Sedan Acura TLX 2016 2

Sedan Acura TLX 2016

Sedan Acura TLX 2016

Sedan Acura TLX 2016 3

Acura Automotive Concern showcases the 2016 TLX sedan at the NYIAS New York Auto Show. It should be noted that the TLX version was released in 2014. At the same time, it became the successor to Acura TL and Acura TSX. Currently, the TLX sedan is Acura’s best-selling model..

In addition, the novelty entered the Russian automobile market. As for the basic configuration of the Akura TLX 2016, a V-2.4 liter unit is installed, capable of demonstrating 208 horsepower. The estimated cost of the Techno version for customers is 2 199 000 Russian rubles. Advance sedan in the maximum configuration, equipped with a 3.5 liter engine, developing 290 l / s. The price of the top model TLX 2016 – 2 699 000 Russian rubles.

Upon closer inspection of the Akura TLX sedan, it should be noted that the car body has not changed much. In addition, the Acura 2016 version will acquire a Type-S sports model, and a hybrid modification will appear.

The exterior of the sedan is inherent in the proprietary Akurovsky style and original design elements. Some changes are still there, this affected some parts of the body, first of all, the dimensions of the radiator grille increased slightly, the optics were substantially redesigned and got a more interesting look. The designers complemented the design of the car with a large number of modern LED lights and excellent chrome inserts. The side mirrors of the car underwent modernization. Thanks to the presence of smooth lines of the side wings and a sloping roof on the TLX 2016 body, they add sporting features. In the wheel arches, light-alloy 20-inch stylish rims are installed that are “shod” in low-profile tires.

On the rear of the body installed updated lights, secured an increased “American” bumper, the presence of a spoiler on the roof of the trunk.

The designers worked on the interior of the car, which has become even more elegant and also accommodates five passengers. In the interior design used high-quality finishing materials. The car additionally has a lot of special equipment that provides comfort during excellent trips: navigation, heating of all seats, the presence of a cruise control system and security systems. On the modern dashboard there was a place for two touch displays, each of which is responsible for the performance of its basic functions. Particularly noteworthy is the Akura TLX 2016 driver’s seat, which has acquired a number of functions, heating, preserving individual settings, air conditioning and lengthening..

The manufacturer equips the base model with a 2.4 liter gasoline engine from Honda. A car engine produces 206 horsepower, showing 182 Newton-meters of torque. The motor interacts with an eight-level “automatic”. As for the second engine, it will also come from Honda. The modern engine of 3.5 liters of the V-shaped “six” with direct injection function, generating 290 power units and 267 Nm, interacts with the nine-band automatic transmission. The main competitors of the Akura TLX 2016 sedan are traditionally the BMW 320i, Cadillac ATS and Audi A4.


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Updated Audi A4 Avant 2016 9

Updated Audi A4 Avant 2016

Updated Audi A4 Avant – 2016 model

Updated Audi A4 Avant 2016 10

The new version of the Audi A4 model will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, they plan to start mass production, according to preliminary data, approximately 12 months after the official show ceremony, if the manufacturer is satisfied with the reaction of the public and critics.

The exterior design has not changed much, although even these small changes added dynamism and elegance to the car. A slightly elongated overhang appeared at the back. Roof rails were installed on the roof and the optics received an updated design. The machine is built on the basis of the MLB platform, so it was possible to do a little more. In the trunk, you can now easily place up to 490 liters with the usual position of the seat backs in the back row, but if you expand them, then all 1430 liters. The car body is made of the highest quality materials: high strength steel, aluminum and composite. Thanks to the use of these materials, the total weight of the machine was reduced by 90 kg. The taillights received a more elongated design, which greatly improved their appearance.

Inside the car, designers also made a lot of changes. There are four new colors in the decoration. Now the interior is available in both dark brown, light brown, dark gray and chrome. The trim elements used plastic and genuine leather. This combination of contrasting colors creates a unique impression of the interior. The instrument panel is elegantly decorated with chrome details. Added red color to buttons and controls. The steering wheel has been completely updated and the number of buttons has been reduced. Now the control has become even more convenient, since all the buttons are within reach of the hand. The media system can be controlled using a large touch screen.

Technically, the car was updated more significantly. The machine will be equipped with several types of gasoline engines: a power unit of 1, 4 liters with capacities of 125 – 150 – 180 liters. with .. A more powerful version of the engine will be two liters with a capacity of 225 and 245 liters. with .. And the most powerful unit will be the base engine of 3 liters for 272 horses. But this is not all, in the most luxurious version there will be an opportunity to purchase an even more powerful twin-turbo engine with 6 cylinders. Fans of diesel engines will have plenty to choose from, because they have to choose one of eight offered models with capacities from 120 to 260 liters. with .. The novelty pleased the fans of the brand and confirmed the status of a high-quality, powerful and reliable car.


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SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016 16

SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016

2016 Nissan Pathfinder SUV – global change

SUV Nissan Pathfinder 2016 17

With the previous image of Nissan Pathfinder, a kind of attack aircraft of any off-road, brand lovers will have to say goodbye. This is clearly hinted at by much of what was revealed on board the new 4th generation machine. First of all, the SUV has become lighter (by 227 kg) and this involves a serious reconstruction. In the second and most important, the SUV is no longer framed, and for many drivers it is a “hit below the belt”. But we will not rush things, but rather we will consider the acquired benefits.

All-wheel drive SUV has become lighter (1946 kg). Without reinforced spars, the presence of which was required by the frame, the cabin acquired additional free space. Without a frame, the body has become tougher to resist torsion, again, thanks to constructive modernization and passively safer. For reference. In a strong head-on collision, the frame of the frame SUV just flies off from it. If the body is load-bearing, the impact force is distributed in different directions of the resistance structure, which is based on the results of multiple tests.

