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Steering wheel vibration

Steering wheel vibration 1

Steering wheel vibration – what could be the reason?

Regardless of the age of the vehicle, car owners often face various defects. One of the most unpleasant signs of a car’s technical malfunction is excessive vibration, which can either be felt solely on the steering wheel or spread throughout the body. Today we will focus on the first case and try to formulate the main causes of vibration, as well as try to give recommendations to combat this phenomenon.

The most common cause of vibration on the steering wheel is unbalanced wheels. It happens that this happens due to a weight falling off or due to improper wheel balancing, for example, if a stone gets stuck in the tire tread. Therefore, before starting balancing, it is very important to thoroughly clean the wheel of any foreign particles. Another reason may be local damage to the tire, its bulge or uneven wear, which can also cause vibration transmitted to the steering wheel. It is also possible the curvature of the rim of the disk, which does not allow to properly balance the wheel.

Steering wheel vibration 2

“If vibration occurs, in addition to the wheels, you should pay attention to the transmission of the vehicle. These are mainly drive shafts, internal and external joints and their protection. Vibration can damage the inner hinge. In addition to the vibration felt on the steering wheel when turning the car, the hinge can knock at higher speeds. Damage to the joint is often caused by damage to the anther and a heavy load on the vehicle. Sometimes it’s enough to replace only the boot, but more and more often the workshops prefer to replace the entire joint in order to minimize the risk of a malfunction. SKF offers kits containing all drive shaft components as well as individual parts. Completeness depends on the design of the car (for some French cars only drive shafts) or on the degree of damage ”, – explained Tomasz Ochman, SKF Technical Support Representative.

Handlebar vibration can also be caused by worn engine mounts or gearboxes. They are designed to compensate for the longitudinal and transverse movements of these units. A support defect will be most likely when the engine is idling during vibration, the vehicle is stationary and there are no additional vibrations associated with the trip itself. The cost of replacing the bearings depends on how difficult it is to access them, as well as their type, since some premium cars use hydraulic solutions with variable damping characteristics to increase driving comfort. This means that the engine mount has a channel system through which oil flows between the chambers. Changes in damping characteristics can also be adjusted using an electromagnetic drive..

Another cause of vibration on the steering wheel is the beating of brake discs. In this case, the vibration on the steering wheel will be felt primarily when braking at high speeds, and the wheels will make a fairly loud noise. But all this will stop as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal. The most common causes of disk runout are improper assembly (for example, violation of the tightening torque requirements for fasteners) or poor cleaning of the mounting surface of the hub and uneven seating of the disk. Symptoms similar to curved brake discs can be caused by clearances on the rubber joints of the suspension, so such manifestations should always be carefully checked. To ensure that the surfaces are well cleaned, use the dial indicator to measure the runout of the disc and wheel hub. The permissible difference in the thickness of the working part of the brake disc is from 0.01 to 0.02 mm.

Steering wheel vibration 3

“In addition to the mistakes made during installation, a frequent cause of vibration of any type is the use of low-quality parts that wear out quickly. Sometimes they do not provide adequate alignment of vibrations at the very beginning, so the driver may have the false impression that they are not the cause of problems with excessive vibration on the steering wheel. SKF works directly with vehicle manufacturers, so it can guarantee the proper operation of its suspension or transmission components. ”, – summarizes Tomasz Ohman.


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