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SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016

SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016 1

2016 Nissan Pathfinder SUV – global change

SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016 2

With the previous image of Nissan Pathfinder, a kind of attack aircraft of any off-road, brand lovers will have to say goodbye. This is clearly hinted at by much of what was revealed on board the new 4th generation machine. First of all, the SUV has become lighter (by 227 kg) and this involves a serious reconstruction. In the second and most important, the SUV is no longer framed, and for many drivers it is a “hit below the belt”. But we will not rush things, but rather we will consider the acquired benefits.

All-wheel drive SUV has become lighter (1946 kg). Without reinforced spars, the presence of which was required by the frame, the cabin acquired additional free space. Without a frame, the body has become tougher to resist torsion, again, thanks to constructive modernization and passively safer. For reference. In a strong head-on collision, the frame of the frame SUV just flies off from it. If the body is load-bearing, the impact force is distributed in different directions of the resistance structure, which is based on the results of multiple tests.

The lighter the car, the less fuel it requires, noise and vibration are reduced, dynamics and controllability increase. In addition, the developers said that the off-road qualities of the car did not suffer any damage. Add the front-wheel drive transmission that unloads the stern.

New 3.5 cc engine V6 is inferior to the previous cubic meter (4.0), but produces a similar 269 forces, while being more economical. Working with front-wheel drive, the car will require up to 12 liters in the city. (previous indicator 15.7), on the highway up to 9 liters. (10.7). All-wheel drive SUV will spend on the highway 9.5 liters, and in the city, no more than 12.5 liters.

To ensure the transmission of torsion torque (325 Hm) with the power plant, the X-tronic CTV unit, a CVT (new modification), and the All-Mode 4X4 all-wheel drive intelligence system, producing driving modes: Auto, 2WD, 4WD, even if the differential is blocked.

Connoisseurs may notice that all these innovations have created a powerful crossover from an SUV. Maybe they’re right, although it’s better to leave this debate to experts..

They also decided to refine the interior of the car as much as possible, spending on expensive interior materials. The center console, like Infiniti, has soft plastic and 3 rows of seats. Although, the relevance of the 3rd row to this day remains controversial. In addition to standard equipment, in addition to standard equipment, you can observe new options: air conditioning (2 zones), air pressure controller (tires), new CD system, parking aid (perimeter tracking). As a result, Pathfinder suffered the same fate as the world famous Explorer from Ford, left without a frame, it became even more accessible. And soon, domestic motorists will have the opportunity to try this car again, but already in a configuration with a diesel engine.


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