Tricky loopholes ": how to drive b 2

Tricky loopholes “: how to drive b

“Tricky loopholes”: how to drive a used car from August 1

How to get around legal restrictions when importing used cars?

Since President Petro Poroshenko has nevertheless signed a law to lower duties on the import of used cars, it will really be possible to drive cars from Poland or Germany cheaper than before. However, there are nuances. Firstly, preferential rates apply only to vehicles that were produced no earlier than 2010. Secondly, it will be possible to sell a car only a year after its purchase. In addition, if regular amendments to the legislation are introduced (which, incidentally, Poroshenko himself demanded), the ban on the sale of imported cars will last until the end of the law on duties .
But, as you know, any restrictions can be circumvented. Moreover, in a completely legal way .

Tricky loopholes ": how to drive b 3

Friends will help

Despite the fact that cars at new duty rates can be imported only for yourself, there is one loophole. For example, to go for a car with a relative or friend whom you declare at the border as a declarant. Using this scheme, it is guaranteed that you can buy several cars abroad in a year. Another option is the import of a car under a guarantee agreement. For example, the head of a company may assign his subordinate to purchase and drive a car. In this case, on the basis of agreements with different guarantors during the year, you can also import more than one car .

Power of attorney or rental

Selling a vehicle earlier than in a year is also quite realistic. For example, to transfer by proxy, on the basis of which the new owner, although not able to re-register the car, will drive it on completely legal grounds. “You can also conclude a sales contract with a suspensive condition. That is, the ownership right will be re-registered in a year, ”says Andrei Pavlishin, a lawyer for SK De – Yure. By the way, another option is to transfer the car for rent with the right to purchase. During this time, the lessor pays in installments the full price of the car, and after the end of the contract becomes its owner .

Technical passport to help

Do not forget that in Ukraine there has long been such a way as deals with cars “according to the data sheet”, in which the car, in fact, is not for sale, and the owner only gives the data sheet and receives money. “Formally, the person who imported the car under a reduced excise tax remains the owner, but in reality the other person already owns the vehicle,” explains Victor Moroz, managing partner of the Suprema Lex law firm. Another question is that this scheme is quite risky both for the seller, whom the buyer can “throw”, and for the buyer who can be accused of car theft. For the person who sold the car, for this it is enough just to file a statement with the police .

Draw carefully

As for the ability to import cars older than 2010, this will be the most difficult issue. “But, I believe that with the“ assistance ”of experts in law enforcement agencies, a slight change in the age of the car in the documents will be quite possible,” said Viktor Moroz. In addition, experienced motorists say that you can always negotiate with customs officers, and slightly “paint” documents when importing a car. However, in this case, it must be borne in mind that such actions contradict the current legislation. And that means they face consequences. At best, a fine, and at worst, an article of the Criminal Code .


2013 Honda Accord test drive - features, specifications, dimensions and benefits 9

2013 Honda Accord test drive – features, specifications, dimensions and benefits

2013 Honda Accord test drive – description and analysis of owner reviews

2013 Honda Accord test drive - features, specifications, dimensions and benefits 10

Reviews, review and test drive a car Honda Accord 2013

The ninth generation of the legendary Honda Accord car began production in 2013. The sedan was modernized more than thoroughly, and if earlier it was positioned as a car for young people, today Accord has already approached executive cars. As reviews of Honda Accord cars show, the current generation of the sedan is attracting the attention of wealthy middle-aged motorists. The exterior of the new Honda Accord received a more democratic and less sporty, but nevertheless, retained many features from the previous generation..

Specialists who conducted a test drive of the Honda Accord 2013, especially noted the increase in the dimensions of the ninth-generation sedan: its length is 4861 mm, its height is 1465 mm, and its width is 1849 mm with a wheelbase of 2776 mm. But the Honda Accord clearance is 150 mm, which causes complaints from many owners. The trunk of the novelty received a volume of 480 liters.

Studying owner reviews about Honda Accord cars, it is impossible not to mention one of the main advantages of the ninth generation of the Accord – a markedly increased power of the installed engines. In the Russian market, a new car Honda Accord is offered with two gasoline engines. In the basic configuration, the sedan received a 2.4-liter engine with 180 hp. The test drive of the new Honda Accord 2013 with this power unit showed quite decent dynamics, power and efficiency. A regular 2.4-liter engine is complemented by a robotic automatic transmission, more expensive versions received a 6-speed manual transmission. The top version of the ninth Honda Accord received a 3.5-liter engine with 280 hp. Reviews about the Honda Accord with such an engine claim that it has good economy and consumes no more than 11.9 liters in the city, and up to 6.9 liters on the highway thanks to the innovative VCM system. The top version is equipped with only a 6-speed “automatic”.

