All-wheel drive cars - how to choose the best 2

All-wheel drive cars – how to choose the best

All-wheel drive cars – how to choose the best

All-wheel drive cars - how to choose the best 3

The 4×4 SUV is a vehicle that is known for its versatility and unique design. Currently, there are many all-wheel drive cars of various brands on the market. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, so it is difficult to immediately determine which one is better. Just as it is impossible to say which SUV is suitable for each specific driver who has his own ideas about the ideal car. Car enthusiasts interested in buying a 4×4 SUV will find the necessary information in this article to help them make the right decision..

1. Security guarantees

One of the most important factors that must be closely monitored is safety. Moreover, it is absolutely unimportant whether the SUV will be used by the driver only for personal trips or for traveling with his family, it is necessary that this car be reliable.

Today, according to modern technical conditions for cars, developers must foresee the installation of side air chambers and rear-view parking sensors in the cab. This ensures the preservation of the life of the driver and his passengers in the event of a car accident. And although the device of an SUV provides many degrees of protection, there is no need to sacrifice any safety nuance for a more attractive four-wheel drive car.

2. Fuel consumption

Another aspect that all potential car buyers are interested in is fuel consumption. This is even more important today, when the cost of fuel is constantly increasing. It will be useful to note that several types of hybrid SUVs are now available in the car market, which can significantly save fuel. Some of these models boast gasoline consumption as high as 10 liters per 100 kilometers. This is a very good characteristic for this type of car, allowing you to maintain the optimal balance between the volume of transported cargo and fuel consumption.

3. Purpose of use

Another important factor for drivers who are going to buy an all-wheel drive car is the purpose of use. For example, one buyer needs a car to take his family to the cottage, deliver groceries and things there, travel with friends on outing trips. Naturally, he is primarily interested in the volume of the trunk and the useful space of the cabin. And the other person, in turn, wants to have a reliable vehicle for traveling in remote areas. Of course, he cares mainly about the qualities that ensure the increased cross-country ability of the car, its power and speed.

In any case, you can not choose a car, focusing only on its appearance. It is extremely important to study the technical data sheet of each four-wheel drive vehicle that interests you in order to have objective information about its properties and features. After all, it may well happen that when you familiarize yourself with the technical documentation for an attractive SUV, you will learn a completely different story about this vehicle.


Nissan Qashqai for sale - how to choose and buy a used car 9

Nissan Qashqai for sale – how to choose and buy a used car

Nissan Qashqai for sale – tips

Nissan Qashqai for sale - how to choose and buy a used car 10

How to choose a used car, studying Nissan Qashqai for sale

Nissan Qashqai sales announcements, like any other car, can be found in various places today. Sellers try to distribute their ads everywhere, it can be newspapers, websites, message boards and even the machines themselves. As a rule, such offers contain information about the year of production of the car, options, estimated price, operation history and contact details of the owner. To buy a used car according to the ads, the buyer only needs to select the appropriate Nissan Qashqai ads, call the sellers to talk to them, ask all their questions and make an appointment to inspect the car. When buying a used car, the most important thing is to correctly assess the condition of the vehicle.

The main disadvantage of the secondary market is considered to be the high probability of acquiring a problematic machine (recessed, stolen, bat, etc.). Indeed, in the car market you can find plenty of “killed” copies, which the owners are trying to disguise as “excellent condition.” That is why high-quality diagnosis is so important.

To go for a inspection of a used car Nissan Qashqai should only be with an assistant who is well versed in these cars. Specialists will be able to immediately determine whether a normal or “dead” car is offered to you, and whether it is worth spending time on its diagnosis and inspection.

If after the first inspection there is no disappointment in the selected car, then you need to go to its diagnosis. If possible, you should choose a branded service station, since when contacting cheap service stations you can pay for undetected breakdowns, having received a poor-quality inspection. You should not agree to go to the service station offered by the seller, because there the employees can conceal any significant problems of the car from you.

If the seller is trying to dissuade you from going to the service station, claiming that everything is in order with the car and you don’t have to spend money, you need to think about it. It is possible that you really do not need to spend money on diagnostics, because, most likely, such a machine has big problems, and in the end you don’t buy it anyway.

Immediately after the diagnosis, you need to find out the cost of eliminating the found failures, after which you need to try to bargain with the seller so that he reduces the price by the amount received.


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A little about how to choose a DVR 16

A little about how to choose a DVR

A little about how to choose a DVR

A little about how to choose a DVR 17

Today on the market there are a huge number of DVRs of various models from various manufacturers. And the choice of the model you need becomes a real problem. How to choose the model of DVR that is right for you?

When making a purchase, you just need to understand what are the main functionalities of the model you like. And for this it is necessary to determine the main technical characteristics of these devices. As you know, the recorded video information can be stored on the hard disk or in the flash memory of the device. Which method do you prefer? Therefore, immediately determine how much information will be recorded by the DVR. If a lot, then you need a device with a hard drive, but with this choice there is a problem. Hard drives respond very poorly to shocks, vibrations and other mechanical influences, and flash memory is not afraid of such influences. And its overall dimensions are very tiny. Therefore, in order to avoid troubles, it is advisable to buy a device with the possibility of combined data storage, especially since the presence of this option allows you to copy information from a hard drive to a flash and vice versa.

The following are the main features and specifications for DVRs.

• Resolution cameras, a characteristic that directly affects the quality of the recorded image.

• The angle of capture by cameras of the surrounding space should be as large as possible. The ability of the device to be as informative as possible depends on this..

• Sensitivity of cameras used in the device. The higher it is, the better. This parameter needs to be paid increased attention. It should also be noted that color cameras on this indicator are much worse than black and white cameras. A DVR that incorporates cameras with good sensitivity will always give high-quality and informative video.

