What's new in the 2015 Honda CR-V? 2

What’s new in the 2015 Honda CR-V?

What’s New in Honda CR-V 2015?

What's new in the 2015 Honda CR-V? 3

2015 Honda CR-V went through restyling. The car has changed dramatically and now looks much better. All elements of the car look harmonious. In the updated CR-V, 18-inch wheels become immediately noticeable, which look completely new.

The new car got a more stylish look. Manufacturers increased clearance to 180 mm. In front, optics, a bumper, foglights, a radiator grill, a hood were transformed. So the Honda CR-V got a whole new face. The rear transformations are not so noticeable. The bumper got a different shape. There was less plastic on it, more silver appeared, corrected the lights, which on the American versions of the car are halogen, and on the English – LED.

There are no cardinal changes in the cabin. Of course, the main advantage is the control panel. In the two-liter version, the lining is aluminum. In version 2.4, the inserts are made of wood. For crossover, the CR-V has a small clearance. During the test, a two-liter engine showed savings. 7.8 liters of fuel were consumed per 100 km. On the “machine” the car will not demonstrate anything special. Everything looks much better with mechanics..

The chip of the updated crossover is the rear doors. They open 90 degrees. There is enough space in the back of the car. The trunk can hold up to 589 liters. The rear seats can be folded with one movement of the hand. It turned out that in the updated version of the Honda it became harder to ride. Of course, there is no discomfort on the pavement. There is a complete set of security. The base motor has not changed.

Overall, the designers did a good job on the Honda CR-V. The exterior and interior are excellent, the characteristics are also on top. So for a family, you can safely buy a crossover. In the city it will be comfortable to ride.


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Enhanced Kia Rio 2015 9

Enhanced Kia Rio 2015

Enhanced Kia Rio 2015

Enhanced Kia Rio 2015 10

Finally, the modified Kia Rio was released. According to statistical surveys, this is the best car in its class with a huge number of options at an affordable price. The new 2018-2019 Kia Rio restyling Premium equipment has surpassed the restyling, and the most pleasant change is the appearance of a six-speed transmission.

It’s as if the car was created for the Russian climate and roads, in the winter period such options as heating mirrors, electric heating of the windshield, electric heating of the washer nozzles will be very useful. When you get into the car in winter, you will not feel any discomfort, especially the driver and front passenger, because their seats are heated, and the steering wheel is heated to this. Passengers in the back row will also not be deprived of coziness and comfort. The car warms up quickly, and there is enough space in the back seat for three people.

The car has all the most necessary and useful functions for the driver and passenger. The presence of a USB port, AUX output, 12V socket and a separate cigarette lighter. There are buttons on the steering wheel that remotely help control the radio, capable of reading all modern formats, as well as playing music from flash cards.

By adjusting the steering wheel according to the departure, you can easily adjust its height for yourself .. Plastic in the passenger compartment looks quite expensive, sitting in the passenger compartment does not feel like a “B” class car.

Externally, the car also changed and this can not be overlooked, it changed: headlights, lenses in the headlights, linear LEDs in the front bumper, the shape of the front fog lamps changed, instead of the usual lamps, LEDs appeared in the rear lights, chrome door trim, new alloy wheels.

Driving performance of the car is amazing. Acceleration to 100 km / h in just 11.2 seconds, it is also worth noting the actual fuel consumption on the highway, it is 6.2 liters per 100 km, in the city a little more than about 8.0 liters per 100 km. The clearance is high 160 mm, with such clearance you can without hesitation drive out of town on dirt roads, the car is suitable not only for a city resident, but also for a resident of the countryside. Due to the large volume of the luggage compartment, it’s 500 liters in a sedan, and for hatchback 389 liters you can easily carry large bags, and if you apply the properties of the rear seats, which can be folded down and the volume for transportation will increase significantly. Thanks to its suspension, the car behaves confidently on the highway, enters the turns smoothly.

The car is suitable for all both girls and young people, ambitious bachelors and exemplary family people, students and retirees.


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Top 5 Budget Cars 2015 16

Top 5 Budget Cars 2015

Top 5 Budget Cars 2015

Top 5 Budget Cars 2015 17

People who do not have large finances, prefer low-cost cars. However, at times it is quite difficult for them to choose the most suitable model that would suit a person, both in price and in technical characteristics. People have the opportunity to take an inexpensive car from a premium brand, for example, Audi, but such a model will be equipped with a minimum. Also, those who want to purchase a budget car can make a choice in favor of a car that will be equipped with a huge number of options and functions from a cheap brand. But both options are not preferred..

When choosing a budget car, you need to pay attention not only to its price, but also to the level of comfort, as well as the image of the car. In this case, a person has an excellent opportunity to choose the best option for an inexpensive and comfortable car.

The most optimal option for everyone who wants to buy a comfortable, high-quality and inexpensive car is Granta in the Norm-033 configuration. For buyers this sedan with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters will cost about 413 thousand rubles. In the “Grant” of this configuration, in addition to the central lock, computer and air conditioning, there are also ABS and airbags.

If a person wants to buy an inexpensive foreign car, then the Hyundai Solaris model will be an excellent choice. Particular attention should be paid to the Comfort package, which, although more expensive than the Granta Norma-033, is equipped with a large number of options. In addition, the Korean “Solaris” has a more expressive appearance.

