, because the developers keep this information secret, but after the presentation everything will be known.


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