• Always pay attention to how many cameras you can connect to the DVR, this feature significantly increases and the field of view becomes wider. The more cameras will be used in the device, the better for you.

• Ability to automatically produce loop recording. This ability distinguishes DVRs from ordinary simple cameras..

• Option to overlay on the recorded video image parameters such as the exact time and date.

• Ability to record sound, as well as the presence of a microphone in the device. This ability can be useful to you when resolving disputes in the event of a conflict with traffic police inspectors..

• The presence of a built-in rechargeable battery in the device of the DVR will help you not to lose the recorded data in case of malfunctions in the car’s power supply system.

So, in this article the main points that arise when buying car DVRs were considered, and the final decision on the purchase is naturally up to you.


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Which car to choose a woman 23

Which car to choose a woman

Which car to choose a woman

Which car to choose a woman 24

The times when most men drove cars and women behind the wheel seemed ridiculous and ridiculous have long been in the past. Now more and more ladies are eager to drive a car.

Many women prefer small and compact cars, although there are those that can easily cope with a massive SUV. But still the question arises, which car is more suitable for driving the beautiful half of humanity.

Small-sized cars are just perfect for residents of the metropolis. Due to their compactness, they do not take up much parking space, which is not an unimportant moment. Since in big cities big problems arise with this.

They are also much more economical than SUVs, since their fuel consumption is much less.

To cope with driving a small car in a big city, amid a huge stream of cars, is much easier. This is especially true for beginners in this field..

A significant disadvantage of a small-sized machine is safety. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to ask consultants which model is most equipped with protective mechanisms.

With the capacity of such a car, problems also arise. So, to the owners of a large family, unfortunately, it is not very suitable.

And her little wheels are simply not able to cope with impassability, and in winter with snow blockages on the road.

An alternative to a small car can be a crossover. It happens not so big. It’s easy to drive and park, and they can even be compared to off-road vehicles on terrain. Snowdrifts for such a car are not a problem. It is rare that a crossover gets stuck on the road. But if, however, this happened, then you can pull it out only with the use of special equipment.

As for SUVs, it’s very difficult to drive them in a big city. Since the car is quite dimensional, it is quite difficult to park it. Drive through narrow courtyards on it is not so easy.

In addition to the representative type of advantages in city driving on an SUV is difficult to find. Moreover, a woman will still be very difficult to deal with him, although she will feel safe in him.

But for residents of small towns and villages, this car will be like a find. She is not afraid of any pits or snowdrifts on the road. Therefore, a woman will not be forced to ask for help in case the car gets stuck.


Hatch for a car - what are and what is better to choose 30

Hatch for a car – what are and what is better to choose

Car sunroof – what to choose

What are

It is also worth distinguishing hatches by the principle of opening:

  • lifting. One of the most common, which involves lifting the panel up. This option is not difficult to install with your own hands. The rear wall of the glass is rotated by control from a button or rotary knob. Among the advantages – ease of installation, low cost, as well as the absence of air turbulence in the cabin;
  • sliding. This option opens by lifting and shifting to the side. This option allows you to install on top of the trunk if necessary. They can be mechanical or electric;
  • folding. This is a kind of frame, which is covered with a waterproof material. During opening, the frame is assembled according to the accordion principle and is assembled at the rear. Often used in summer in clear weather..

Lifting hatches practically do not affect aerodynamic drag, creating a “rise” in the air flow over the roof. Sliding affect the air flow, and provide him with the opportunity to penetrate into the passenger compartment. The sunroof is not suitable if the roof rack is placed on the roof, and for sliding – no problem.

By the type of glass installed there are:

  • anti-sun;
  • embossed;
  • smooth.

When choosing, you need to check the density of the tinted glass of the hatch and find out if a mirror coating is applied. If the glass has a dense tint, then it significantly reduces the effect of the open window. If there is a mirror coating, then it is much thinner than the tint film, and therefore does not differ in high resistance. When it burns out, then gradually the appearance will change for the worse.

Major and best manufacturers

Which is better to choose

When buying, consider compatibility with the model and make of the car, appearance, size and installation method.

It is necessary to carefully study the possibility of embedding the hatch in the design of the machine. With a small budget, you need to pay attention to the mechanical lift. Its installation can easily be done on its own. Movable models that will allow for a photo shoot or to observe the starry sky while traveling.

Hatch for a car - what are and what is better to choose 31

It is worth considering the fact that soft sliding mechanisms do not provide a high level of security against thieves and are not suitable in bad weather conditions. Do not forget about the quality of tinted glass. If the tinting is too dense, then it will not let in sunlight and vice versa, with insufficient tinting, the sun will interfere in the cabin.

How to install do-it-yourself

There are two methods to complete the installation: purchase a hatch (used or new), go to the service center for installation or install it yourself. Naturally, self-installation is much cheaper, but more complicated. Get those products that are provided for by the car model. In this case, there will be no problems associated with the installation.

The installation process is as follows:

What can be problems in operation

The main problem is the hatch in the rain. Often this occurs due to wear or damage to the seal, in case of violation of the tightness of the landing frame in the roof. If this malfunction occurs, you must contact the service where you did the work. Remember the warranty. Over time, the rubber bands may wear out or small cracks may form due to distortions. Then you have to remove the hatch and reseal everything from water leaks.

The second common problem is jamming of the closing mechanism. This situation is often found precisely in an electric drive, which cannot be closed using physical pressure. If there are abnormal sounds during opening, immediately contact a specialist to prevent embarrassment, when it is not possible to close the hatch during rain.