Hyundai Genesis Sedan 2

Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Hyundai Genesis Premium Sedan

Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3

The Genesis sedan is Hyundai’s first attempt to enter the premium vehicle market and it is worth noting that the attempt was successful. According to its technical characteristics, optional equipment, the level of comfort of the passenger compartment, the specified sedan is worthy of competition with prestigious cars of such manufacturers as BMW or Lexus.

Genesis is designed on rear-wheel drive architecture. Thanks to this, the developers managed to achieve an almost ideal mass ratio between the rear and front of the machine. Non-standard body assembly technology is noteworthy. Its elements are not only welded, but also glued.

Interior Features Hyundai Genesis

When inspecting the cabin, it immediately becomes clear that this is a premium car. The interior is luxuriously decorated, the upholstery is made of soft leather, some of the elements are decorated with inserts of expensive wood and polished metal. The driver’s seat is provided with ventilation, heating, a change of position is carried out using an electric drive in twelve directions.

Seats for passengers are decorated no less comfortable. The rear sofa can be moved longitudinally, between the passengers you can lower the armrest, which displays the controls of the information system and climate equipment. Personal items, glasses, documents are placed in special niches. During the movement in the cabin you can not hear the noise of the street, the sounds of the engine. Windows, sunroof, curtains on the rear windows open with an electric drive.

Hyundai Genesis Powertrain Features

At the base, the sedan is equipped with a 268-horsepower 3.3-liter petrol unit. In a more expensive version, a 290-horsepower 3.8-liter engine is installed on the car. But, the most interesting are the characteristics of the top 368-horsepower engine. Despite significant power, this engine consumes no more than eleven liters of fuel, and accelerating a sedan to hundreds takes only six seconds. All of these engines operate with automatic transmission..

Genesis is equipped with air suspension and thanks to this, the sedan rides on the road very smoothly regardless of the quality of the road surface. Plus, the suspension is provided with an electronic control system that makes travel even more comfortable..


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Crossover Mercedes GLA 9

Crossover Mercedes GLA

Compact crossover Mercedes GLA

Crossover Mercedes GLA 10

The GLA model is the most compact crossover in the line of vehicles manufactured by the Mercedes concern. This car was developed on the basis of the MFA platform. Compared with the prototype, the dimensions of the crossover body have become larger, the ground clearance has increased to 187 millimeters. The car is equipped with a large number of options, has modern technical equipment. The machine is assembled in Germany, which is a kind of quality guarantee.

Features of equipping the body, interior

The body of the Mercedes GLA looks really beautiful, attractive. The large grille is decorated with a company logo. The bumper is small and “trimmed” at the bottom. The hood of the car has a stamping, due to which it rises above the front wings. Along the perimeter, the body is protected by an off-road body kit. In the rear, a spoiler is noteworthy, the stoplights visually connected by a wide chrome strip. Body elements are made of high-strength grades of steel, and this provides the body with excellent resistance to stress. As test tests have shown, the crossover holds well in impact in a head-on collision with a concrete wall at speeds up to 100 km / h. After such a collision, the car doors open without difficulty, and safety features keep the driver and passengers in their places.

The design of the front panel and center console is made in the same style as that of A-class cars manufactured by Mercedes. That is, the dashboard is visually divided into two parts in the horizontal direction. In these parts there are many control keys with multi-colored backlight and a touch screen information system. The seats have lateral and lumbar support, are regulated by an electric drive. In addition to the electric drive, the seats are provided with heating and ventilation. Comfort, presentability to the interior of the cabin give inserts of aluminum, precious wood. During the operation of the car, the driver and passengers are provided with climate control, a modern audio system, and navigation equipment. The information system via wireless can integrate with external devices.

Powertrain specifications

The car in question is equipped with a Matic system, which integrates into the transmission and is responsible for optimizing the distribution of torque. Due to this, the efficiency of power units is significantly increased.

The Mercedes GLA base is equipped with a 156-horsepower gasoline unit. The top version comes with a 211-horsepower engine that can accelerate the car to hundreds in six seconds at seven liters of fuel consumption. In addition to the gasoline engine, the model in question is equipped with a 136-horsepower diesel engine. All power units operate with a dual-clutch robotic transmission.


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Mercedes GLK car 16

Mercedes GLK car

Mercedes GLK car

Mercedes GLK car 17

If you decide to buy a car that will have such advantages as compact dimensions, excellent off-road performance, a comfortable interior, then you should pay attention to the Mercedes GLK model. There are very few vehicles that have a combination of similar qualities..

GLK is available in two main versions – off-road and highway. The off-road version has an increased clearance of up to 210 millimeters, is equipped with all-wheel drive and a number of other devices that help the driver confidently overcome rugged terrain. The highway option is equipped with 19-inch wheels, a luxury interior.

Design features, interior equipment, options

The interior of the Mercedes GLK interior is decorated with expensive materials in harmoniously selected colors. Of the trim elements, walnut and aluminum inserts are noteworthy. A large speedometer is highlighted on the dashboard and center console, the display of the navigation system, which is controlled by a convenient “washer”. While driving in the cabin, you can hardly hear the noise of a running engine, the sounds of the street, the hum of tires. Excellent sound insulation is ensured by special inserts located in the elements of the body.

