Japanese beauty Acura TLX 2

Japanese beauty Acura TLX

Japanese beauty Acura TLX

Japanese beauty Acura TLX 3

We are talking about the beautiful Japanese – Acura TLX. Well, what else can I add? As a true mistress of roads, the car does everything on its own, from acceleration to cornering

However, this mistress-car on the roads of Russia appeared with some delay. Rumor has it that Japanese Akura is a young premium brand. But, as it turned out, one can argue with this point of view.

But speaking of Akura, it’s worth saying that she is the most-most of all her kind. Although, many already had the opportunity to be closer to her through the MDX SUV. And the car got its history from the life of everyone’s favorite Sedans, which became famous and popular in the markets of North America.

The question arises, what class can be assigned to a Japanese beauty? Speaking of dimensions, it is larger than the Lexus GS, slightly smaller than the Infiniti Q70, BMW 5 Series. Its chassis is an improved and upgraded version of the Honda Accord trolley. It has a 5 liter V6 engine. Probably a bit still similar to the Lexus ES. But there is that same “but.” In Akura, there is a SH-AWD all-wheel drive system with integrated traction vectors that are adjustable. Therefore, it is probably better not to say anything more about its uniqueness. In addition, in addition to all of the above, Akura has a 9-speed automatic ZF, which is already known and attractive to many drivers in the Russian Federation.

Speaking about the design of Acura-car, it’s worth saying that there are no comrades in taste and color. It will seem to someone classically seasoned, and to someone a little outdated. Perhaps this is some new demonstration of the future fashion that needs to be caught. Although, if you meet her on the road, she will win attention, that’s for sure. It has an automatic transmission control button machine, which were previously found only on government ZILs. Its value is 2.5 million US dollars. However, comfort in the car will give the driver an incredible pleasure. Sitting in front of Akura, you can feel the space and freedom. But the passengers at the back will have to feel a certain infringement in their movements. Most likely, they focused on the comfort of the driver.

The car is started by the button, at this moment the driver’s chair moves closer to the steering wheel, then press the “D” button located on the central tunnel. But the built-in collision avoidance system will all the way along Moscow avenues remind you of the terrible “traffic jam” on the roads at rush hour. There is also a cruise control program in the car, which allows you to automatically maintain the required distance to the car located in front. But is it convenient on the roads of Russia – the drivers themselves will say. But outside the city, respected drivers can relax, as Akura can accelerate and even slow down, as well as steer and keep the car in a lane even at bends.


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