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Suzuki SX4 in the tradition

Suzuki SX4 in the tradition 1

Suzuki SX4 in the tradition

Suzuki SX4 in the tradition 2

For 45 years, Suzuki has been building four-wheel drive vehicles. Her luggage has already gathered a lot of experience over the years.

Briefly about the new car:

– he added in size;

– A new view of both the interior and the exterior;

– more modern finishing materials;

– updating the All Grip system – a new gasoline engine;

– Automatic transmission replaced by CVT.

Suzuki SX4 in the tradition 3

The heart of the new Suzuki SX4 will be a gasoline 1.6-liter gasoline engine whose power is 117 hp. Transmission to choose from: stepless variator or 5-speed manual gearbox. The drive of the machine is both full and only front.

The engine of the new machine, despite the fact that it remained from its predecessor, has undergone changes. It is more refined and modernized. Friction is reduced, bearings are replaced, the weight of the piston group is reduced. The load required to open the valves became much less. Thanks to this set of changes, engine power increased by 5 hp. and the torque is 156 Nm. Of course, increased efficiency.

The all-wheel drive machine is equipped with an All Grip system. Four modes allow you to customize the car for a specific type of road surface. For the SUV there is Snow mode, it is designed to ride on sand, snow, soil, ice and dirt. When you enable this mode, the car behaves like a fish in water on these types of coatings. In a rut that exceeds ground clearance, the SUV confidently broke through the bumper.

But there are also disadvantages. The front weight is large enough to affect cross-country ability. The vehicle’s ground clearance is only 175 mm (the European version is even lower – 165 mm). The previous generation could boast a clearance of 190 mm.

The suspension is quite suitable for our roads, but the previous version felt more confident. The total cross-country ability has worsened a little compared with the previous generation, but the SUV is quite suitable for driving in nature and on average off-road.

Suzuki SX4 in the tradition 4

In conclusion, some general information:

– trunk 430 l. (unfolded – 1269 l.)

– 47 l tank.

– engine 1586 cc power – 117 hp.

– speed – 175 km \ h acceleration to hundreds in 12 s.

– fuel consumption is about 5.4 liters. on the highway and 7.6 liters. in the city.


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