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SUV Mercedes GL

SUV Mercedes GL 1

SUV Mercedes GL

SUV Mercedes GL 2

The Mercedes GL is a premium SUV. That is, this vehicle, in addition to excellent cross-country ability, provides the driver and passengers with a comfortable cabin with a lot of options, plus the GL model is considered one of the safest cars in the world. A preventive safety system and many other devices are installed on it, which guarantees the preservation of the life and health of passengers, the driver in the event of an accident.

Features of interior design

The interior of the SUV is designed for the comfortable accommodation of seven people, including the driver. Moreover, all passenger seats are designed as separate seats with a large number of adjustments. Armchairs can be shifted, shifted, and due to this, it becomes possible to transform the cabin in numerous variations. For example, if you decide to turn the interior of an SUV into a cargo area, then just press a couple of keys and the size of the luggage compartment will increase significantly. When traveling over long distances, the seats can be expanded so that you get full-fledged berths.

The car is equipped with an air conditioning system, which can be adjusted so that an individual microclimate is formed on each passenger seat. In the rear of the cabin is a panoramic roof, due to which the dimensions of the cabin visually increase even more. During trips, passengers have the opportunity to use the multimedia system, the control of which is displayed on the wide armrests. There are also buttons for setting the operation of climatic equipment. Personal belongings, oversized baggage can be placed in numerous boxes, niches.

Powertrain specifications, options

In the basic configuration, the Mercedes GL is equipped with a gasoline 340-horsepower unit, the top version is equipped with a 388-horsepower engine. Those who prefer diesel power trains should pay attention to the option of equipping an SUV with a 244 or 306-horsepower diesel engine. All of these units are economical in fuel consumption, and this is also facilitated by the relatively small weight of the car and excellent aerodynamic characteristics of the body. Engines are paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Of the many options that are equipped with the car in question, it is worth noting the package of Offroad-PRO systems, which greatly simplify the process of controlling the car on a rugged exterior. For example, the operation of these systems will allow you to overcome the ford, the depth of which does not exceed 60 centimeters.

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