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SUV Honda Pilot

SUV Honda Pilot 1

Honda Pilot SUV – large and flexible

SUV Honda Pilot 2

It is noted that the stronger the person, the kinder. In the automotive industry, the opposite is true. The larger the dimensions of the car, the more powerful and aggressive it is, at least that is what motorists expect from it. Of course, everyone wants to feel like the master of the roadway, but the Honda Pilot does not provide this status to its owner, he is completely devoid of aggression.

And even the last restyling, which gave the exterior strict lines, did not correct the situation. The SUV remained a powerful “good man”. Of course, in the city bustle, they gave him a warning road, partly out of fear of colliding with such a colossus. Apparently, the car should impress the character of any motorist, but there are not so many good people, as there are not many who are willing to pay at least $ 50 thousand for this SUV.

Next – the interior of the car. It is dominated by plastic, rather hard, which in principle is normal for an SUV, somehow strangely combined with expensive leather seats. The developers explain that leather is for convenience and comfort, and durable plastic is more practical, based on the direction of the car. The interior is spacious, it pays for all other negative nuances, the seats are equipped with a heating function.

A power unit with a cubic capacity of 3.5 is installed in the engine compartment, which gives the movement power and irresistible pressure. This engine has an interesting system that helps save fuel. At a certain time, depending on the driving mode, it turns off some groups of cylinders. As a result, this heavy SUV spends in the city cycle no more than 11 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, and when driving on the highway up to 9.

Although we have an SUV in front of us, the suspension is surprisingly comfortable. It cannot be called soft either. During the movement, those in the car simply forget that somewhere below there are wheels and a road. In addition, the presence of a locking central differential is pleasing, this unit raises the Pilot SUV over new but lighter crossovers and gives it versatility.


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