Effective car acceleration - Car driving 2

Effective car acceleration – Car driving

Effective car acceleration

The main mistake is the slipping of the drive wheels (when the car is stationary, and the drive wheels rotate). If on any surface, whether asphalt or ice, you do not allow it, then consider that you already own a piece of skill. How to learn this?

On a flat road, preferably on an unloaded car (with a manual transmission), at idle, turn 1st gear and start the first movement without pressing the accelerator pedal at all, i.e. working only with the clutch pedal. When the car starts moving (idle speed), stop it by “pressing the clutch” and repeat again. It turned out? Try the same thing, but using 2nd gear. Do not overdo it! Two or three times happened – enough!

At such a start of movement, your drive wheels will not slip – there will not be enough engine power and, in extreme cases, it will simply stall. In ordinary life, we, of course, will not start the movement like this, except in rare cases when it’s very slippery. The conclusion is simple: the lower the engine speed at the start of movement, the greater the likelihood that there will be no slipping! In order to make the car easier to start moving, the front wheels must be set strictly straight!

But how can one accelerate quickly on slippery ice? More about this below.

The beginning of the movement or “acceleration”, to put it simply. Many will even name the necessary terms — weather tires, a powerful motor — and they will be right, but only partially. What else is important to know, and most importantly – to be able to?

We dare to remind you that the main mistake is, firstly, the driving wheels of your car skidding in place. The car is not located in a straight line with respect to the direction of movement, and the front wheels are turned (do not stand strictly straight). This is the second. How to learn to feel the beginning of slipping? A simple exercise, with the beginning of movement without “gas”, we think, did not cause great difficulties.

Lesson two. Subtle sensations

The car stands with the engine running on level ground. Engage I gear and slowly release the clutch pedal. There will come a moment when your car, before you start moving, as if “straining”. Pay attention to this, try to feel it.!

After the moment of “tension”, if you release the clutch a little more, movement will begin. But, as soon as the car makes a rush to move, and the wheels turn slightly, press the clutch exactly enough so that it stops and the “tension” is eliminated. Performing this non-stop, you will swing the car on the spot. The smaller the amplitude, the better! Ideally – the tires are in place, and the rim barely noticeably turns back and forth.

Exercise can be performed anytime, anywhere, it is absolutely safe. Now you know exactly how your grip works and in what range. By the way, all of the above can be done on a car with automatic transmission.

The next stage of training and sensations. The car stands still, you increase the engine speed to any value (for example, 2.500 rpm.) And hold it for a long time. It is better to do this by looking at the instrument – the tachometer, if there is, and if not, then by ear. Your task, by turning on I gear, start moving while holding the engine speed that you set before. From the beginning to the end of the exercise, the turns are the same – they do not fall and do not rise. Doing it all the better on the site, where there is no movement of cars and pedestrians. At the first attempts, it is better to look at the tachometer, again, if there is one. You need to start with a slight increase in speed and, as you complete it, complicate the task by increasing them. It is important to pay attention to the speed of releasing the clutch pedal, namely: try to do this as soon as possible.

If everything is done absolutely correctly, then the car accelerates quickly and without slipping, and the higher the engine speed that you hold, the faster. There comes a time when the execution becomes impossible due to the occurrence of slippage. Most often, this means that for a given pavement you have crossed the line and the engine speed is too high. The conclusion is simple: the higher the coefficient of adhesion, the greater the speed for quick acceleration we can afford! Performing acceleration in this way, you begin to catch the beginning of slipping, if you make a mistake – this is the uniqueness of the exercise.

Acceleration tricks and the start of movement

1. If you need to win the “start”, then the maximum form of your readiness for this is when the engine speed is chosen correctly, the front wheels are straight, and the car swings slightly in place (see Exercise above);

2. At the beginning of the movement, the center of gravity of the vehicle shifts back, loading the rear wheels. If a car with rear-wheel drive, this increases the acceleration efficiency, and if with a front-wheel drive it lowers (front, driving wheels are loaded). Using the rocking technique in place, i.e. moving the car back and forth, you and the center of gravity move back and forth. Using its movement (depending on the type of drive of your car), you can increase the efficiency of the starting moment, and even on very slippery roads start moving without slipping.


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Features of creating an effective audi ad 4

Features of creating an effective audi ad

Audi ads – ad writing tips

Features of creating an effective audi ad 5

How to create successful Audi sales announcements

Every car seller must know how to correctly create an advertisement for the sale of Audi A6 or any other car. After all, with the correct preparation of the Audi announcement, the seller will be able to receive many calls from potential buyers, which in turn will facilitate a quick sale.