The car in question is equipped with a large number of useful options in the basic configuration. An electric drive is installed on the window lifts, the driver and passengers will be able to use the 2-zone climate control, a modern audio system. You can control this equipment both from the front and rear seats. The seats are provided with an electric drive, using which you can change the position of the seats in a few seconds. In a more expensive configuration, the car is equipped with bi-xenon optics, a panoramic sunroof, a rear view camera and many other options.

Powertrain specifications

Mercedes GLK is equipped with three options for gasoline engines and the same number of diesel units. In the base, under the hood of the car, a 170-horsepower gasoline engine is installed. The top modification is equipped with a 306-horsepower engine. The best value for money is provided by a modification with a 265-horsepower engine.

The line of diesel units consists of 140, 170 and the top 265-horsepower engine. All of these mechanisms are able to function with automatic transmission, but in the base the car is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, the car is necessarily equipped with a strat / stop system, which will help save fuel during trips around the city. The specified system shuts off the engine at short stops and immediately starts it after pressing the gas pedal.


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Mazda 5 car 23

Mazda 5 car

Compact Van Mazda 5

Mazda 5 car 24

The compact van Mazda 5 was developed based on the Ford C-Max model. Unlike its prototype, the car interior can provide seven full places for passengers and the driver. But, in the basic configuration, the automaker offers a five-seater saloon. Compact van has a modern appearance of the body, is equipped with a large number of useful options, and the advantages of the car do not end there.

Features of the interior, interior

The car body design is executed according to the concept of “diverging waves”. Due to this, the Mazda 5 is given a dynamic appearance, it seems that the body lines from the front wheel arch flow through the entire body of the car. The rear struts have a strong tilt, there is a sports kit on the body.

The interior of the car in question is equipped with a unique Karakuri transformation system. Thanks to the work of this system, the location of the seats in the car can be changed in just a couple of seconds. For example, the central seat of the second row can be turned into a comfortable camping table with cup holders, or organize full-fledged berths inside the car. The interior of the car is distributed 45 boxes, compartments, niches, where you can put oversized items, bags, bottles of drinks. The most capacious box is located under the middle seat of the second row. If you decide to buy a seven-seater version of the compact van, then to improve seating on the third row of seats, the second-row chair can be shifted in the longitudinal direction, after which a wide passage is formed.

Powertrain specifications, options

Mazda 5 is equipped with gasoline power units of the MZR series. In the base, the compact van is equipped with a 115-horsepower engine, in the more expensive version, a 145-horsepower engine is installed. The power units operate with a mechanical transmission. In addition, the car can be equipped with diesel engines of 110 and 143 liters. from.

In the basic configuration, a navigation system provided with a touch screen is installed in the interior of the car. The navigator, in addition to direct functions, can be used as an entertainment system that can play DVD discs, integrate with external media. The driver’s instrument panel is trimmed with silver plastic, illuminated with white light. Front and side airbags and curtains on the windows are responsible for the safety of passengers and the driver. In more expensive trim levels, sliding doors are provided with an electric drive. The Karakuri transformation system can also be equipped with an electric drive.


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Car Infiniti Q50 30

Car Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50 – the most high-tech car in the world

Car Infiniti Q50 31

Infiniti began to actively market its vehicles in the domestic market eight years ago. Over the past time, this automaker has supplanted such brands as BMW, Lexus, Audi in the vehicle market. Currently, one of the sales leaders is the Infiniti Q50 sedan. This is a high-tech car, which implements all the best technical solutions of Infinity.

Unlike previous modifications, the updated version of the Infiniti Q50 has a European appearance. Asian lines have disappeared from the appearance of the body elements, the head part now looks more aggressive, which is expressed in the presence of a complex bumper, a large grille. In the basic configuration, the head optics are equipped with halogen lamps, in a more advanced version bi-xenon is installed. Regardless of the configuration option, the headlights are provided with an intelligent system for switching light modes. At the rear, the car is decorated with chrome elements that are mounted on the exhaust pipes, surround the LED brake lights, license plate.

Cabin Features

The interior of the sedan is made out of leather, carbon inserts. The front seats are provided with an electric drive for changing positions, and adjustment can be made in eight positions. Steering wheel – multifunctional; transmission control elements, a multimedia system, climate control are displayed on it. The steering column can be shifted in 2 directions with the help of an electric drive. You can literally change the position of the column while the vehicle is in motion. On the dashboard there is a speedometer, a tachometer between which a small on-board computer monitor is installed. On the center console, the automaker immediately placed two touch displays. They allow you to control all systems of the car, but the driver can use the usual keys, which are mounted below the screens.

Powertrain Options

In our country, the Infiniti Q50 is sold with two options for power units. Of greatest interest is the 298-horsepower hybrid powertrain. It consists of an atmospheric gasoline engine and a 50-watt electric motor. In the basic configuration, the sedan is equipped with a 211-horsepower gasoline engine. Paired with these engines is a 7-speed automatic transmission.


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