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Subaru XT

Subaru XT 1

Subaru XT

Subaru XT 2

The next masterpiece of Subaru was a luxury sports car modification XT (sports coupe). Subsequently, it was represented by three modifications. Released in February 1985, the model introduced to the American market was a great success. Subsequently, Europe was conquered. A little later, the same model conquered the Japanese market under the Alcyone brand, in New Zealand and Australia, this Subaru model is better known as Vortex.

The model is notable for its non-standard catchy design. The car body turned out streamlined, in the form of a wedge, smoothed, hence the minimum drag coefficient, which is 0.29 cx, dynamically develops speed.

The elegant five-seater saloon of a coupe with an exquisite design is not very spacious, but due to the glazing area of ​​the body, the impression of large capacity is created, equipped with airbags. I must say that its unusual design and low power motors could not attract a large number of buyers.

The dimensions of the Subaru XT are: 4.45 m-1.66m-133m. The car, depending on the modification, received two engine units: a horizontal engine with four cylinders, a volume of 1.8 liters, a turbocharger, a capacity of 135 liters. from. and a six-cylinder engine, injection, with a volume of 2.7 liters at a capacity of 150 liters. from. With this configuration, the power units develop a maximum speed of up to 210 km per hour. Fuel consumption in the city is considerable: for 100 km it is equal to 14 liters, provided that the curb weight is 1140 kg. The body is resistant to corrosion, thanks to anti-corrosion treatment in a galvanized version, which extends the durability of the car. The Subaru XT is equipped with all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, depending on the configuration. Permanent four-wheel drive has a car with an automatic transmission only.

A distinctive feature of Subaru of this modification is that it has an electro-pneumatic suspension, thanks to which the size of the ride height is regulated, the configuration has an on-board computer. Depending on the configuration, the gearbox is mechanical – five-speed or automatic – four-speed. Disc brakes installed.

The modified Subaru XT6 was released in 1988, having received a boxer engine with six cylinders 5200 rpm, a volume of 2.2 liters, a capacity of 145 liters. from. In Japan, this model came out under the VX brand. An electronic stability control was installed on the Subaru XT6, the system prevented skidding, wheel slippage, which increased the car’s off-road ability and made it manageable. A special Hill Hold Control system kept the car at the beginning of the movement on the descent or ascent of a steep slope. Subaru of this modification, in addition, received a 4 WD system in the kit, transmitting torque to all wheels at once. Subaru XT discontinued in 1991 due to low demand.


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