Eco-friendly cars BMW i3 and i8 concepts 2

Eco-friendly cars BMW i3 and i8 concepts

Eco-friendly cars BMW i3 and i8 concepts

Eco-friendly cars BMW i3 and i8 concepts 3

More recently, the world-famous company BMW has provided data on promising models of electric cars. These include the BMW i3 and BMW i8. These models were presented at the German exhibition in Frankfurt. BMW manufacturers claim that the new Series I is their company’s response to the economic, environmental, social and natural phenomena that occur in the world at a given time.

The new BMW i3 electric car will be equipped with a high-tech electric motor, which will be installed on its rear axle. Such an engine is capable of developing about 170 horsepower, which corresponds to 125 kW of energy. The mark of 100 kilometers per hour will be reached in eight seconds, and the maximum speed will reach 150 kilometers per hour. At i3, the cruising range will be approximately 150 kilometers, but for an additional fee the client will be able to increase this figure. This will be possible only thanks to the universal installation of a special gasoline engine, which will, if necessary, drive the generator. Hence the energy charge will be greater, and therefore, the range will also be larger.

As for the design of the BMW i3. This model has four doors that open for swinging and four passenger seats. An interesting detail is that the driver can quite easily get out of the electric vehicle from the driver’s side. Engineers explained this move by the fact that it will be much easier for the driver to park the car. A special application, which is built into the car’s multimedia system, will allow the driver to quickly find power stations to charge an electric car. A similar application will be available on mobile devices..

The BMW i8 Hybrid is a sportier version of this class of cars. The body design has common features with Aston Martin, which give the electric car solidity and drive. The cabin can easily fit 2 people, but if necessary, two more can sit in the rear seats. An electric motor will be installed on the front axle of i8, the power of which will be 130 horsepower. This motor will be connected to a special ion installation. At the rear there will be a three-cylinder engine with one turbine, which will allow to develop additional power of 220 horsepower. Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers will be just over 2.7 liters. Acceleration to hundreds of hybrid can develop in about 4.7 seconds (a very decent indicator for a hybrid engine). The maximum speed of a hybrid electric car will be an impressive 250 kilometers per hour.

New models will be produced in large quantities in Leipzig, and the estimated cost of the BMW i3 will be about forty thousand euros. The cost of i8 is still unknown.


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Cleaning nozzles in Gazelle cars: questions and answers - Car maintenance and care - Car maintenance - A variety of tips for car enthusiasts - Everything for a car in St. Petersburg 9

Cleaning nozzles in Gazelle cars: questions and answers – Car maintenance and care – Car maintenance – A variety of tips for car enthusiasts – Everything for a car in St. Petersburg

Cleaning nozzles in Gazelle cars: questions and answers

Injector cleaning is a must in cases when your car’s engine starts to “junk”, “freeze” and “be naughty”. It is the cleaning of nozzles, according to motorists, the first procedure that will bring your car to life. What you need to know about this procedure? How is she going? And who is best to entrust her with?

Cleaning the Gazelle nozzles is considered one of the most requested “precautionary measures”. Nevertheless, for many motorists it remains a mystery: what are the first signs that this procedure is urgent?

In fact, everything is simple: you should beware of the uneven operation of your engine, as well as the appearance of interference after pressing the gas pedal. As a rule, after you put pressure on the gas, your car picks up speed in a few minutes, but in cases where the nozzles are out of order, your “Gazelle” starts to slow down and enter the usual high-speed mode the next minute.

How to avoid injector failure?

Many motorists are sure that the cleaning of the injectors is provoked solely by their actions – neglect of the car or sloppy driving style. In fact, nozzle cleaning is a consequence of the use of low quality fuel. It is because of it that nozzles can become clogged with soot and other harmful deposits. The only way out is not to skimp on acquiring high-quality fuel. However, no one can guarantee that due to the use of expensive and high-quality fuel, cleaning nozzles will remain in the past for you. You just have to carry out this procedure much less often, that’s all.

Can I clean the nozzles myself?

This is perhaps the most urgent question. Of course, if you are not confident in your strengths and abilities, then it is best to entrust this process to real professionals. But, if you have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, and also special equipment, then why not clean the nozzles yourself? Moreover, now on the Web you will find detailed instructions for implementing this plan. For example, one of them can be found here..

How is nozzle cleaning done at home??

Experts recommend first removing the fuel line, free the injectors from the stops, and then disconnecting the wire connectors. If the wiring led to the nozzles has never changed, then marking it simply does not make sense, since each of the wires has its own number and color. Only then can you remove the nozzles.

Next, use a medical syringe. With it, you can easily get rid of nozzles from contamination – the thickness of the syringe needle is perfect for the nozzle sections. After that, fill the syringe with a special solution and bring it to the bottom of the nozzle where the valve is located. Press on the valve and hold it, and with your other hand enter the cleaning solution. This procedure is worth carrying out with each nozzle. After the nozzles are thoroughly rinsed, they must be replaced. And assemble the entire system in reverse order. But do not forget that this nozzle cleaning scenario is not the only one. It may be that professional advice will be more practical and useful for you. Don’t ignore them.

What nuances during the cleaning of nozzles should be taken into account without fail?

The masters warn that it is strictly forbidden to use a battery charge to open the nozzle valves, otherwise you have every chance of incapacitating it, and this is an additional financial cost and an additional headache.


Chip tuning for cars 13

Chip tuning for cars

Chip tuning for cars

Chip tuning for cars 14

Currently, cars consist of a huge number of different electrical wires and parts. That is why “chip tuning”, as many call it, is very popular if, for example, you urgently need to increase engine power. “Chip tuning” is a change in certain programs, due to which the “Engine Control Unit” is adjusted, and therefore, engine power becomes much higher.

