What is a green card auto insurance? 2

What is a green card auto insurance?

Green card auto insurance – features of registration and receipt of insurance payments

What is a green card auto insurance? 3

Auto Insurance – Green Card

Auto insurance “green card” is an insurance policy for a car that operates abroad. The insurer, with whom the insurer will draw up such an insurance policy, must reimburse all the costs incurred by the car, any other property, as well as the health of third parties due to an accident. This policy is a version of the insurance policy valid in the territory of the state specified in the contract.

The international green card policy – car insurance, as well as the motor third party liability insurance policy, is obligatory when traveling abroad. The “green card” system includes many countries, for example: Italy, France, Poland, Turkey. It is forbidden to move around the territory of these countries by car without a motor insurance policy.

The price of a green card auto insurance depends on the duration of the contract, the type of car and the country in which it will travel. Insurers offer to conclude two types of contracts. The first type is valid on the territory of all countries participating in the international insurance system, while the second type is used only for the countries of Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. Experts say that you do not need to buy this car insurance policy at the border, because in this case the motorist overpays significantly, it is better to use the offices of local insurers for such purposes. Rates on the “green card” sets the Russian Union of Auto Insurers.

In the event of insurance situations, with the help of insurance, the culprit can expect that the insurance company will deal with payments to the injured party. As for the size of the sum insured, it is limited by the OSAGO laws for the country in which the accident occurred. In some countries, the insurance amount (liability limit) is not determined due to unlimited payments, as a result of which the insurer pays medical treatment and repairs for the bills provided to it. A similar order is valid in Belgium, England, and France..

Green card owners are required to witness the incident in local authorities: the customs service, traffic police and be sure to put their signature on the documents. If the policyholder does not know the language in which the documents are drawn up, he must necessarily put a corresponding mark in them.

Part of the “green card” must be cut off and remain with the victim. As soon as he arrives in his own country, he will have to immediately contact the insurer and report the incident by presenting documents to the insurance company confirming this.


Private ads Renault Megana on auto portals 8

Private ads Renault Megana on auto portals

Search Renault Megane ads on the automotive portal

Private ads Renault Megana on auto portals 9

Renault Megan car is a car made in the best traditions and with a real personality inherent only to this brand. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this car received such recognition and the announcement of the sale and purchase can be seen quite often. Renault Megane ads are for sale, or Renault Megan ads I want to buy, are no longer news and are found both in newspaper publications and on the Internet. Renault Megane car is speed, thirst for life, youth, excitement and, of course, pleasure. Sporting features in the body design make it possible to say about its truly excellent driving performance, and the year of manufacture does not matter at all, because Renault Megane cars have always retained its traditional features, style and qualities. Specifications show how much the car has undergone changes from the beginning to today. Among all the private announcements, one can find advertisements for the sale of both newer models and those that are no longer available, however, this car, due to its qualities and its reliability, even having high mileage, can maintain durability and durability.

The Renault Megane car has always been carried out in the best traditions of the design and style of this brand, and the creators of this vehicle have always supported fashion trends..

Ads for the sale and purchase of this car can be seen as already mentioned in newspapers, magazines and auto sites. However, it is by the means of the Internet network that the search for this car for purchase or sale is most often carried out, since it is the car portals at the moment that are the perfect and universal type of message boards that will help to squeeze even a long-gone car. Private announcements on car portals are displayed along with photographs of the car, you can put a photo of the body, as well as photos of all parts of the car, including also the internal parts. Searching for an Renault Megan ad on a car portal, for example, is very simple, you need to enter the brand name, model and approximate year of search and price in the search field, and the portal will give you the offers that match your request.


Private auto sales ads - an effective way to sell an "iron" horse 15

Private auto sales ads – an effective way to sell an “iron” horse

What should be indicated in a private ad for the sale of cars?

Private auto sales ads - an effective way to sell an "iron" horse 16

So, you have decided that it is time to part with the old “iron horse” and buy a brand new car. Where to start? Of course, you should sell the old and start looking for options for a new car. To sell a used car, you can post it on specialized sites, in print publications under the heading private car ads. Currently, there are many sites where private cars for sale, private car rental advertisements, about buying, exchanging, etc. On such specialized resources private car sales ads possibly completely free, while the likelihood that a car purchase and sale transaction will occur in a short time increases. Internet sites are visited daily by a huge number of people, respectively, the audience that will see your ads is quite significant, among which there will certainly be a person who will be interested in your offer. In addition, on such auto sites you can buy car by installments (private announcements also have).

Also on various forums there is private car sales, where you can also post photos of your “iron horse” and text with a description and coordinates. Indeed, such forums may also appear willing to buy used cars. There are car owners who paste the ad directly on the car itself, it’s very convenient and you can see your car.

To increase the chances of selling the car as quickly as possible and save yourself from unnecessary calls when placing private auto sales ad Details should be provided. In the announcement, be sure to indicate the year of manufacture of the car, mileage, technical specifications, condition, accident, number of owners, coordinates. Keep in mind that auto ads from individuals provides for frequent meetings with potential buyers to inspect the car, so you should be prepared for this.


