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Suzuki Grand Vitara car – awesome and reliable

Suzuki Grand Vitara car - awesome and reliable 1

Suzuki Grand Vitara – a stunning and reliable car

Suzuki Grand Vitara car - awesome and reliable 2

Probably it’s not easy for any car manufacturer to destroy their stereotypes and develop a radically new car model. Each specific car model has its own fans, and restyling of the model can lead to both an increase in the number of fans and a decrease in it..

One of the world’s largest auto giants, the Suzuki company was no exception to this rule and launched an updated model of the Suzuki Grand Vitara car. This car has a large army of fans, and its sales rate increased annually.

And then the one and the wrong car appeared in the arena at the same time. It differs from the previous model by a whole complex of innovations.

The car body is characterized by the absence of any parts from its predecessor. The car is simply full of changes, especially the rear and front of the body.

The headlights of the car consist of seven elements, and the radiator has a completely new and amazing lining. The shape of the taillights changed, they became more elongated vertically form. Also, 18-inch wheels are installed on the car, which is two inches more than in the old model. This plus a completely different design of the car emphasize its sporty and dynamic disposition..

One of the minuses is the large curvature of the rear window, which has an oval shape. This greatly degrades the visibility. The designers strengthened the supporting structure, increasing its strength and rigidity by one and a half times, which in principle also contributed to an increase in the level of sound insulation in the passenger compartment. Inside the car, vibration is also almost not felt. This is the merit and pendants, in which the number of aluminum parts is increased.

Russian and Ukrainian motorists one of the minuses of the old models indicated the insufficient quality of decoration and interior design. In the updated car model, this defect was fixed, and the interior began to look more attractive.

Already in the basic configuration of the car, its seats are upholstered in gray and black leather. When decorating, plastic is used that looks good and is no longer so rough. The decoration of the center console is styled like wood and in this console there are aluminum parts. Car appliances have become larger and more pleasant in appearance.

Also in the car provides orange instrument lighting. The steering wheel has become more massive and more comfortable. The control keys are located on the center console, which creates additional comfort for the driver when driving.


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