In order to have at least some idea of ​​how to make offers, you can search on specialized bulletin boards for examples of announcements of the model of car you are interested in, for example Audi TT with mileage – all the ads in Russia. Do not forget that it is impossible to create effective and efficient Audi A6 ads without high-quality photos, so the seller should take care of suitable pictures in advance. The most important thing is to choose the right place and background for photos. Of course, you don’t need to specifically go to the seashore or to the snowy forest to take a photo, but in any case, the background plays a big role. In no case do not photograph the car near dirty porches, rubbish dumps, etc. It is best to go to the parking lot of the nearest shopping center, pass it away from other cars and take a quiet picture of the car. Just keep in mind that when taking photos for an Audi 100 ad you don’t need to cover the license plates with a cardboard, newspaper, dirty rag, etc. Today, all vehicles are sold with numbers, and if you try to hide the numbers on the car, then your ad will look unfair and incomplete.

A very important part in the announcement of the Audi 100 or offers of any other car is the text. Experts recommend first composing the text of the ad using any text editor, for example, notepad.

If you want to quickly and profitably sell used Audi A3 cars, private ads should be written according to a specific plan. First you need to give basic information about the vehicle, indicating the model make, year of manufacture, color, mileage, power and engine size, gearbox, condition of the car. The next part of the Audi A4 announcement is packaging. This item should be described clearly indicating all additional packages and the name of the main configuration with a detailed decryption of the installed equipment.

When writing ads for the sale of the Audi A6, it is also necessary to describe all the additional options that were installed after buying the car. This can be, for example, a DVR, speakers, radio, alarm, rear view camera, floor mats, a set of winter tires and more.

Next, you need to give thorough information about the car itself. This section of a compiled Audi A4 sales announcement should give potential buyers useful additional information about the car. For example, you can tell that all the maintenance was completed on time, the car was only operated in the summer, stored in a garage, etc. Also here you can write a few laudatory words about the car.

And finally, when compiling private ads for Audi A3 used cars, you need to specify the price and contact information. As for the cost of the car, you can determine it by analyzing similar ads on the Internet, for example, by studying all of the Audi TT ads in Russia with mileage and comparing them with your car. But with regard to contact information, the Audi A6 sale announcement should contain a phone number, the specified time for calls, as well as your name, so that it is more convenient for customers to communicate. Additionally, it is also recommended to give an email address..

Well, in the end, it should be noted that experts advise specifically for the announcement of the sale of Audi to have a separate phone number.


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Features of compiling an effective Chevrolet Cruze ad 11

Features of compiling an effective Chevrolet Cruze ad

Chevrolet Cruze ads – recommendations

Features of compiling an effective Chevrolet Cruze ad 12

How to create effective Chevrolet Cruze ads without special knowledge and skills?

If you need to write effective and marketing Chevrolet Cruze ads, then remember a few important recommendations:

1. It is only necessary to write about the positive aspects of operation, do not mention stories that cause negative.

2. Do not show too much depth of judgment, nor can you be witty, because in this case you risk that readers will not take your proposal seriously.

3. Everything needs to be described honestly and clearly..

4. If you plan to place your ad on a street bulletin board, then print it on good quality paper, attractively and neatly designed. If you will place ads for the sale of Chevrolet Cruze on the Internet on bulletin boards, then be sure to make them business and stylish.

In order for an ad to attract the attention of potential buyers, it should be properly formatted, making the text bright, such that it will catch the eye, giving maximum information, but at the same time it should not be too much. You should not use any abbreviations, the car must be described specifically, originally and honestly, indicating its real value and adding a few photos. You must also indicate your contact details and place a call to action.


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Highly effective additive ION fuel catalyst - Fuel for a car - A variety of tips for motorists 18

Highly effective additive ION fuel catalyst – Fuel for a car – A variety of tips for motorists

Highly effective additive ‘Catalyst of fuel’ ION ‘

In 2006, a series of additives with a complex effect in hydrocarbon fuels was developed, united under the common name – ION combustion catalysts. These additives significantly surpass other known additives in their effectiveness and have a number of advantages: they are added in very small quantities, safe, and do not change the physicochemical properties of fuels. All parameters after modification are within the requirements of GOST or TU. The use of ION catalysts allows to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel, gasoline by 8-15% and higher. This is achieved by increasing the completeness of combustion, reducing heat loss, increasing useful heat transfer. The percentage of efficiency depends on the type of fuel, the unit in which the combustion occurs, its technical condition, and the process.

“ION” combustion catalysts change the rheological properties of fuels and directly affect the combustion process. This allows you to optimize combustion under various conditions: low temperature of air and / or fuel, wear or contamination of nozzles, use of low-quality fuel – the presence of water, inconsistencies in fractional composition, increased viscosity, etc..

ION combustion catalysts during the operation of the equipment provide for the gradual cleaning of fuel tanks, pipelines, combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ducts, nozzles, etc. The wear of parts is reduced, the smokiness and toxicity of the exhaust gases are reduced several times.

The cost of purchasing our products pays off within 5-9 days of work.

Catalyst type Packaging for truckers Price for 1 liter. in rub.
ION-D 1 liter per 20,000 liters of diesel 5600 = 00
ION-B 1 liter per 20,000 liters of gasoline 5600 = 00

For car enthusiasts Online store http://ion.e-autopay.com/

Our address: 197375, St. Petersburg, st. Repishchev, house 14, letter R +79212943000


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