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Subaru Outback 4 Station Wagon

Subaru Outback 4 Station Wagon 1

The fourth generation wagon Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback 4 Station Wagon 2

Station wagon Subaru Outback is very popular in America. Such popularity is explained by the fact that in this car there are all the qualities that are appreciated by Americans in vehicles – large body sizes, roomy interior, high driving dynamics. In our country, the Subaru Outback began to be sold relatively recently, but the level of sales showed that this model is also popular with domestic motorists..

Features of interior improvement, optional equipment

When decorating the interior, the automaker uses quality materials in harmoniously selected colors. Plastic panels, soft, in the basic configuration the seats are finished with leather, for an additional fee you will get a car with leather chairs. Inside, there are many niches, boxes of various shapes in which you can put small items, put glasses, bottles, and secure mobile devices. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in ten directions. Moreover, the adjustment, even in the basic configuration, is carried out using an electric drive. For passengers, it is also possible to adjust the seats, but only in height and in the longitudinal direction. On the front console, compared with previous versions of the station wagon, there are fewer control keys. Instead, a large touchscreen monitor of the information system is installed on the console, which is used as a control element by numerous vehicle equipment.

The basic equipment of the station wagon is respected. For a minimum fee, you get a car in which 2-zone climate control, eight airbags and a protective popliteal roller on the driver’s seat will already be installed. During trips, if necessary, special sensors themselves turn on the headlights, wipers. The steering wheel is provided with transmission controls and a multimedia system..

Powertrain specifications

The basic version of the Subaru Outback is equipped with a gasoline two-liter 167-horsepower engine. It can work in conjunction with the Lineartronic variator or with a mechanical transmission. The more expensive version is equipped with a gasoline 260-horsepower engine, which is equipped with a Sportshift automatic transmission.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the power units and transmission are installed in the car not on the body, but on a special subframe, which in turn is attached to the body through rubber shock absorbers. This technical solution allowed to significantly reduce vibration, the noise emitted by the motor during operation.


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