The lighter the car, the less fuel it requires, noise and vibration are reduced, dynamics and controllability increase. In addition, the developers said that the off-road qualities of the car did not suffer any damage. Add the front-wheel drive transmission that unloads the stern.

New 3.5 cc engine V6 is inferior to the previous cubic meter (4.0), but produces a similar 269 forces, while being more economical. Working with front-wheel drive, the car will require up to 12 liters in the city. (previous indicator 15.7), on the highway up to 9 liters. (10.7). All-wheel drive SUV will spend on the highway 9.5 liters, and in the city, no more than 12.5 liters.

To ensure the transmission of torsion torque (325 Hm) with the power plant, the X-tronic CTV unit, a CVT (new modification), and the All-Mode 4X4 all-wheel drive intelligence system, producing driving modes: Auto, 2WD, 4WD, even if the differential is blocked.

Connoisseurs may notice that all these innovations have created a powerful crossover from an SUV. Maybe they’re right, although it’s better to leave this debate to experts..

They also decided to refine the interior of the car as much as possible, spending on expensive interior materials. The center console, like Infiniti, has soft plastic and 3 rows of seats. Although, the relevance of the 3rd row to this day remains controversial. In addition to standard equipment, in addition to standard equipment, you can observe new options: air conditioning (2 zones), air pressure controller (tires), new CD system, parking aid (perimeter tracking). As a result, Pathfinder suffered the same fate as the world famous Explorer from Ford, left without a frame, it became even more accessible. And soon, domestic motorists will have the opportunity to try this car again, but already in a configuration with a diesel engine.


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2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car 23

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Car 24

The new version of the Chevrolet Cruz significantly changed the exterior: an updated front bumper, optics of a head light of a more elongated shape, fog lights and LEDs on the front bumper, the radiator grille has increased in size. At the back, the car became a little sharper, the rear lights changed and a chrome trim appeared. The rear trunk lid has changed shape and now boasts a built-in brake light. The shape of the rear bumper has also changed .

The interior inside the car is also comfortable and ergonomic. The dashboard got a new face. The steering wheel has received a completely new design. In addition, a new generation of multimedia is installed, which is now controlled using a large touch screen with built-in Wi-Fi (you can connect several phones) and voice control. The shape of the side ventilation deflectors was changed and the center console was updated. Inside, the interior is finished with higher quality materials, for example, on some elements of the front panel you will see a lining made of brown leather, while other details inside are decorated with polished metal, which gives the interior a more presentable look.

The new car is made on the basis of the D2XX model, because of which it has become a little lighter, more economical and spacious. Cruise length 45.67 cm, width 17.86 cm, and a height of 14.54 cm. The total weight was 245 kilograms, which is almost 115 kilograms less than the previous model. The car will be equipped with a new engine for 1,500 cubic meters with a power of 112 hp. It works with a 5-speed automatic, and a turbocharged engine for 1400 cubes with 148 hp will also be available. working with 6 or 7 speed manual gearboxes or automatic.

In the basic configuration you will find a dynamic stabilization system, access to the interior without a key, full power accessories and 10 airbags. Modifications for different markets will be different. For example, a car for the North American market will get a smoother outline with a more aggressive front end. The head light will be equipped with LEDs. A chrome trim will appear around the false radiator grille, fog lights and central air intakes. The internal filling will also be different: for the American market, the new model will be sold with an updated turbocharged engine of 1,500 cubic meters and 160 horses. And the strangest thing is that the manufacturer will continue to collect the old modification and sell it under the name “classic”.


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Renault Koleos car crossover 2016 30

Renault Koleos car crossover 2016

Updated 2018-2019 Renault Koleos crossover

Renault Koleos car crossover 2016 31

The French auto giant will delight buyers with the second generation of the Koleos crossover in mid-2016. The first model of this type has been sold on the market for eight years and the competition in this type of car clearly required updating it. The new crossover model will become a full-size version and will rightfully take its place among other SUVs of the elite series of this company. The car will compete in the C + segment, gaining a new look and all kinds of electronic innovations. The basis of the machine was the popular modular platform CMF, which has already become the basis of such market favorites as Nissan Qashqai 2nd generation and X-Trail 3rd. Along with the base, Koleos will be equipped with engines and gearboxes similar to the aforementioned SUVs.

The new model has become much larger than the previous model. Koleos has become almost 5 meters in length. Thanks to what designers managed to install the third row of seats. The wheelbase has also increased, as it is also borrowed from the X-Trail. Externally, the car was not as angular as it was, because it was based on the design of the Paris prototype. When creating a car, maximum effort was made to get the greatest effect with a minimum of investment. Therefore, no global changes have been made. But, despite this, the front end has changed significantly, having received new grille, bumper and main optics. Now the car has become more aggressive and dynamic. Chrome trim appeared on the sides of the body, stylish roof rails on the roof.

Restyling has benefited the comfort of the car. The salon has now become more spacious. Rear passengers now have more space thanks to the fact that the front seats are set high. Also on the second row you can now change the backrest, which was previously unavailable. The luggage compartment can be significantly increased due to the folding seat backs of the second row (450 – 1380 l). The machine inside looks completely new thanks to the use of unusual materials. For example, pockets and niches are finished with soft material, so that now you will not hear the rattle of little things on plastic.

Car security has also increased; an expanded list of security systems has been added to it. You will also find now a navigator, dual-zone climate control, rainfall sensor, light sensor, parking sensors. One of the innovations is the electronic release of the hand brake, now the driver can start moving without turning it off, the electronics will do everything. Also, thanks to the R-Link system, the driver can configure the control system as he sees fit. Thanks to the large touch screen, there are now no problems with setting up control systems.


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