Three options for strengthening the body: choose the best 2

Three options for strengthening the body: choose the best

Three options for strengthening the body: choose the best

Three options for strengthening the body: choose the best

The car body, despite its apparent integrity, is a complex structure consisting of dozens of welded parts. It is on the body that the maximum load comes from the suspension and units that cause internal stress in the metal. If you add to this the influence of the external environment, it turns out that the body is not at all as monolithic as it seems.

What prevents designers at the production stage from creating more rigid and durable body options? First of all, most models are created for ordinary, driving, and not racing competitions. Secondly, high-strength steel increases the mass of the car and its cost. Separate parts, such as front spars, are made of soft alloy for safety reasons.

Stiffness is inevitably reduced during operation, which leads to a slowdown and an ambiguous reaction to steering turns. “Tired” metal is more susceptible to deformation, tension and corrosion. In general, there are many factors that reduce the strength of the body, as well as the consequences to which it leads, the question is how to strengthen it. Let’s consider several solutions to this problem..


Spacers, perhaps the most popular version of tuning the body. They are simply mounted in regular places without any special modifications, in order to tie together the most loaded and moving body elements. These, as a rule, include glasses of struts of a suspension bracket, points of fastening of levers and units.

Parts for strengthening problem nodes are made to the configuration of each specific car model. Most often resort to the strut front struts, which are subject to maximum loads from the power unit, steering and poor road surface.

The cost of such tuning is relatively low, and the result is noticeable immediately, especially if the car is no longer new, although additional amplifiers cannot replace the full repair of the old problem body.

The advantages of this tuning option include the following:

  • simple assembly / disassembly;
  • affordable cost;
  • noticeable improvement in handling;
  • wide range of struts for any car model.

But, as in everything, the struts have their drawbacks:

  • vehicle weighting;
  • take a place under the hood or in the cabin;
  • for worn strut bodies, only a temporary solution.

Integrated gain

By integrated gain is meant refinement without the use of additional parts. The essence of strengthening the body is to refine the factory settings. In particular, this can be reinforcement with additional welds of factory welding, the addition of duplicate layers of material at the attachment points of aggregates and levers. To strengthen the places of bending of standard metal and protection against vibrations, jumpers and “scarves” are used.

Integrated reinforcement is usually combined with body repair and is used in preparing cars for competitions. The price of the issue is determined not by the details, as in the case of struts, but by the amount of work. Integrated reinforcement often involves partial disassembly of the car, and high-quality welding.

So, the advantages of this type of tuning include:

  • extends the life of individual parts and the body as a whole;
  • does not take a place under the hood or in the cabin.

The disadvantages of this option are as follows:

  • labor input;
  • relatively high cost;
  • violation of the deformation zones provided by the manufacturer.

Safety cage

Safety cages are among the most radical ways of tuning the body and are used only in car racing. The main goal of the frame of cold-rolled steel pipes is to preserve the living space in the car during collisions and upheavals.

Depending on the level of competition, frames are made of several pipes connected by bolts or create so rigid and durable welded structures that it is almost impossible to get into the cabin without dexterity.

The advantages of such a complex amplification option include:

  • preservation of living space during accidents;
  • better handling and body integrity.

The shortcomings of the safety cage are relatively relative, since it is intended only for racing, which imposes some limitations:

  • the high cost and complexity of installation;
  • vehicle weighting;
  • unsuitability of the car for civilian use.

It is best to resort to strengthening the body, combining it with the repair and replacement of parts that have accumulated voltage. If there is a lack of responsiveness in control due to the bodywork, then the best option is to strengthen it using struts. As for cars designed for sports competitions, here you can use a whole range of measures to strengthen stiffness.


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Secrets of seasoned ": choose winter tires" wisely " 8

Secrets of seasoned “: choose winter tires” wisely “

“Secrets of seasoned”: choose winter tires “wisely”

Experienced motorists say that driving summer tires in October is a crime.

Although in fact, the issue of re-shoes is purely individual. And, you see, if warm days are held in the second half of October (this also happens), then there is no special reason to set the “winter”. But since the weather is really cool, and less than a week is left until November, it is clearly not worth pulling with a change of rubber. Especially if you have not just a trip to the tire, but the choice of new wheels and their purchase. There is very, very little time for this. After all, winter is already on the nose. So, in matters of preparing the car for winter, we smoothly approached the “shoe”.