Another Korean car in the Comfort configuration is the best choice for those who want to get a budget car. The 1.6-liter sedan from Kia has an even more expressive appearance than the same Solaris. Rio Comfort is equipped with the same features and options as Solaris in the same package..

Another model from Lada can not boast the same features as the Granta sedan. This hatchback in the configuration “Norma” will cost about 460 thousand rubles. For this amount of money, the buyer will receive an automatic transmission, a pillow and air conditioning. There are few options in such a Kalina, but all of them are useful..

The most expensive car in the ranking of Polo Comfortline will cost 674 thousand rubles. The German supermini entered the rating for a reason. The fact is that in addition to the basic functions, the Polo Comfortline boasts to its customers and competitors a leather-wrapped steering wheel and seat heating.


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Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015 23

Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015

Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015

Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015 24

The automotive industry continues to grow despite the crisis. And already in 2015, five cars were scheduled to be released, which, even before being launched into mass production, arouse interest and hype in the press..

Many people are interested in new items presented by AvtoVAZ. Not always for the purpose of purchase. It is very nice to see how the concern acquires a modern and fashionable face. After the presentation of the X-ray concept, many experts argued about whether a serial model will appear on its basis or whether the project will be closed. To the delight of fans in December 2014, the first demo model called “Lada Vesta” was released. The design received warm reviews from critics, and the technical equipment showed that VAZ intends to compete with the Korean auto industry. What is the sensational X-shaped bumper, as well as a wide selection of engines, transmissions (5-speed manual, classic automatic and CVT) and various stabilization functions installed in Vesta even in the most minimal configuration. Interest also fuels the creation of a racing car based on Vesta, which shows the concern’s confidence in its offspring. The serial release will begin in September 2015, but for now we can continue to follow the news, hoping for a new milestone in the development of Lada.

Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015 25

This car, of course, was waiting for all the fans of the legendary Americans. It was assumed that the new Mondeo will be presented immediately after the release of Focus 3rd generation, but the exit did not take place. And it’s clear why. The design of the new Ford is amazing. The car has become similar to Aston Martin, and at first glance it is difficult to understand which brand the vehicle belongs to. “Stuffing” remained similar to the previous generation. Independent suspension has become better at damping pits and bumps, the steering system provides excellent handling, and the stabilization system will not allow the driver to lose control even at high speeds. The engine deserves special attention. 125 hp liter engine with a turbine will allow the car to drive fast, not inferior to any of the competitors. Despite the details, the Russians have many questions about the equipment in which the Ford Mondeo will be delivered to our country. There are various rumors that Russia will not receive a full range of additional options and a choice of motors. Is it so? Time will tell, but for now you can make predictions and bets, waiting for the release of a beautiful car.

Top 3 most anticipated new products of 2015 26

The Mazda brand, which lost popularity after the boom in the mid-2000s, is again trying to grab consumer attention by launching a new mini-crossover model. It is expected that the Japanese will be able to push the competitor Nissan Juke, which is firmly based on the Russian market. For this, the machine has all the resources. Modified SkyActive technology will ensure the car low gas mileage, good handling and a decent level of power combined with submissive steering. The minds of experts are excited by a potential set of options, as well as how the car behaves on the road. No one doubts Mazda, but everyone is waiting for the next breakthrough, which will change the idea of ​​the small crossover market.


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CTP rates in 2015 32

CTP rates in 2015

CTP rates in 2015.

CTP rates in 2015 33

On April 12 this year, many Russian motorists were in for a surprise – an increase in the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance policies. On average, policy prices jumped 40-60%, but due to the fact that changes also affected regional factors, in a number of regions of the country, the insurance policy will rise in price by two, or even three times. Of course, OSAGO tariffs have repeatedly increased in price, but it was the last rise in price that became the most significant.

The main argument in favor of the new tariffs was that in most regions of the Russian Federation, insurers worked at a loss. According to official statistics, such regions include the Kamchatka Territory, Voronezh, Murmansk and Chelyabinsk Regions. The average loss of insurance companies in these regions was about 110%.

In this regard, in order to improve the situation of insurers, the basic OSAGO rates and coefficients for each region were revised separately. Again, you should not forget the current financial and political situation in the country, as well as the fall of the ruble, which contributed to the revision of tariffs..

Before the price hike in April, the CTP policy costs somewhere around 2,400 rubles, and for 2,600 rubles you could get the maximum. Since April 12, these figures have changed to 3,400 and 4,100 rubles, respectively. But again, it is worth considering that the final cost of the policy is formed on the basis of the established coefficient in the region. The result was that in some areas the price of the policy reached astronomical sizes.

Also pay attention to the change in the ratio between the minimum and maximum tariffs. Experts believe that insurance companies, based on new tariffs, will work only on the upper price faces, which may cause dissatisfaction of customers.

But, despite the rise in the cost of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance this year, prices have also changed for payments for insured events. So, for damage to health, you can get 500 thousand rubles instead of 160 thousand. Also, experts suggested that in 2015 the probability of a repeated rise in price of policies is low, but you should not discount another deterioration in the political and financial situation..


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