Electric car Toyota Prius 2

Electric car Toyota Prius

Electric car Toyota Prius

Electric car Toyota Prius 3

For many inhabitants, in the good sense of the word, the term hybrid is associated with a car, which, due to its mass character, has become a “classic of the genre.” With a hybrid Japanese electric car Toyota Prius motorists met in the last 20th century. The conveyor with the first model was launched in 1997. Of the 355,000 electric vehicles that were released, most remained in Japan; the rest of the hybrids went to the United States and delighted the people of sunny California. In other countries, only single copies.

Since then, the Toyota Prius Hybrid has undergone 4 serious “plastic surgeries” and its fifth version, assembled at Toyota’s automobile plants in Japan and China, flies like hot cakes to many countries around the world. Even on Russian roads, several hundred Priuses of various versions are already running. And, according to the reviews of numerous owners, they are satisfied with the efficiency and comfort of their cars. There is a saying: “as you call a yacht, so it will sail.” “Prius” is “going ahead.” Well called. Swims well. In the United States, the second Prius even visited the car of the year. Buyers of the fifth version now even have the opportunity to order a solar battery as an additional option. The solar battery works exclusively on the climate control system and during the movement of the car and in the parking lot and at the same time continuously maintains the optimum temperature in the cabin.

However, for this “barrel of honey” there is a small “fly in the ointment.” This is the absence in most countries of a full-fledged service traction batteries. When this main unit fails, even the Americans have to order it in Japan. About the Russian owners all the more you can not stutter. At the same time, an inexplicable paradox is observed: as part of an electric vehicle, its traction battery has one declared price, and when replacing it, it’s completely different, with one and a half and even twice as much.

Many users note another feature of the Prius – the lack of idle. Often, a newcomer who first drives a car and presses the Power button sits and waits for the engine to start working. And the engine is silent. The car does not drive because the Prius moves from a place exclusively on electric traction and you just need to press the gas pedal. True, in electric mode in the electric car mode, the Prius is able to drive no more than two kilometers and only at low speed. Approximately 30 kilometers per hour.


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Electric car Renault Zoe 9

Electric car Renault Zoe

Electric car Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe – electric cars of a brighter future

The desire for a brighter future is quite logical, but it requires some effort. Sometimes you have to pay a high price, sometimes tormented by doubts, but otherwise you can’t get the status of a pioneer and a leader in a new niche in the automotive industry.

Designed by Zoe, it’s already the 4th car manufactured by Renault and powered by electric traction. The first trial models were Kangoo (Z.E.), Fluence (Z.E.), and little Twizy. But meaningful and organized sales of cars of this classification in European countries started only with the advent of the Renault Zoe model.

The first Fluence sedan did not have the expected success, although it was supposed to be involved in a rather promising project Better Place, which was to lay the foundation for the placement of interchangeable charging stations for electric vehicles in various European countries. That is, the owner of the car received, not only the opportunity to charge the battery in the home, but also completely replace it, if necessary. For unknown reasons, this project was temporarily curtailed, but Renault was not going to abandon its plans, due to which models of the mentioned electric vehicles appeared.

Zoe has a lot of innovations, although previous Z.E developments have been used. The project is separate, although it has a lot in common with Clio. With a traditional diesel hatchback it is “related” by a single platform, but he was not the only one who supplied individual mechanisms and components. For example, Megane was “asked” to share the suspension arms, which came in handy, since the electric car is 357 kg heavier than the same Clio.

The car’s center of gravity is underestimated, the battery pack is located under the underbody, the wheelbase is widened so that the car stands on the road, more than confidently, despite the eco tires from Michelin Energy E-V, they are lightweight, but, as experts say, have a high degree of slip.

Zoe moves harshly, but very actively, the moment is 220 Hm, and from the spot. For a car of this weight category, this is a good indicator. In urban mode, the car can compete even with some motorcycles, not to mention cars. Of course, gaining speed, the car loses acceleration dynamics, in the city stream it does not lag behind, this is not observed on the highway, but the higher the speed, the faster the battery consumes energy.

