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Suzuki hustler

Suzuki hustler 1

Suzuki hustler

Suzuki hustler 2

In December 2014, the presentation of the new station wagon from the Japanese auto company Suzuki was held. This car is really very versatile, because the car combines the versatility, crossover functionality and dimensions of the passable hatchback.

The engine in the car is not very powerful. Under the hood of the car there is a three-cylinder unit, which is controlled by a 6-speed gearbox, different types of fuel economy systems are also installed on the car, and fuel consumption is only 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers, on a turbocharged version, the consumption will be slightly higher: 3.7 liters per 100 km Also, a five-speed version of the car will be available to the buyer, however, with the interaction with the atmospheric engine, the car will become something more voracious from the basic versions, and the consumption per 100 km will be 4.3 l.

It is very difficult to describe the appearance of this car, because in appearance it looks like a suitcase on wheels! But why would such a well-known company produce such a car? In fact, the designers were tasked with making a car that would resemble the now popular crossover and at the same time have very overall and not impressive dimensions of the hatchback. The length of this car is 340 cm, the width is 148 cm, and the height is 164 cm. In principle, the idea is interesting, and the developers, in general, did it. Hustler is also very similar to another Suzuki car – it’s the Suzuki Wagon R.

If we talk about the technological effectiveness of the car, then the car as a whole is crammed with various, useful functions and options. All technologies are aimed at making the trip comfortable and economical, their same task is to provide a high level of safety for the driver and passengers. An automatic braking system is installed on the car, which will respond in case of emergency, an electronic system is installed, and much more, which will not interfere with the car’s operator.

The timing of the start of sales in Russia has not yet been announced, but the prices are already known: the basic version will have a value of 335 thousand in ruble terms, and the most equipped version will cost the Russian hard worker 552 thousand rubles. Compared to other cars of this kind, the price is rather low and affordable.


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