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Start error

Start error 1

Start error

Start error

Immobilizer Mercedes-Benz VITO and SPRINTER. Error “START ERROR”

An extremely common startup error on Mercedes VITO and Mercedes Sprinter cars is the “Start error” error.

This is a mistake in the work of a regular immobilizer.

What you need to do first of all – check the fuse No. 7 under the steering column and absolutely all the fuses in the fuse box under the driver’s seat. If all the fuses are intact – alas, but the car needs repair.

The most common cause of failure of the immobilizer is the desynchronization of the engine control unit and the immobilizer.

If you took off the battery terminal (for example, to install a new battery) and left the key in the ignition – the Start Error on the display is guaranteed! Remember this.

Also, this error occurs with a strong voltage drop of the standard battery. Abnormal security systems often “drain” the car battery during prolonged parking. If the “Start Error” error is repeated over and over again – ask an electrician to check the vehicle for current leakage, as well as the condition of the battery. If the battery is breathing “in the cold” – it needs to be replaced, since the Sprinter and Vito immobilizer can only be restored to service under the conditions of a car service that has experience in such work, and you will not wish anyone to be away from home with a faulty car.

The “Start Error” error is absolutely typical on Vito and Sprinter cars in the 638 body. To resolve this problem, official dealers propose replacing the immobilizer block or engine ECU (and often both together) for a very significant amount (from 30,000 rubles and above).

It is not necessary to deliver a faulty car to our car service, it is enough to bring only the ECU engines and the immobilizer unit (it is located behind the dashboard). Our automotive electronics specialist reprograms the units and synchronizes them. In time it takes about two hours. After that, it will be enough for you to install both blocks back on the car and start the engine.

Call us – El-Cars service center solves any causes of the “Start Error” error, and our prices will pleasantly surprise you..


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