Such operations have long been flooded with lists of services that various companies provide, so chip tuning is very popular. It is also interesting that no one “gets into” the engine, that is, does not carry out any mechanical actions. But there is one small problem: chip tuning can be done by no means on all cars. If your car has a diesel engine, then this tuning is perfect for you. The specially trained employees of a company will do their job perfectly, increasing the engine power by at least half. And if an atmospheric motor is provided in the car, then usually there will not be any big effect from the procedure, because the threshold by which the engine power can be raised reaches 7 percent.

In order to conduct chip tuning, a special stand is installed in the services. Before that, workers check the power of the motor. In order to do this operation, the technical characteristics of this brand of machine are used, which directly affect how the motor works. After this, special parameters are set up. These include the ignition timing, as well as the time for which fuel is supplied.

Although there are such machines that simply do not allow the chip tuning operation to be performed, because the engine control unit is sometimes connected not only with it, but also with other parts and systems. An example of such a car is BMW 7.

The price for such an operation may be different. It can change depending on who is the manufacturer of your car. Thus, a sports car will require much more money for chip tuning than cars, for example, a domestic manufacturer. Chip tuning has both its positive aspects and negative aspects. Of course, the advantages are that the technical characteristics of the engine improve, its power increases.


What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars 19

What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars

What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars

This attribute of late spring can significantly harm your “iron horse”.

Tickles his face, sticks to the windows, provokes sneezing and coughing? This is what! Poplar fluff can permanently disable a car! … Here are some real horror stories about this elegant and harmless attribute of late spring. In the end – a couple of tips on how to avoid downy troubles.

What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars 20

Fluff causes engine overhaul. Under certain conditions, it can shut off the air flow through the radiators, which the driver will only know when it is too late to do anything except for the complete disassembly of the engine.

The fluff raised by passing cars from the road enters the heat exchanger cells. Thin hairs encircle the tubes and thin plates, dust immediately begins to collect on them, which now can not pass through the radiator. Any moisture provokes “cementation” and the formation of a dense crust. In appearance, the radiator remains normal – everything is still the same gray, but the heat transfer decreases significantly, reports the portal Autoritet.

Fluff reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner. Contamination of its radiator often remains unnoticed by the driver, but this increases the load on the compressor of the air cooler, which reduces its resource and the efficiency of this system as a whole.

What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars 21

Fluff reduces engine power. If the car traveled a lot in areas with a lot of fluff, the air filter will be prematurely clogged. Due to the reduced volume of air entering the cylinders, engine power is reduced.

Fluff impairs interior ventilation. A cabin filter clogged during the down season leads to fogging in rainy weather, and worsens the heater’s efficiency.

Do not wash fluff from radiators with a high pressure washer. A stream of water from the apparatus can damage the delicate aluminum plates of the heat exchangers. The jet should be directed at a right angle and from a greater distance to reduce pressure on the radiator elements. You may need to use a compact soft (namely soft!) Brush, reaching for the front of the radiator with your hand.

What is dangerous poplar fluff for cars 22

Meanwhile, it is not difficult to prevent threatening pollution of radiators and filters. If you often have to drive on roads where poplar fluff is especially active, you need to pull a mesh in front of the radiator – preferably metal, with cells of the order of 3×3 – 2×2 mm. Smaller cells are unsuitable, since they significantly reduce the throughput for air flow, which significantly affects the heat transfer.

Such protection will also cover the radiators from insects, which are also capable of covering up the radiator, and from stones that can damage cells and tubes. From time to time, the mesh will need to be removed and cleaned of dirt..


Private ads on the sale of cars - creation and placement on the Internet according to the recommendations of car instructors 28

Private ads on the sale of cars – creation and placement on the Internet according to the recommendations of car instructors

How to make private auto sales announcements – recommendations of car instructors

Private ads on the sale of cars - creation and placement on the Internet according to the recommendations of car instructors 29

Selling a car through private announcements, as well as buying a car, is considered a very serious step, especially when it comes to used cars. Car sales – private ads can play an important role in a profitable and successful sale, but only if the private car sales ads are correctly written. Well, the best way to create a private ad is “selling a car” and attach a car image to it, auto instructors will advise.

Before you start compiling private ads for the sale of cars, you need to decide where they will be placed: on the Internet or in print media. The catch is that usually private car advertisements in newspapers are published for a fee, while on the Internet private car advertisements can be placed for free.

According to statistics on the Internet, private ads “car sale” with the most complete description of the car are most popular. This means that any private car for sale must be made as informative as possible, otherwise brevity and dryness can play a bad joke with you.

It is advisable to supplement private ads for car sales with photos of the car for the simple reason that, with the visual perception of a product, the demand for it tends to increase. To advertise “selling cars by private ads”, photographing is necessary not only for the body, but also for the condition of the interior, as well as all the damage and problem areas, this will make your private car sales ads more attractive to buyers who always value honesty.

What seller does not dream that his private ads for the sale of cars as quickly as possible get to potential buyers. For this to happen, you need to choose the city and the section that is most suitable for you. Briefly reflect this and the very meaning of the ad in the title, for example: sale of a car in St. Petersburg – private ads. Thus, you can quickly find buyers for cars that will search the network for private ads for the sale of cars in St. Petersburg. If in your offer you also give full information about the vehicle being sold, describing in detail its negative and positive aspects of operation, then you can make sure that the best way to sell a car is through private ads. But sometimes it happens that a motorist does not need a car all the time, but only for a certain time, then car rental will come to the rescue – private ads. Private car rental ads can now be found on many resources, and while rental is a relatively new service, it is gaining more and more popularity every day..