Batteries from the household network do not charge. Today, the car market offers special mobile charging stations, well, in Europe, specialized services have already begun to appear. Charging time may be different, but the longer it is, the better. The low-current charging algorithm allows the battery to be longer capable, but it takes about 9 hours to fill the capacities. Car mileage on a fully charged battery is 150 km. Of course, this is not enough, but judging by the latest statement, developers are dealing with this issue..

It must be added that the operation of an electric car is not at all as economical as it seems initially. The battery is very expensive, although Renault, for example, provides an unlimited warranty on it, and undertakes to replace it in the event of its complete failure. Apparently, due to many questions and natural doubts, many motorists are not yet ready to plunge headlong into the bright future of the automotive industry, but it seems that they still have everything ahead.


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Electric car - all the pros and cons 15

Electric car – all the pros and cons

Electric car – all the pros and cons

Electric car - all the pros and cons 16

In a series of new products from famous and large companies, electric vehicles are increasingly appearing. Describing the positive aspects of these cars, the manufacturer, sometimes, forgets to mention the disadvantages of such a car.

Immediately it is worth noting the efficiency of an electric car, which is important. It is impossible not to say that gas and oil are not unlimited resources. The fewer resources left, the more expensive they are, and accordingly, the price of fuel rises.

We must not forget about such quality as environmental friendliness. The electric car has no CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, unlike conventional cars.

Also, electric cars are prestigious. All new promising and expensive technologies automatically go into the category of fashionable and prestigious.

The ability to charge at home from the outlet. While the owner is sleeping, the car is charging. Some electric vehicles still have the ability to charge from the sun while riding.

Even taking into account all the positive aspects of such a car, there are many shortcomings that scare potential buyers.

The main drawback is the high prices for electric cars. Large companies unreasonably inflate the prices of such cars. Now electric car manufacturers want to make them more affordable for car enthusiasts, and thereby expand the market. Let, for the most part, simplifying the “filling” of the machine and cheapening the materials from which it is made. Also, as an option, the re-equipment of your favorite car into an electric car in specialized centers.

The disadvantage that repels drivers no less than the first is a small power reserve. Many motorists are scared by the prospect of stalling in the middle of the road. Especially if their work is connected with constant trips and they usually drive more on a car usually a day than an electric car can do on the 1st charge. In defense of this, only one thing can be said – the volume of gasoline in the tank is also monitored. Nobody leaves the city with 2 liters of fuel in the tank, knowing that there are 50 kilometers to the nearest gas station.

The disadvantage is that not all gas stations are equipped to charge electric vehicles. So far, unfortunately, you need to think ahead of your travel itinerary and the nearest gas stations where you can charge your car.

Electric cars and the prospect of their development, like many innovations, found their fans and skeptics, those who do not believe in their development in the future. Once upon a time, a mobile phone was also carried in a suitcase, and not everyone could afford it. But time will tell whether the electric car will take root or not.. .


Which is better: electric car or ICE car 21

Which is better: electric car or ICE car

Which is better: electric car or ICE car

Why you need to think ten times before transferring to an electric car.

Here it is, the revolution! Already about a million electric vehicles travel on the roads of our planet. They are bought not only by enthusiasts and champions of clean ecology, but also ordinary car owners who are tired of overpaying for expensive fuel. Be it gasoline or diesel. In Ukraine, there are not so many owners of electric cars yet: according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the beginning of 2016, slightly more than 560 cars with electric engines were registered. Part of the matter is the high cost of such a purchase. For example, the cost of the most popular electric car, Nissan Leaf, starts at 450 thousand UAH. For this money, if you work hard, you can buy a full-fledged sedan or hatchback, and even a small crossover. However, in many respects, from the mass transition to electric cars, they are hampered by their shortcomings, which are not customary to speak out loud so as not to undermine the authority of an environmentally friendly future .

Where is the outlet ?

“Catch a turtle” – that’s what the owners of electric cars call the situation when their car’s batteries are completely discharged and there is no charging source nearby. The small power reserve is indeed the main problem of all electric vehicles. Most cars on one charge travels no more than 200 – 220 km. Unless Tesla achieved the best results – up to 400 – 450 km. That is why you have to constantly calculate how many more batteries are stretched, and whether you urgently need to look for a socket. Moreover, the mileage from one charge “according to the passport”, as a rule, is 30 – 40% higher than the real one. Why? Yes, everything is simple: the stove, air conditioning, headlights, radio and even frosty weather outside the window eat up the battery reserves. And they discharge much faster. By the way, dashing riding gives the same effect .

