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SsangYong Stavic – off-road the whole family

SsangYong Stavic - off-road the whole family 1

SsangYong Stavic – off-road the whole family

SsangYong Stavic - off-road the whole family 2

Probably, many remember a very interesting Rodius car, because it was this machine that served as the prototype for the creation of the Stavic. Opinions about SsangYong Rodius were voiced differently, the only thing they were identical in was the appearance of the car, definitely did not like, neither experts nor users. Those who entered the risk group and had the good fortune to drive this car, let alone become its owner, while driving, began to notice the spaciousness of the cabin, moreover, its comfort and convenience corresponding to the cost, moreover, the car showed itself well in operation.

Apparently, the exterior of the body, which frightens buyers, prompted Korean developers to engage in a radical reconstruction, although they were in no hurry to give the model a new name and in different countries it was still sold with the Rodius nameplate. The new generation, now SsangYong Stavic, is completely unlike the previous one, it absorbed all the trends and trends of the modern automobile industry, but the Korean roots are inseparable from it.

One of the main priorities of this car is its interior. There is plenty of space, and not only for the driver, but also for all passengers, and 11 people + luggage can take on board a car (in separate trim levels). The seats are adjustable with a comfortable seating angle. The driver’s seat is high, and ergonomics are not forgotten: the steering wheel, control devices, pedals, levers, everything is thought out, and does not force the driver to be distracted and make unnecessary movements. Censures the center console. Very inconvenient location of the tachometer and speedometer, not behind the steering wheel, but to the right of it. It is difficult to see anything in the rearview mirror, but this drawback is compensated by the large side mirrors of the body.

The passenger compartment, in general, is a separate issue. Suggestions were made to classify this car as a minibus. Again, the traffic police have questions, whose representatives argue that in order to drive this minibus (in their opinion), the driver must have the appropriate clearance category.

Additional unresolved issues. It is difficult for a car with a diesel power plant to heat such a voluminous interior, therefore, this can create problems in countries with severe winters. The specifics of urban operation also creates inconvenience. The car is large-sized, and driving along the narrow streets and courtyards of small cities does not bode well, neither the car, nor its driver. Many factors are taken into account: the inconvenience of parking, and the tightness when turning and other maneuvering, and this is in the absence of auxiliary sensors.

But on the highway Stavic is stable, focused, and convenient. The dynamics are not up to par, but a long platform reliably holds it at a given course. The wheels are high, with a similar profile, which allows for trouble-free movement on easy off-road, but taking into account the design features of the suspension, it is not recommended to check its endurance on these road sections.

The power unit of the car is decorated with a diesel 2-liter unit, which, surprisingly, demonstrates powerful traction and this is for a car weighing 2 tons. The transmission unit is automatic, 5 ranges, shows itself logically and sometimes warns the driver due to the built-in adaptation system. Just in case, a mode for transferring the car to a manual control mode is provided. Four-wheel drive is present, but not the best (Part Time scheme), therefore it is only activated when the car moves on heavy road surface. In normal operation, torque transmission is performed by the rear axle. But despite these shortcomings, this heavy car will pass where the car with a single-wheel drive gets stuck uniquely.


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