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Suzuki Vitara Car

Suzuki Vitara Car 1

Suzuki Vitara – all obstacles are easily overcome

Suzuki Vitara Car 2

Suzuki Vitara is a great competitor to many cars. The body has the usual chopped style. The car’s appearance is somewhat reminiscent of a Range Rover Evoque. This similarity is also expressed in the color of the crossover. It is fashionable to order color for components such as radiator lining, front panel trim, clock, air duct. There are no complaints to the salon. All seats are comfortable, passengers will not feel discomfort. The steering wheel is easily adjustable in height. A bit confuses the drivers with a straight groove of the “automatic machine”. But from time to time you get used to it.

The car has modern systems. They are used to create the necessary comfortable conditions for the trip. The Japanese tried to make the crossover quiet, so that the extra noise does not interfere with enjoying the ride. The seats are easily adjustable. Vitara turned out to be a little shortened, and the ceiling is higher. This made it possible to create a feeling of spaciousness. The trunk of 375 liters will allow you to carry different things.

The engine for the Russian market will be provided alone. This will be an atmospheric four capable of delivering up to 11 liters. from. Manufacturers say the front-wheel-drive car is lightweight. This can not be said about the all-wheel drive version. The six-speed automatic transmission works perfectly. Fuel consumes an average of 7 liters. This indicator, of course, is attractive. Motor is quiet.

All settings in the crossover are made quality, so that there will be no failures in the work. Four-wheel drive is one of the best. Auto mode is provided to help save fuel. For different roads provides a different mode of operation of the crossover. This makes it easy to cope with various problem points. In general, the car feels great and confident on the road.

Front-wheel drive version will cost less than four-wheel drive. If you want the maximum configuration, you will have to pay more.


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