The advantage of both engines of the ninth-generation Accord is considered to be the Stop-Start system. Other advantages of this model include the familiar MacPherson strut with a stiff subframe and increased travel. Many motorists who wrote reviews about the new Honda Accord car consider this solution to be very relevant for Russian roads, because the previously installed sports double wishbones were not very suitable for this. Well, if the manufacturers even increased the Honda Accord car clearance a little, then it could be the perfect car for our roads, but apparently not fate yet.


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Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 16

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 17

Already by the two thousand fourteenth model year, the modified UAZ Patriot presents new body colors, original and at the same time alloy wheels, advanced basic configurations, a modified and “alter” interior and an “electric” razdatka. And this calendar year has long come, and we saw extensive restyling with the latest lighting equipment and bumpers. Perhaps time will pass, and the hatches from the gas tanks will finally begin to make more practical, and they will close tightly.

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 18

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 19

Test drive UAZ Patriot and the first conclusions. Great “rogue”, but a weak “citizen”.

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 20

Every year, especially before the calendar holidays, companies are presented with surprises in the form of new models or existing ones. But the UAZ Patriot presented to us today is not a long-awaited gift, but the same well-known all-wheel drive car of a passenger type, with a very, very high cross-country ability. That is how it can be described at the first stage of the UAZ Patriot review.

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 21

Test drive UAZ Patriot. Change “business card”.

The first thing we can discuss is changing the initial marking of the UAZ. So marketers decided to write the name of the model in Latin letters – “UAZ Patriot”. According to drivers, many do not perceive this innovation, and some are just confused. Therefore, the first new product we can put “-“.

The restyled version that we offer you today was also announced last summer, Why is the car interesting? This is due to the announced appearance of a new Korean handout, which has become a key word and will bring many changes – visible and not visible, but significant.

Test drive UAZ Patriot. The era of change and change.

Let’s start with the imported transfer case..

Dymos became a partner in restyling. All technical modifications that the creators claim have made it possible to significantly improve cross-country ability. In addition, electric control appeared thanks to a conveniently located large rotating washer, which is located behind the driver’s gear lever, and excess noise disappeared.

Test drive UAZ Patriot. Wrap Changes.

So we came to the most important part of our review – these are the changes that have occurred inside the cabin. These are truly significant changes in the interior of the SUV. In addition, the most important thing is the inconspicuous departure of the old transmission lever and the introduction of a new electronic selector.

At the same time, there was a change in the floor tunnel, which “has become much more functional, and thanks to this you can find and put a lot of different useful little things there and it will look modern anyway.” Everything is based on comfort..

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 22

The steering column switches have also been updated – their management has become more comfortable..

Test drive and review UAZ Patriot 23

Less noticeable changes in the design of the car body. You will be pleased with a beautiful interior, the seats can be transformed in any layout:

– very convenient if you travel with your family – this will become a key link for your comfort;

– basic climate control, with an accessible interface for any user, regardless of age. In addition, another advantage for traveling at any time of the year is that the cabin quickly heats and cools;

– the seat for the driver and passenger who is in front is very well equipped. A good seat profile and lateral support. In this case, there is a rise and lumbar support. So, any trip will be a joy and turn into pleasure and relaxation, in addition, the second row is also equipped with an adjustment for your back and there is a standard angle for the seat. It is appropriate to recall that the most important thing in your seats is their shape and the length of the pillows.


Test drive Mazda 6 2 29

Test drive Mazda 6 2

Test drive Mazda 6 2.0

Test drive Mazda 6 2 30

New Mazda 6 is elegant, but aggressive. Convex wheel arches, menacing optics and a body kit attract interested eyes. In addition, the car is quite dimensional. Its length is 4870 millimeters, its width is 1840 millimeters, and 1450 millimeters is its height, respectively. Design will appeal to a wide range of consumers. On such a sedan it’s not a shame to appear either at a business meeting or at the theater.