Not a matter of price

There are a great many models and varieties of automobile rubber, as well as its manufacturers. Cost also varies widely. You can find wheels both at a price of 500-600 UAH / piece, and for 5000 UAH / piece and above. Therefore, giving advice on the choice of rubber is a thankless task. But if you follow certain established rules among motorists, the purchase should not disappoint the owner. Firstly, do not chase the price. Both too low and excessively high. Cost is far from an indicator. And, in fact, the best option is somewhere in between. Secondly, it’s better to choose the brand’s rubber, which is more or less heard, and has been producing similar products for several years. This gives at least some hope that the manufacturing company controls the quality and does not stamp illiquid assets. Thirdly, it is desirable that the manufacturer in Ukraine has an official representative office. The importer can obtain comprehensive information about the product of interest. In addition, there will be where to turn if there are problems with the operation of rubber.

Size matters

Many motorists are wondering what size rubber to choose. After all, summer is one thing when you can put beautiful alloy wheels with a low profile tread to the envy of other road users. But in winter, completely different driving conditions. Therefore, it is better not to experiment and install the wheels of those parameters that are clearly recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, the dimension of the wheel is as follows: 165 / 60R14. The first number indicates the width of the tread, the second – the side height as a percentage of the width, the number next to the letter “R” is the landing diameter. Of course, the recommended sizes can be neglected. But this directly affects the safety of the ride, as well as the wear of rubber and the service life of the suspension, which is already killed on the “wonderful” Ukrainian roads.

“Defenseless spikes …”

Many motorists cannot imagine winter driving without studded tires. We will not argue, in some cases such tires are really indispensable. For example, on a very snowy road, on ice or on rough terrain. But if the car is used mainly in a megalopolis (all the more so since in large cities snow is fortunately regularly cleaned on the roads), then the need for spikes is doubtful. And the winters in Ukraine over the past 5 years are quite mild. In addition, if studded rubber is effective enough on ice, the braking distance is significantly increased on bare asphalt. It is also likely that in the near future this type of rubber in our country will simply be banned. The corresponding bill No. 468 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada in May. And although the deputies have not yet considered it, given that in most countries of Western Europe studded tires are illegal, sooner or later, such a restriction will definitely appear in Ukraine.

The case of the master is afraid

The very process of re-shoes should also not be taken after the sleeves. The professionalism of tire workers directly determines how the car will behave on the road, and how quickly tires will wear out. Therefore, it is better to choose a service station for changing tires, in consultation with friends who have positive experience. One more advice – after driving on winter tires 1-2 thousand km after their installation, again drop in for tire balancing. This is due to the fact that the rubber “shrinks” onto the disc and this can affect the comfort of driving and its behavior on the road. By the way, it is generally desirable to have not only different tires for each season, but also a set of discs. Then the re-boot process will be much easier. Yes, and tires, dressed on wheels, are better preserved without deforming.


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With a family behind ": how to choose a minivan 14

With a family behind “: how to choose a minivan

“With a family behind”: how to choose a minivan

With the advent of new family members, his head receives a new problem – replacing a compact car with a more spacious, spacious .

How to choose a minivan and what to look for? Five, seven, eight, nine places … How much you need to be completely happy and what capacity to stay on, as well as what options to live without – we figure it out together .

Not a body thing

Appearance and style when choosing a functional roomy vehicle usually fades into the background. As a rule, representatives of European and American brands are conservative, but cars for the domestic Japanese market can often surprise with the pretentiousness of the exterior. Share In terms of the number of doors, almost all of the options available in our country are five-door cars. More often passenger doors are passenger-type, swinging, although sliding doors can be found if desired. The latter significantly facilitate landing / landing and require less space in narrow parking lots, but over time they cause troubles with guides, which are missing from the classic “gates”.

With a family behind ": how to choose a minivan 15

The back door most often goes up, finding a two-wing option is a difficult task. Also pay attention to the roof (you must admit, we rarely look there, buying a “passenger car”). But it is the roof that is the potential place for installing an additional trunk (when the passengers are fully loaded, the standard luggage compartment is usually small). So study it for rails or regular places for their installation .


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Radio-controlled tanks - what are, features and disadvantages, what to choose 21

Radio-controlled tanks – what are, features and disadvantages, what to choose

Radio-controlled tanks – what to choose

What are

Modern toy tanks are very similar to their prototypes in real life. The similarity is not only external, but also technical characteristics. There is a definition of the direction of the shot and the function of getting into the tank from a similar model. Guns can be hit with an IF beam or pneumatics, firing range – up to forty meters. If you need a budget option, then plastic models will be an excellent alternative. Their driving characteristics are good, they do not need high-capacity batteries or heavy duty motors..

Radio-controlled tanks - what are, features and disadvantages, what to choose 22

If you need a serious device, then choose “toys” from steel, aluminum, from composite materials. These models are extremely realistic. That is precisely their priority. They have full compliance with the proportions and scales of real tanks. They differ in weight from amateur ones – up to 200 kg! The gift will take its rightful place in the collection of a lover of such things.

