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Subaru forester

Subaru forester 1

Without keyword

Once a regular customer came to Subaru Forester and boasted that he had installed the fenders (he came, of course, not for this, for maintenance).
Anyway. Put and well done. And here in a week or two he rings: “It will not start.” Well, what are we: “Drag.” Dragged …

Subaru forester 2

Let’s check it out. “Check” does not light up when the ignition is turned on. That means. No power or ground on the computer. I open the passenger mat at the feet (there under the iron shield the engine control unit). And remove the glove box, there is just above the main relay.

Subaru forester 3

On the main relay, the yellow-red wires go to the computer, which is powered by the main relay. Black-red – power supply from the fuse box under the hood.

Foresters have a habit of driving on mud and gravel roads. A Subaru wiring laid under the wing. And in the absence of wing flaps, this place very often suffers from dirt and the attack of pebbles flying from under the wheels. But I remember that the client himself installed the fenders, since we kept telling him about their necessity under his operating conditions.

From experience, I’ll say: I arrived just a week before this one, Subaru, whose emergency buttons and turn signals failed. I searched for a long time. The emergency gang button did not have enough power from the engine compartment fuse. Although the fuse itself was alive and there was power on it.

It turned out that it was under the front left wing that the wire was bent, just due to the lack of wing flaps and an abundant amount of dirt.

And then this client, hanging around … I told him this story, and he says
– So my emergency gang does not work …
In general, climbed under a freshly installed liner. Aaaaaaa!

Subaru forester 4

Subaru forester 5

Subaru forester 6

Subaru forester 5

Subaru forester 8

Having disassembled this piece of dirt, I found a black and red wire to power the main relay. And white wire power alarm button.

Subaru forester 9

And here is part of the dirt that fell out, even more heap remained under the wheel.

Take care of your horses before a malfunction occurs. And if you started an independent repair – maintenance, why not wash the place of repair, especially since the dirt falls off in pieces due to oversaturation!

It’s shorter here … as often happens in our service, the client did not have enough power of the atmospheric engine EJ20J

He came to us to install a turbo engine marked EJ20G.

But sometimes with such “swaps” people pay little attention to wiring. That we persuaded to go the right way! Dismantling of the old one takes place with the removal of the panel, as part of the motor braid is plaited into the salon.

On this instance, the work was a little complicated by the additional work of removing and re-introducing into the “new” braid of signaling and music.

Old from above, and new from below. New wiring goes with the engine control unit. And since the motors are different in control, and on the old motor the block was located directly on the engine, the turbo engine moved to the passenger compartment, at the feet of the passenger.

“Turbo-heart” in the right place:

Well, the last photo about the three Foresters – called it “continuity of generations”.

Ahead of forester of the very first generation, and in the background of the last.
Why does the title of the article say: “The science of contacts or the history of the three Fora”. Because the one of the first generation just gets a new turbo heart, instead of the old atmospheric.

Tereshchenko Andrey Valerevich

© Legion Avtodata


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