Private auto sales ads - writing and posting features 22

Private auto sales ads – writing and posting features

Private auto sales ads – compilation and publishing tips

Private auto sales ads - writing and posting features 23

What private advertisements “Selling a car” give to sellers and buyers and how to sell a used car profitably

Some 10 years ago, the seller did not have any particular difficulties and difficulties with the sale of a used car, as the demand for vehicles was much higher than today. Well, at the moment, you can no longer see the former deficit in the car market, as a result of which the sale of cars has become difficult. It is for most motorists that it is so important to submit effective private ads, the sale of cars for which will be greatly simplified. So, let’s try to consider in stages the process of selling a used vehicle.

Before creating private ads for the sale of a car and looking for a buyer for it, pre-sale preparation should be carried out, which will help to make more money for a car. The car should look as best as possible, therefore, without fail we eliminate all kinds of noises and knocks, clean the engine, polish the windows, use three wax bodies, put in order the interior and trunk. Do not forget that private ads for car sales look more attractive if photos of cars are attached to them. Therefore, effective and selling auto ads from individuals are always published with images of the car. Immediately after the pre-sale preparation, you need to take high-quality photos from all angles, which in the future will complement the private cars you created ads you created. It should be said that photographs are also mandatory if you are submitting private car rental advertisements, since any person who wants to first visually make sure that the proposed car suits him. Although of course the creation of a private car rental ad has other important nuances, but now it’s not about that.

It is now possible to submit private advertisements for the sale of cars in print media and on the Internet. Speaking about the Internet, it is worth noting that you can submit private auto sales advertisements to specialized sites, message boards, social networks and even car forums. When compiling private ads for the sale of cars, it is necessary to tell in as much detail as possible about all the advantages of the car, about technical characteristics, breakdowns, history of ownership, the reason for the sale. If you allow the sale of cars in installments, private announcements should tell about this opportunity to all potential buyers. Although experts do not recommend compiling private installment announcements of car sales, since this method of sale is risky in a sense, it’s better to practice it with well-known people and legally stipulate all the nuances.

It is preferable to submit auto-announcements from individuals to the Internet for the simple reason that your offers on the Internet will have a relatively long duration (it is different on different bulletin boards, but almost all resources suggest sellers to choose the term for which their ad is submitted) . On the Internet, sellers also have the opportunity to monitor how much the selling car of site visitors is interested in the number of times an ad was viewed. But nevertheless, according to the assurances of many experts, private announcements of car sales have one significant minus – according to statistics, only 15% of the population views the network of buying and selling automobile topics. However, for the sake of justice, it must be emphasized that this percentage is constantly increasing, along with the increasing popularity of the Internet itself. In addition, private ads for the sale of a car can be submitted to all regional magazines and newspapers, which should increase the chances of a sale and allow you to quickly find a buyer.

Regarding the price, we can say that it can be indicated immediately in the announcement, this option is preferable if your car is in good condition. But if the condition is controversial, then of course it is better to determine the price in the process of concluding a transaction.

In addition to the above methods of submitting proposals for a profitable sale, there is another one that involves placing a private ad for the sale of a car on the rear window of his car. As a rule, such an announcement should indicate the model of the car, the year of its production and phone number. Only this option is suitable for placing offers for sale only to motorists who regularly use the vehicle.


Private ads for the sale of Audi a6 in print or auto portals 28

Private ads for the sale of Audi a6 in print or auto portals

Interesting AUDI ads for sale

Private ads for the sale of Audi a6 in print or auto portals 29

Today, there are only a few brands of cars that could be considered the best, highest quality and most profitable as a purchase of a used car. One of these car brands is considered to be Audi. Why do many people prefer to purchase this particular car with mileage? Why this particular car brand has such a number of adherents is quite easy to explain. The thing is that even after the advent of several years, the car does not go out of fashion, has the same futuristic and sports features of the body design, and of course, the wear resistance and durability of this brand of car shows that it is very profitable to purchase cars of the Audi model range. The price of a car drops every year, and its style, quality and reliability remain.

Before you turn to the search for a supported car of this brand, you should find out and understand where and how best to look for this car. There is an opinion that it is best to do this, referring to advertisements in newspapers that have the rubric of buying / selling cars, but thanks to modern technology, now you do not need to wait for the next issue of the newspaper, since you can turn to a faster type of search, namely to car portals. Most often, the search has such queries as Audi ads, Audi TT with mileage all Russian ads, Audi A6 ads, AUDI A6 ads, Audi A4 ads, Audi 100 ads, Audi A3 used private ads. However, it’s best to just go to the car portal, that is, a car sale or purchase site and look for ads there similar to those for an AUDI auto announcement, an Audi TT car with mileage, all existing Russian ads, Audi a6 car ads, Audi a6 private ads, ads sale / purchase Audi a4, purchase announcements Audi 100, Audi a3 used private ads.


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