The classification of tanks on the radio looks like this:

  • by product dimensions;
  • by a complex of functions and actions;
  • by type of gun.

Size is important in that it can determine the purpose of the purchase. The large product is multifunctional. It is suitable for collectors and adult lovers of military equipment. Small models – a great present for a little warrior.

The functions and actions of the tank are also different. The simplest models. They do not shoot, and are not capable of maneuvering. There are simple tanks with good running characteristics. They have the ability to maneuver 360 o, excellent cross. They may have a pneumatic gun or a gun mount with an IF beam. More complicated models have additional lighting, smoke and sound effects..

The gun mount differs as follows:

  • model with an IF beam. It falls into the indicator that is on the tower of the enemy tank;
  • pneumatic model firing with plastic or rubber bullets.

What is important when choosing

If the present is intended for a child, then pneumatic tanks are not the best idea for a purchase. Although rubber bullets do no harm, it is better for a baby to play with such toys under the supervision of an adult. Therefore, for children of younger and middle age, tanks with an IF beam are preferable. If the gift is addressed to a guy, a man, then it is better to purchase a solid model with advanced features and maximum realistic performance.

Next, you need to decide where the games will be held. If indoors, it is better to buy products on a scale of 1:32 or 1:48. If it will be used in the open air, then choose the equipment in the performance of 1:16. These units are copies in miniature T-34, T-90, T-72M1 and other military equipment.

How much is a toy

The tank with the radio control of the German brand Taigen Panther type G PRO will cost almost fourteen and a half thousand rubles. But the toy is worth it. It is executed on a scale of 1:16. The detail is extremely thorough. Originality of the product is given by a special painting of the case, made by hand. Another outstanding feature – the dual sound of shots and the motor is reproduced at the same time..

Radio-controlled tanks - what are, features and disadvantages, what to choose 23

Radio-controlled tank Heng Long 1/16 T34-85 2.4G RTR. Almost 8 thousand rubles. Works on pneumatics. Realism is achieved with a sense of bestowal. Shooting is made of plastic balls. High level management and deployment.

Also popular is a copy of the German tank of the Second World War “Tiger”, made on a scale of 1:16. This is a small model in size and weight, the length of which is half a meter, made with a high degree of copying accuracy and is similar to the original. Design solutions make it more similar to a real tank. So, an infrared gun fires an IR beam. In this case, the “shot” is accompanied by a sound effect, like a line from a machine gun. The situation is also with the engine: it “growls”, “stalls” when turned off, just like a real one.

This model is carried out in several colors – gray, which they were seen on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War and “sand” camouflage. All details are similar to the original – you will see machine guns, grills on the engine, spare tracks, searchlights, a tow rope and even a trench tool – a shovel.

“Tiger” withstands six hits from cannons of similar models. When it hits, it stops, vibration begins, and lights that mimic a fire light up on the tower. After the last, sixth hit of an enemy shell, the sounds of an explosion and a siren are heard – it freezes in place. But, after half a minute again “combat ready”. You hear the sound of the engine starting and the Tiger is ready for battle again.


Fifth wheel, dokatka, repair kit: we choose an alternative to "spare tire" 29

Fifth wheel, dokatka, repair kit: we choose an alternative to “spare tire”

Fifth wheel, dokatka, repair kit: we choose an alternative to “spare tire”

Today, motorists have several options for solving the problem of a broken wheel on the road .

Is it worth it to confine yourself to the good old full-size “reserve”, or is it worth looking for more modern methods? The history of spare wheels begins when the first cars left the road. Initially, tires and cameras fiddled separately, on the road, motorists skirted wheels and could not rely on tire fitting services. Today, things are different …

When a full-size spare wheel is the best option ?

A full-size spare tire is the most proven option for today. Initially, the reserve was located outside – it was simply suspended on external body panels. Today, on most new cars, the fifth wheel is either stored in the trunk, or suspended externally in the rear overhang or mounted on the rear door (mainly on SUVs and crossovers). The main advantages of the “real” wheel is the ability to continue driving without changing the speed limit for any distance after replacing the standard one with a spare one. Of course, it is heavier than the “dokatka” when replacing, takes up more space and is usually more expensive .

Fifth wheel, dokatka, repair kit: we choose an alternative to "spare tire" 30

You should not refuse a full “reserve” if you often move along roads with an imperfect pavement, like to go to a country road, or you cannot live without long trips. In all these cases, a “dokatka” or tire repair kit is not an option. The reasons here are different – there is a possibility of early damage to the low-profile temporary wheel, the coupling properties of the car deteriorate with it, and the distance that can be passed after the incident is significantly limited .


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