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Lada Kalina 2 Sport

Car Lada Kalina 2 Sport

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The Russian company AvtoVAZ creates cars that are very popular in the domestic market of cars. Some time ago, such machines could not fully satisfy the needs of consumers, but over time, everything began to change. Reviews of car owners are becoming more favorable, and each time there are fewer and fewer complaints. Change in the composition of the company, new qualified personnel create better machines using modern technologies.

One of the premieres of the new year was the Lada Kalina 2 Sport car of 2015. The basis for the Lada Kalina 2 car was an earlier version of the car of the same model. However, despite this, the car received grandiose differences from its predecessor, improving its technical characteristics. A special composition in the car is the grille and main headlights, in the center of the car is a nameplate with a brand name. The sides of the car are equipped with large windows, the car also has large mirrors and large wheel arches. The back of the car has a sporty look. The car has a large optical system, interesting dimensions, a comfortable boot and a plastic trim on the bumper of the car.

AvtoVAZ company has 2 different variations of the car of this model: Sport and NFR. There will be no cardinal differences between the machines. The main difference will be the air intake on the hood of the car and the difference in the rims.

The vehicle will have the following overall dimensions:

– car length 3895 mm;

– height of 1495 mm;

– width 1700 mm.

The company producing cars will sell the car for 490000 rubles. This cost will be inherent only in cars in the basic configuration, while the price of a fully equipped car can grow several times.


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Lada granta 9

Lada granta

Lada granta

Lada granta 10

Not much time has passed since the moment the light, say, the weighted average price and functionality brainchild of AvtoVAZ – Lada Granta was released. Many motorists fell in love with the car – someone at a price, someone design, even had a place when choosing a model such a criterion as the luggage capacity. Yes, indeed, according to experts, the volume of the luggage compartment is quite good for a sedan-type body – 480 liters. And already the creators decided to supplement the brand with a new chip – an automated mechanical transmission. Simply put, a “robot.” Only users of the “machine” can truly appreciate the ride quality on such a machine, although the “robot” and the “machine” are very different from each other.

Manufacturers have worked hard to develop this model in the part that concerns beginners at the wheel. How many times have the “dummies” tried to start the car with the gear engaged? The main thing here is to put the selector in the “automatic mode” position, and then you can start it with the gear engaged. The key to “start”, a little gas – and go! And also, confusion in gear shifting is completely eliminated – such as turning on the rear instead of the first.

A very good thing is the temperature control in the box. This has not happened in the “automaton”, nor, moreover, in the “mechanics”.

Many may find the absence of the so-called transmission rod uncomfortable. Automatic transmission users are already accustomed to this – when the car is already starting to move slightly at idle, but this is a matter of habit. By all accounts, this is more a convenience than an inconvenience.

In general, the “robot” turned out to be very dynamic and capable of many things. The machine is capable of smoothly accelerating and starting “with a squeal”. And that’s all, by the way, with a relatively low fuel consumption – the car “eats” about 5 liters per 100 km along the highway and about 6 liters at the same distance in the city. Machines with an “automatic machine” under the same conditions usually consume about a “dime”.

The dashboard also looks nice. A new part is a window with engine temperature readings. The developers designed everything so that the innovation did not overshadow the other windows and fit firmly into the “interior” of the panel.

Among other things, the new modification includes: immobilizer, anti-theft, EBD – brake force distribution system, mounts for child restraints, heated front seats, exterior mirrors, electric power steering, climate control, powerful audio system with a bunch of lotions – Bluetooth, USB And so on.


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Lada 2115 - technical specifications, timing belt and filter replacement, rubber selection 16

Lada 2115 – technical specifications, timing belt and filter replacement, rubber selection

Lada 2115 – service tips

Lada 2115 - technical specifications, timing belt and filter replacement, rubber selection 17

Technical characteristics, repair and maintenance of Lada 2115 sedan

The Lada 2115 car began to be assembled in 2001 and replaced the first generation of VAZ front-wheel drive cars VAZ 2108, VAZ 2109 and VAZ 21099. The new sedan began to be produced in three trim levels: luxury, standard and normal, it was equipped with a gasoline power unit with eight valves with a volume of 1 , 6 liters. The power of the VAZ 2115 engine is 81 hp, while the torque reaches 120 nm, each valve has two valves. It is worth emphasizing that the power of the Lada 2115 engine made it possible to set speed from standstill to 100 km / h in 13.2 seconds, and the maximum speed of a sedan can be 160 km / h, with regard to consumption, the TCP indicates that this car consumes 7 , 5 liters of gasoline, but, according to reviews about the VAZ 2115, usually this consumption is more.

The rubber size on the VAZ 2115 can be 13 and 14 inches. Many car owners do not know what tires to choose for a sedan and what tire size to choose on VAZ 2115, so it must be emphasized that for any car the best thing that the manufacturer “attributed” is best. By the way, many reviews of Lada 2115 advise you to buy 5 wheels at once when buying tires, that is, one for the spare wheel, which is especially important if the car owner has to travel to different uncivilized places.

Some motorists often ask how to replace the timing belt with a VAZ 2115, because if you do not change it in time, it can cause some damage to the vehicle, negatively affecting the operation of the engine and then serious and expensive repairs will be required. A timing belt break on a VAZ 2115 sedan is accompanied by a booming sound and the engine stops working so that this does not happen; you need to deal with a belt replacement every 50-60 thousand kilometers.

To replace the timing belt with Lada 2115, you must first remove the belt guard, put the car on the hand brake, loosen the bolts on the right wheel and remove it, after putting the car on the jack. Next, unscrew the mudguard screws, if desired, you can remove the crankcase and the entire mudguard, after which the path to the alternator drive pulley will be open. Having weakened fastening of a belt of a drive of the generator in the upper part, it acts in film. Then you should loosen the mounting of the crankshaft sensor and move it a few centimeters (you can not remove it). Above the flywheel it is necessary to remove the plug, fixing it and unscrew the bolt of the pulley of the drive of the crankshaft generator. The belt is removed from under the pulley. Then you need to pull the installation antenna and turn the pulley to a stop counterclockwise. A gear pulley is inserted (the mark is directed upwards), the fastening bolt is screwed in and the crankshaft must be rotated clockwise. Align the flap mark located above the flywheel with the motor pointer. The flywheel is fixed. The tension roller loosens the mount, and it is placed in the position of the smallest tightness of the belt. Then you need to put on the timing belt pulleys and crankshaft pumps, it starts up under the roller and is put on the camshaft pulley. To tighten the timing belt of the Lada 2115 sedan, you need to start turning the roller counterclockwise while pulling the belt. Its part on the right side is twisted by 90 ° with your fingers. The clip is fixed. The crankshaft rotates forward two turns to return to the original position marks on the camshafts and pulleys. If this does not happen, you will have to repeat the process of installing the timing belt.

In addition to replacing the belt, many car owners are interested in how the cabin filter is replaced by a VAZ 2115, so let’s try to figure out how to change it on our own.

The cabin filter is located on the driver’s side under the hood near the windshield itself. To replace it, you will first have to unscrew the bolts holding the cabin filter cover. Further removed this casing and the old filter. The casing and the area around it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, after which you can install a new filter and install the casing in place. As you can see, replacing the cabin filter with the Lada 2115 is nothing complicated and every driver can handle this task.


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