The interior, in European style, is concise. The quality of the finishing materials is acceptable, but the plastic is harsh in some places, and the fitting of the panels is not perfect. The instrument panel with soft backlight is perfectly readable at any time of the day, and the on-board computer, which is located on the right side of the wells, provides all the necessary information. The center console – with a minimum of keys: at the bottom is the air conditioning unit, and at the top is a color screen that provides multimedia information and navigation indications.

The driver’s seat is comfortable thanks to a good profile and well-developed side support rollers. Adjustments are enough to comfortably get behind the wheel of a person of any height. On the back passenger row is quite spacious – in the knees and in width, but tall people will be uncomfortable under a falling roof. The luggage compartment is 483 liters, and it is enough for trips to the store.

The atmospheric four-cylinder engine with Skyactiv technology, which assumes a high compression ratio (14: 1), develops 150 horsepower and 210 Newtons of torque. Paired with it comes with an automatic six-speed gearbox. The potential of the power plant is realized through transmission to the front axle. The front suspension is MacPherson, and the rear has a multi-link design. The curb weight is 1330 kilograms..

The manufacturer claims that the car is able to cross the line in the first hundred in 10.5 seconds, and reach a maximum speed of 207 kilometers per hour.

In fact, the car lacks traction at low revs. The main peak falls on the range from 4000 to 6600 rpm, but pickup, as such, is not observed. Yes, the dynamics can not be called stunning, but it is enough for a city where you need to stay confident in the general flow. On a country road before overtaking, it is better to calculate the trajectory in advance in order to have time to complete the started maneuver, because the capabilities of the engine may not be enough.

A few words about the operation of the transmission. The machine shifts gears perfectly – without delays or jerks, although its gear ratios are somewhat stretched, which hides the dynamics of acceleration.

But this rather big car is driven just fine. The steering response is clear, the information content is excellent, and the feedback is understandable. Neutral understeer and small rolls make it easy to overcome bends of turns at high speed. Mazda can rightfully be called one of the most gambling cars of the D class.

Comfort did not fall victim to handling. Ride is good due to the elastic suspension. Of course, there is shaking, but there are almost no breakdowns – only on large bumps. Stability on the line is excellent, and does not cradle on a long journey. But, there is a significant drawback – this is insulation. It is sufficient – spurious sounds with moderate force penetrate the cabin, but against the background of competitors in the person of Passat or Camry, Mazda seems very noisy.

Total. Mazda 6 will appeal to many thanks to its interesting design and advanced powertrain technologies. Excellent handling will not let the driver get bored, and passengers will not like the comfortable lounge. But, the quality of materials and sound insulation is noticeably worse than that of a number of competitors.


How many seasons can you drive on summer tires before changing it 36

How many seasons can you drive on summer tires before changing it

How many seasons can you drive on summer tires before changing it

How many seasons can you drive on summer tires before changing it

Many, especially novice motorists, are wondering how long one summer tire can last. How many seasons can you leave without too much excitement on the same tires.

Saving is certainly sacred, but you should not expose yourself and your loved ones to the risks because of it.

How long does the rubber last

In most cases, tire manufacturers claim that the rubber they create does not lose their performance over 10 years from the date of manufacture. Also for most tires there is a mileage limit. It is an indicator of 50-60 thousand kilometers per year. After overcoming the indicated marks, the further operation of tires becomes unsafe and can cause an emergency on the road and even lead to an accident.

It goes without saying that it is important that the current state of the tread primarily affects the grip. Depreciation can occur faster or slower, depending on various conditions, including: the condition of the roadway, the load on the car, the speed and intensity of the ride, weather conditions, the condition of the alignment, temperature changes. According to statistics, in Ukrainian conditions, tires last about 5 years. Moreover, if a motorist uses an aggressive driving style, then tires may not survive 3 years.

How to determine that it’s time to change tires

The first and most striking evidence that it is time to change the rubber is a significant reduction in tread height. If he stochitsya to jumpers, then things are bad. For summer tires, the maximum permissible tread value is 1.6 mm. To help understand the issue of tire wear will help special numbers that are now applied to the tread. It is also very important to check how evenly the rubber wears out.

Note: The condition of the tires can help in identifying a variety of side problems, whether it is the wrong pressure in the wheels or the misaligned alignment.

The second thing that indicates the need to replace tires is the presence of any “unhealthy” signs. Cracks, bulges, any other signs of deformation indicate that it is time to think about a new thing.