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Ssangyong rexton

Ssangyong rexton 1

Ssangyong rexton

Ssangyong rexton 2

A Korean novelty that began to conquer the Russian auto market almost as soon as it appeared. Such an SUV car is adapted to rough and dirty roads and has shown itself quite well there..

A huge black car – an SUV makes specialized scales in the next range because, in two tons, it does not fit in any way. Although, many SUVs of this size are even 300-350 kg heavier. But for such an SUV this is the norm.

As for the appearance of the body, then the car looks very good. At first glance, there is a feeling that this is an expensive SUV that costs a lot of money. This is an erroneous opinion. Of SUVs, this is a very budget option, which can be affordable for almost everyone.

The car is fully consistent with its price. Perhaps the only thing that could be worked on is bodybuilding material. If you approach and knock on it, you get the feeling that this material is a tin. For this class of SUVs, one could choose a better material.

What sways the suspension, then in such a model of the car it is tough. Off-road car behaves briskly and firmly, but on the highway turns into a quiet car, which floats like a ship on the sea.

What sways the interior, then here is an amateur. Some say that the UAZ Patriot is better, but still the SsangYong Rexton is superior in terms of instrument arrangement and backlights. In general, the Koreans on the interior did not greatly surprise the Russians, despite the fact that the car is considered high-end.

According to the driving characteristics, the SsangYong Rexton behaves well in the snow and in the mud, but the power for such a machine is not enough, the engine, unfortunately, let us down. It is noticeable that a capacity of 150 l / s is not enough to banally overcome a steep snow hill …

Surprising in the car is the lack of noise when driving. Here, as they say, Koreans really gave everything in full. With any movement on the road in the cabin there is no sensation of wind, which pleases all buyers.

This option is well suited for those who want to buy a budget SUV, both for mountain driving and for off-road driving. This car is able to manifest itself in all aspects completely and completely. As with most cars, a lot depends on the configuration. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully look before buying and know exactly what you want from a car of this class.


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