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Subaru brz

Subaru brz 1

Subaru brz

Subaru brz 2

The Subaru BRZ sports coupe is the brainchild of two companies, Subaru and Toyota, first introduced in 2011 in Tokyo. The model is also presented under different brands: in Japan – like Toyota 86, in the USA – like Scion FR-S, and in Europe – like Toyota GT 86. The difference between them is no more than in the exterior.

The engine in this model is installed very low and almost in the center of the car body. This allows the machine to be easily controllable and more stable. In the process of modernizing the car, in order to achieve such an effect, they tried to change the position of the radiator, crankshaft, exhaust manifold, but the desired effect did not work. They tried to upgrade the crankcase with the crankshaft and the cylinder block to maintain ground clearance. Nevertheless, as a result of reducing the weight of the car to 1.2 tons, in which a manual gearbox was installed, the developers of the model achieved their goal.

The development of the chassis was undertaken by Subaru, and the design was developed by Toyota. A small car (4.2 m by 1.77 m), with wings allocated on the hood and a low window line, turned out to be light and fast. The height of this model is 1.28 m, the stylish design of the body, predatory headlights, a large amount of glass make the Subaru BRZ very elegant.

There are two rows of seats in the cabin, but the rear seats are designed more for children than for adult passengers. In fact, the car is intended for the driver, where everything is created for its convenience. The coupe interior is very concise in the style of a racing car. The front panel of this model is designed very simply: a tachometer and a digital speedometer are located in the center of this panel. Also installed climate control and additional options. The driver and front passenger are separated by a special partition on which the gearbox and handbrake control mechanisms are located. The coupe has a low landing, in the seats of the passengers lateral support is provided. Even with the maximum configuration of the car, the seats are not electronically regulated. The steering wheel is small, with a diameter of 36.5 cm. A small trunk with a volume of 243 liters is increased due to the rear seats. And since the seat backs of the car are smaller than usual, when folding the backs you get a flat surface.

The BRZ model has a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2 liters. Unlike other turbocharged sports car engines, the Subaru BRZ is naturally aspirated with a capacity of 200 liters. from. A fuel injection system D-4S to the Toyota engine is provided. Six-speed gearboxes, and the picking can be mechanics and automatic. Acceleration of the car is carried out up to 100 km in 6 seconds with a manual transmission, with the “automatic” installed, acceleration takes a split second more. The car is environmentally friendly: the exhaust emissions are 159 g per kilometer. Coupe Subaru BRZ – rear-wheel drive car with standard suspension. Due to the device of the front suspension, stiffness is ensured, and due to the device of the rear suspension, good depreciation.


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