Which is better: electric car or ICE car 22

Let me connect

Where to “refuel” is also a sore point. There are more and more charging stations for electric cars, and throughout Ukraine there are already a couple of hundred. But they are concentrated mainly in large cities (Kiev, Lviv, Odessa) and along key nodal routes, which complicates traveling over long distances, especially somewhere in the outback. Yes, from the owners of electric vehicles heard marvelous stories about how easy it is to charge car batteries by connecting to a conventional outlet. But there is also a catch: the charge speed, as well as the “buildup” of batteries, very much depends on the power of the mains. And household 3 – 5 kW may simply not be enough. Therefore, do not be surprised if overnight the batteries connected to the network instead of the promised 100% show only 40 – 50%.


Electric Vehicle Market 2015 27

Electric Vehicle Market 2015

Electric Vehicle Market 2015

Electric Vehicle Market 2015 28

This year, the logic of events and trade expansion in the car market promises a lot of interesting things for electric vehicles due to several reasons.

Firstly, the most famous electric cars – Tesla and Nissan Leaf are actively entering the post-Soviet market. To work with the “Japanese”, a small separate network has been created, working closely with many authorized dealers, pursuing an aggressive sales policy based on the growing interest in “electricians”. Her policy can help promote and sell both new and used electric vehicles. Popularization of Tesla on the market is not only the sellers of electric vehicles, but also consultants with their own circle of customers, actively participating in the organization and proper promotion of Tesla.

Secondly, today the first Renault Fluence ZE is already working in the CIS. As an experiment, the list also includes Kangoo models with an electric motor and an electric Nissan NV200.

Thirdly, the CIS countries have a rather large need for electric vehicles. In this segment of the market, at one time, a batch of Mitsubishi i-MiEV was sold. At the same time, the idea of ​​an electric car on the example of Tesla was actively promoted in the media, the electric BYD and Lanos electric van were advertised.

With the increase in the amount of information about the details and the specifics of using the electric variant of the car, more and more ordinary drivers could try the concept of an electric car to their particular case..

Without waiting for a massive surge in sales, companies are investing heavily in the creation and development of a network of charging terminals. Maintenance and repair of an electric car built on the basis of the already proven gasoline or diesel model is unified by 80%.

It is interesting that in our country electric cars were ahead in accessibility and demand, perhaps they surpassed in popularity hybrids with ICE in their design.

In the world market, the account of hybrid models of both motor and rechargeable fuel cells goes to dozens, but for us they are not yet available. Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera, Prius Plug-In remained behind the horizon, although it should be noted that the usual Prius can be found on our roads due to some popularity.

There is great market interest in the expected hybrid Volvo XC90 T8, the possibility of delivering the VW Golf GTE to Ukraine is actively being studied, and under certain conditions of purchase – the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

But in order to obtain the maximum economic effect from a rechargeable hybrid, it is necessary to use it in electric mode, while constantly charging from a stationary power source, there must be an appropriate infrastructure. In the event that a wide network of charging stations is built and accessible, the motor or TE component of the hybrid simply loses its meaning.

Nissan’s official sales policy has already prepared the Leaf and NV200 electric vehicles as the main “surprise”. Their effective entry into the market requires not only infrastructure, but also the desire of business and government authorities to stimulate the acquisition of new products, such as preferential parking, shareware charging, subsidies bonuses and compensation for acquired models.

Maintenance of an electric vehicle can be divided into two main parts. Firstly, the main heart is a highly loaded electric motor with a computerized control system and a rechargeable battery. Here the main emphasis in maintenance is on testing, timely identification of problems and, if necessary, the replacement of the entire unit. For such work, it is necessary to use new tests and stands, which are mass-produced and are provided by service stations while training and certification of personnel. In other moments, repair of car components is carried out similarly to models with ICE.


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