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Subaru outback

Subaru outback 1

Subaru outback

Subaru outback 2

The new Subaru model that appeared on the market in 1996 was called Outback. The company designed and released it based on the Subaru Legacy model. The main differences between the cars of this modification was a plastic molding made in color contrast with the body and increased ground clearance. Since the Subaru is in demand in America, the Subaru Outback has been developed specifically for the US market..

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, it turned out to be a truly chic wagon: charismatic, solid, with a high degree of cross-country ability, all-wheel drive. Thanks to the all-wheel drive design, the torque is distributed evenly, providing excellent grip.

The second generation Outback debuted in 2003. Designers have brought more harmony and dynamics to the look of the car, designing it in a sporty style. Safety when driving a car increased due to fog lights, the ground clearance increased to 20 cm, and this increases the capabilities of the car and safe driving in difficult conditions. The uniqueness of the design of the Subaru Outback lies in the fact that thanks to the low located power unit, updated springs and shock absorber bearings, a new body structure, the driving performance of the model is improved.

The interior design, made in the European style, attracts with elegance, high quality workmanship. Excellent steering system, air conditioning, navigator, CD system and other options complement the impression of the “filling” of the cabin. There are airbags, electronically adjustable seat belts, headrests mounted in chairs – all this contributes to the safety of movement in the Subaru Outback. Thanks to the new frame design, the car has become easily controllable.

The Outback model released in 2005 received a 2.5 / 165 liter engine. from. with a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic gearbox – depending on the configuration. Complete with 3.0 L / 245 hp engine There is a six-speed manual gearbox or a five-speed automatic gearbox. A car with a serious design, interior and high-class interior equipment is suitable for the city, as well as for long-distance trips.

The next, fourth generation Outback was introduced in New York. The dimensions of the car increased, its length was 4.8 m, width 1.8 m, and height 1.6 m. The bumper got a body color, the side mirrors are equipped with turn signals, the front fog lights got an elegant narrow shape, the side windows of the body were decorated with an arch.

Outback 2009 received a modernized spacious interior with many pleasant things. It is trimmed with high quality plastic, adjustable seats.

The configuration includes a multimedia system, a navigator, a temperature indicator. The luggage compartment was increased by 67 liters. The lineup includes models with 6 and 4 cylinder engines, power, respectively 3.6 l and 2.5 l. Equipped with an intelligent drive system with independent transmission. The chassis has been improved with the use of high quality steel at especially vulnerable points. The engine, thanks to hydraulic mounts, is mounted around the perimeter on a subframe. Thus, the engine is isolated from the body part and reduces vibration, improving passenger comfort.

The new universal 2013 Subaru Outback received a suspension with new settings that reduce the roll of the car by 40%, the dimensions of the car increased to 4.79 m in length. New high-quality finishes, the latest sound system and security system, and other additional options were used in the cabin.


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